A rather funny Zelda-related comic, posted over at thepunchlineismachismo depicts what it would be like for Link if Navi decided she was sick of her “abuse” and simply flew away. Personally, I find this comic rather funny, due to it addressing the hate of Navi’s annoying tips, yet she is essential for one thing: z-targeting. Z-targeting is something I myself rely upon rather heavily throughout the Zelda games, so I found it interesting how the author used that for his comic.

Hit the jump for the comic! (Click it for full size)

Source: thepunchlineismachismo
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  • x4dennis24


  • mini link

    lol screw her anyways. 😀

  • No…it can't be… Ocarina of Time was partially revolutionary because of Z-Targeting. But this casts things in a whole new light…and it's all because of her. Z-Targering helped OoT become revolutionary…*gulp*…because of Navi.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      dawww krap true

      anyway she won't stop being annoying that her essence anyway

  • Faleel

    Not like Z-targeting was really important anyways.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      are you f***ng kidding me -_-U

      • Faleel


  • Tim

    *spelling error "sickf"

  • sdddd2

    Use a spin attack!

  • JDuffy

    After playing Skyward Sword for a few days, I've come to realize that Nintendo has successfully made a more annoying companion than Navi! Fi may not call for you a lot, but when she does start talking, she goes on and on like Gaebora would in OoT. Whether you ask her for help or she pops up for a cutscene of sorts, she won't stop talking, usually about things I already know. I surmise that there is a 95% chance that Fi is worse than Navi.

    • Blizzeta93

      my brother and i have started to call her Spockit. She is like Spock and Glados merged together.

      • GorCoronSumo

        "Your hearts have greatly…"ARRRRRGH!

      • Casual Vader

        So then where did the "it" come from in "Spockit". I'm confused, there isn't an "i" or "t" in Spock or Glados.

  • Ashmic

    nah i liked navi, never bothered me

    • UnholySanctuary

      Same…but I agree with Blizzeta93 about Fi. Rambles on and on and on and on…even worse…has no personality whatsoever 🙁

      • mcdude910

        Funny thing being… she quite literally doesn't have a personality. She's essentially just a robot with a fairly annoying voice. Why couldn't she sound like the robots in the Lanayru Mine?

  • prada

    I don't understand the hate towards Navi… who I did find awfully annoying was kaepora gaebora, now that guy was annoying

  • Nyd

    I only started using z-targeting seriously when I got to twinrova.. Today I can't remember how I survived but I did.. though I died a lot with morpha thanks to that. And yeah… Fi is a lot more anoying, also she only gets enjoyable in the end. The sidekick who bored me less was the king of the red lions, though midna was the one with the best personality.

  • me man

    I love fi she is awesome computer spirit

  • Keimori

    Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the only people that don't dislike any of the companions at all.
    Really people, Navi's "annoyingness" comes from her AI's programming and the frequency of her calls, not the advice or script itself, which is, often very obvious, but she was very experimental and the Dev team was unsure of what she would need to say, so the thew in some very obvious things to be safe.

    That’s why subsequent companions are less "annoying" the dev team took in fan feedback and made changes to future companions AI.

  • i hate Fi

    In my opinion, Fi is a lot more annoying than Navi was, because Navi never stopped and told you EVERY little detail about EVERYTHING in the game. Unlike Fi, who stops you to say

    "oh look, a rock, i calculate that this did in fact come from the Earth"

    "oh look over there, that's a locked door, you better go get a key"

    "oh, master, your running low on health, better go find something to replenish your health"

    And so on and so on.

    So far, i would actually prefer Navi, over Fi any day.

    • mcdude910

      I think the most valuable information she's given me has been "Master, your Wii Remote batteries seem to be depleting…" Given how much I've been playing Skyward Sword, I heard that quite a bit.

  • Merq

    "…so I found it interesting how the author used that for his comic."

    *ahem* Her. The author is female.
    I love MGDMT <3 Btw, here's another Zelda themed one from there. http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/75

  • twister92

    Navi gets too much flak. I thought she was cute personally.
    By the way the comic series that comes from is very awesome. Kelly Turnbull (aka Ceolasquid) does a very good job.

  • RespectfulGlove

    Except, the second-to-last battle with Ganondorf makes this completely moot. You could Z-target him despite Navi being blown away by Ganondorf's dark energy. So yeah, I'm sure Link would be fine if Navi just left.

    • mcdude910

      W-What…? You're right. Hehe, that's right. Take Nintendo down a peg. 😛

    • Anon

      Couldn't you only z-target him after you hit him with a light arrow? The fight would've been easier if you could lock on to him from the start.

  • afvadfasdfadf

    i havent played skyward sword, but ive played TP and Oot multiple times. it seems, wvwn with my suckish lack of info, fi is worse!

  • Oxling

    Yet you can target in most of the other games without a fairy.