An artist who goes under the username of Dogbomber on Tumblr has been producing some interesting Zelda concept art for a personal project of theirs known as The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Future.

Their work is purely based on a “modernised Zelda game” where a lot of the Hylian citizens believe that magic does not exist anymore, and science fiction takes up the world of Hyrule instead of the “traditional magic” that we have experienced in all Zelda games so far.

More information after the jump!

Their personal thoughts: “Something of a personal project, I’ve wanted to do a sort of Future Zelda for some time now, and school tossed this assignment my way: redesign an old video game.

I’ve always wondered what Hyrule would be like in some strange, parallel, bombed out universe, and this is my exploration into that land over the course of 7 weeks. This is part 1 of 2 parts, showing the various character and monster designs I decided to work with. Part 2 will contain more developmental pieces, including some of the environments and props.”

Some examples of their work:

Check out more of their work or even follow them for more updates on their Tumblr!

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  • Wheatley


    • Nifty News

      *Sigh* Only those is first get rated down…

  • Beautiful art work. I'd love to see something real come of this. Although some of it is maybe too idealized, and I think that they should consider making the hat a little different, like a more beanie-style hat so it fits the modern theme.

  • MrDudeyRock


  • This looks cool, but I'm not for a futuristic setting unless this series will start becoming stagnant. Which it won't for a long time.

  • veeronic

    eh, its at least better than my old concept

  • ChainofTermina

    these look awesome! and even though it's PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that a Zelda game like this will never ever ever ever ever ever ever be made, I still think it would be cool to play zelda like this.

    • genjgenj

      Final Fantasy games started out as purely settings too.

      Starting with FF6, the series began to get more and more science-fiction-ish. Now almost every new FF game is set in an industrialized/futuristic world.

      Don't ever say never.

      • Chris

        And they need to go back for their roots for XV. Seriously, I'm tiring of the Sci-Fi Final FANTASY games…

      • Vio

        Yeah, and it ruined the series as a result. As nice as this artwork is, I don't see any good coming out of a futuristic Zelda. Plus the whole post-apocalyptic thing is so overdone these days.

  • Jarkes

    So it's kind of like, say, Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    This is pretty damn cool

  • I've had this idea for a while, granted it'd be in like the future where the entire series truly is nothing more than a legend and now mythology. Link would be a mechanic with his Uncle and he'd have built a custom motorcycle he calls Epona and your dash would be a short turbo boost. I didn't think of a police shield though, moreso a shield like you'd expect to see in a game like Final Fantasy. Guns, teleporters, Zelda being the president's daughter. XD
    I figured that Ganon would resurface and the world would realize the legends and myths were all too real and Link would have to uncover the past to defeat Ganon and learn everything he could about their lineage.

  • zeldafan

    Does anyone notice that in the first pic you can see the triforce? its even a bit outlined and it looks like link is loocking at it but its like it was a building.

    • mmonsoon326

      reads comment, looks at pic and sees it a few seconds later… :O 😀

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  • mmonsoon326

    after seeing this i'm thinking that it would actually be pretty cool to have a zelda game like this.

  • I'd love to play this!!!!

  • Craig

    I'm glad this won't be in a Zelda game but I do love how the fans can freely explore this kind of thing and that artwork and storyboard is beautiful.

  • peteriuss

    it reminds me a non oficial trailer but i saw that in a website (a seriuswebsite) a link to the future.yes i wish nintendo make a game like that but zelda wii u will be as the trailer we saw.he will crry a sword.

  • Gerudude

    Very nice. It would be great to strat a new story in a setting like this.
    Like, Ganon would have finally nuked entire Hyrule to the ground.
    And then Link would have to find a way to restore it.
    And link could have the MasterGatling instead of a MasterSword. etc etc etc

  • Only problem with this is that I see most people wanting guns…. and honestly, they have NO place in a zelda game.
    But on topic, I'd love to something like this. All the enemies would have beam sword type deals. I could see the story being as if the seven sages' descendants started hiding all traces of the triforce and the history of the past due to everyone's rejection of the mythology in place of science. The entire game would have you searching for the descendants of the sages and Zelda to find the location of the triforce. At the end, you'd wish for what ever apocalyptic event that created the world to have not happened. you'd then find yourself in kind of like a Sonic CD good future with everything rebuilt….. idk something like that would be awesome…

  • Darkstar

    I'd rather see a reinassance-era Zelda game with Link as a Muskateer. It would be a fancy setting and Link could still use a sword (just in that style) and have a muskette as one of the dungeon items. It would fit in the storyline and not be too futuristic like this is and still have that magical feel to it. Link could work for the king and Zelda can be a main character like in SS and maybe even controlled by the player at times (akin to ST)

    • Clayton

      that would be cool love the idea

  • Xanox

    Nintendo better be looking, this is the future of zelda we've been waiting for, not some great flood. You my friend have probably came up with something great nintendo just might copy.

    • Vio

      Not the future I'm waiting for, thanks.

  • Victor George

    Looks good. Something I'd want to play on a Wii U.

  • Metal Man

    The Link design looks a little too shady and even a little villainous. Link is supposed to represent courage, why would he hide his face under all those robes and hoods? It's still a fairly cool concept, though.

    • Casual Vader

      He's not hiding his face, he's protecting it from the harsh environment.

  • Casual Vader

    I would play this. /worthless comment

  • Hgh0st

    This concept art isn't in any way related to the setting of LoZ games– why bother branding it as Legend of Zelda? Fantastic artwork, but I don't like the actual concept at all.

    • Vio

      Yeah, this seems more like a parody than anything that actually feels like "Zelda".

  • Blade

    The legend of Zelda Skyward sword is the best Zelda game in the world and red hair girls are hot.

  • LinkAnna

    Your artwork is beautiful, BUT as a long-time player of the Zelda franchise, and lover of Hyrule and it's environs, I hate the concept! This is not a personal criticism, just my opinion, and based purely on my own sentimentality as a regular visitor to Hyrule. I have spent many hours there, escaping some very dark times in my own life, and what a relief it has been over the years to have such a beautiful, colorful, peaceful (for the most part,) and hopeful place to spend my time. I hope you peruse this concept as a game, just not as a Zelda game.

  • clayton

    i would love to see this game come out

  • RPG-Fan

    is this staying as concept art or maybe being made into a story of some sort??
    or are there a team of game makers actually designing and programming this, as a sort of independent and non-profitable project?

  • RurouniRGC

    I'd love to use the MASTER BAZOOKA!!!!

  • Kongu Straggler

    i would want a more modern day zelda, where links hat is like a green hoodie but longer and he does parkour and stuff.

  • unvsl

    wtf… do they know of the project that'll be teased this spring??

  • Trunk Monkey

    Why don't you have the traditional Master Sword hidden in what used to be the Sacred Realm, just like any of the other Zelda games out there already, but also include modern weapons in place of the other weapons? For example, the deku nut can be replaced with the flash bang. The bow could be replaced with an assualt rifle. The bomb can be replaced with various types of modern explosives such as grenades and C-4. The beetle can be replaced with today's mini spy drones. I think the clawshot is pretty much perfect as is. Assassin's Creed style parkour would be pretty epic in a game like this. I would prefer if Link would stick to his traditional default outfit, but, like in OoT and Twilight Princess, he would be able to change into different outfits for different situations. In all, I think Nintendo should be taking notes. If not now, then later on. That's just my opinion.

  • LOT1689

    Zelda doesn't work that way. Thats why we have fallout, bioshock, and other games. As far as future Zelda games, Spirit Tracks is plenty far into the future.