Last month, Akira Himekawa,  the manga artist who creates the manga adaptions for The Legend of Zelda series, announced on her Twitter that a new manga creation for Skyward Sword is currently in the works.  Confirmed by next month’s issue of Nintendo Dream magazine, this is great news not only for manga fans, but for all Zelda fans.  These additions to the Zelda series build off of the story presented in the games, making it much more literary and in-depth than what is achieved on the screen.  The Ocarina of Time manga, for example, makes Sheik a much more prevalent character, having the Zelda-in-disguise travel with Link on many of his journeys.  Whether you believe it as “canon” or not isn’t important:  it’s still pretty cool to read.  Loosely based on the game’s story, this new installment to the series will also likely feature new plot developments.  What about you–will you read the Skyward Sword manga?

Source:  Twitter (via Crunchy Roll).
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