So earlier today we posted about the latest G4TV poll pitting Skyward Sword against Skyrim, but controversy seems to have erupted in comments over the apparent claim that the members of this site, “as Skyrim fans”, needed to join forces against the armies of those dreaded Zelda fans and take victory for Skyrim. Just to clarify, that part was a joke. This site by definition is filled with Zelda fans who wouldn’t vote against Skyward Sword if we offered them money for it – you don’t need to worry about it changing anyone’s mind on who to vote for.

That said, Skyward Sword is now just barely losing, due to a push from the official Elder Scrolls Facebook page (which has over 600,000 followers). However, in the last few hours since that post (which took Zelda down to 48%) it has crept up again to 49% and at this rate we should hit the lead again at some point before the poll ends in less than a day. Click here to vote, or hit the jump for my ZUTV video on the subject.

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