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You know how on the Internet, fan games seem to come and go like women with George Clooney? You always see and hear about them but they’re never memorable and don’t last long? Well Zelda Universe’s official fan game Timeless Haven is not going to be one of those!

Since debuting our first demo back in May, our team has been working hard on this game in order to try to fix, and improve on everything from that fist little display of what we have. A lot of progress has been made over that time and so it is now my please to present to you The Legend of Zelda: Timeless Haven’s second playable demo! This link will take you to the thread where you can find the demo, as well as some more detailed information. There you’ll also be able to leave us your feedback and ask us questions.

For those of you who played the original demo, you’ll find a number of things have been improved. We’ve developed a more in-depth combat system (which is also still being expanded), added a first look at Haven North, Link’s home town and main setting for the game where you’ll be able to talk to villagers and buy supplies for your adventures. We’ve also included just a couple little hints at the story, but that part of the game is still a secret!

On behalf of the whole Timeless Haven team, come one, come all! Tell your friends, bring your neighbours and family! The second Timeless Haven demo is here! We hope you enjoy what we have so far and will look forward to more in the future!

…seriously, why are you still reading this? Go! Play!

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  • cloverplayer

    Win 😀

  • Looks good, but won't be able to play it as I have a Mac
    I thought there was a way to export the files to swf on Game Maker but I last used it a few years a go so I can't really remember lol

  • Rare Commenter

    It's good, but (on my computer at least), the text renders out all screwed up, same with some moving and static sprites, which looks like the separate pixels aren't where they should be.

  • Hey, if you guys implemented a troll in there somehow, I'll be more than happy to join up and slay it. Anyway, I think it's awesome that ZU's making a Zelda game of their own. I'll probably try it out, regardless.

    • bradley

      Banish the trololololos to the Twilight.

  • bradley

    Haha there is a troll on this article thumbing down every comment.
    u mad bro?

    • Erimgard

      Wat, im tired, i didnt get any sleeps, dont bother me. Y u askin if im mad, huh, Zeltard? Go crawl inta some deep pit and decompose! Lemme naps!

      Sheesh, whadda heel… XP XD

      • bradley

        Cool story bro.

      • Zachattack8888

        Lol wut?

      • Hey pal, get your own screen name. There can only be one Erimgard, and I don't appreciate you trying to bring my name and reputation down by trolling comments.

  • Zachattack8888

    Cool! Definitely gonna try this out!

  • gilombe

    how to find the regal ring exact position in nintendo game version…..anyone???

  • LivinLight

    is it gud?

  • 8skar

    I was playing the game for a bit and I noticed a few glitches:

    rupee numbers occasionally get cut off on their right side,
    one time my rupee numbers turned yellow when they weren't maxed out yet,
    when I bought the heart container for 50 rupees in the shop then left, when I came back into the shop, the shield for 50 rupees that was there beside the heart had now disappeared.

    And finally, just on a more general note: I think that once your items are maxed out in number (like the bombs and arrows) you shouldn't be allowed to continuously waste your money buying more of that same item that you can't carry any more of; have the shopkeeper prevent you from buying more and maybe even have him say something like, "Greedy, are you? That's enough now." so that the player knows they're inventory for that item has reached capacity.

  • I do believe all the ideas you have offered on your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for novices. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

  • Josiah J

    The link to the thread doesn’t work??