Ganondorf on Unicorn

Every Friday on Zelda Universe from now on, there will be a Zelda fan artwork feature showing off the talented members within our forums, and some others from the wide world of the internet in general.

So to kick things off, we are introducing a member from our very own forums by the name of Shadi who has recently showered us with some fantastic Zelda fan artwork!

Their artwork includes: a fabulous piece of Ganondorf soaring through the skies on a unicorn, Twilight Princess’s Skull Kid, and an epic battle scene between Giga Bowser and Ganon as his beast form off Twilight Princess.

Be sure to check out their art thread, as they have stated that “I’m also working on an animation of the Final Battle in the Ocarina of Time! I’ll post it here when it’s all finished!” and “I’ll be posting more Skyward Sword art at some point too, and I’ll be sure to put them in spoiler tags! <3”

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