The newest edition of Iwata Asks is out, and in it Shigeru Miyamoto, Aonuma, and Satora Iwata have discussed (amongst other things) the reasons why Skyward Sword took so long before it was finished, their experiences in creating this masterpiece, and events leading up to its official release. Hit the jump for some of the highlights of the interview.

– In the interview, Miyamoto revealed that if Nintendo had been more concerned with money than the quality of the product, they would have released Skyward Sword last Christmas, as a half finished product.

Iwata agreed, saying, “If I had said last Christmas, ‘We need something to be our big end of the year product. Make a new Legend of Zelda game,’ you would have made some sort of game. Because you would have spent as much time as you had and put in as much energy as you could to make it.”

– When asked about his experiences on the concert tour in America and Europe, Aonuma replied with excitement, “By listening to a live orchestra, various feelings awakened within me. Tears formed, and throughout the concert, I felt elated and chills ran up and down my spine. ”

– Aonuma also talked about the game’s debuggers, many who played from 600 to 700 hours of the game, and how many of them surprisingly still wanted to play the game again upon its official release.

– One fan stated that they loved the simplicity of the game. Aonuma had this to say: “I think that simplicity makes you feel you can play it over and over. Leaving the hub of the adventures, Skyloft, to go down to the surface feels so easy it’s like taking a little jaunt out into your neighborhood.”

– A very appealing aspect of Skyward Sword is that it reaches back into the origins of other Zelda titles such as Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. A lot of new players stated that they loved the game, and found it quite easy to jump right in.

Skyward Sword is definitely reaching out to a lot of gamers, and fans are giving it more attention than anticipated! It’s amazing to see something that took such a long time to create receive the credit deserves. For more story highlights, you can read the entire interview in the link below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Iwata Asks
Via: Official Nintendo Magazine UK
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