Last month, Akira Himekawa,  the manga artist who creates the manga adaptions for The Legend of Zelda series, announced on her Twitter that a new manga creation for Skyward Sword is currently in the works.  Confirmed by next month’s issue of Nintendo Dream magazine, this is great news not only for manga fans, but for all Zelda fans.  These additions to the Zelda series build off of the story presented in the games, making it much more literary and in-depth than what is achieved on the screen.  The Ocarina of Time manga, for example, makes Sheik a much more prevalent character, having the Zelda-in-disguise travel with Link on many of his journeys.  Whether you believe it as “canon” or not isn’t important:  it’s still pretty cool to read.  Loosely based on the game’s story, this new installment to the series will also likely feature new plot developments.  What about you–will you read the Skyward Sword manga?

Source:  Twitter (via Crunchy Roll).
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  • ChainofTermina

    Awesome! I love the Zelda mangas, I have every single one. I wish there was one of WW and TP, but having one of SS will be great!

    • Mr. Triforce

      A TP manga wouldn't work. In america, the manga is under the VIZkids label. In Japan, it is published in a kodomo (kids) magazine. They would have to lighten up the story and art style of a T-Rated game for an A-Rated manga. It would be awesome, though.

      • Redball

        I can't think anything of any TP plot point that is darker than what we've seen in the other manga adaptations.

    • Carty

      There is a WW manga. it just wasnt offically translated, its little jokes and stuff that are about a page each but its the size of a full manga.

  • Carlson

    Pretty cool mangas.

  • Ashmic

    link talks in the manga : ] yells at Navi alooot and swears lol its cute

  • I hope it's more than one book. Some of the other Zelda mangas felt rushed.

    • Mr. Triforce

      If OoT had 2 volumes, SS should have 3 or 4 volumes, just because it's WAY longer.

  • I'll probably look into it. Having read some of Akira's works before, I anticipate this will be no less wonderful.

  • Carty

    I have almost all of the other zelda mangas and i cant wait to read a SS one, she always takes her own side of the story and adds more depth. I wonder what she will do this time because skyward sword had so much depth to it already.

  • bradley

    ‎"Voting is easy. Votes taken from this page will be tabulated until
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    Skyward Sword is up for options 1, 9, and 20, and Ocarina of Time 3D is up for option 12.


  • Pointy Ears

    I thought Akira Himkawa was two men? Nonetheless can't wait for it to come out!

    • Merq

      It's two women actually.

  • Blinx360


  • Merq

    Yay! I have the other mangas, and they're pretty good. The drawings are great, I can't wait to see what they do with SS' art style. And the story…

    I still wish they would've done mangas of TWW and TP… Oh well.

  • Art1st4786

    I had to contain myself from fan girl squealing at work. I shall do so in the car on my way home.

    • Jelly