Music has always been a big part of the Zelda series, whether as a gameplay mechanic or simply as ambient background noise.  Out of all the songs from the series, some of the most beloved and recognizable melodies are the dungeon themes.  PeanutButterGamer has compiled a list of the top ten dungeon themes from the series, spanning over two decades of music and countless dungeons.  Read on to view the humorous video or read a text list of these ten songs to see how they compare to your favorite dungeon themes.

  1. Forest Temple, Ocarina of Time
  2. Stone Tower Temple, Majora’s Mask
  3. Fire Temple, Ocarina of Time
  4. Palace Theme, The Adventure of Link
  5. Dark Hyrule Castle, The Minish Cap
  6. The Sanctuary, A Link to the Past
  7. Dungeon Theme, The Legend of Zelda
  8. The Wind Temple, The Wind Waker
  9. Temple of Time, Twilight Princess
  10. Angler’s Tunnel, Link’s Awakening

What do you think of this list–did any of your favorite dungeon themes make the cut?  For more “Zelda month” videos and other video game top ten lists, head on over to PeanutButterGamer’s YouTube channel.

Source: (via YouTube).
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  • Gerudude

    Yeah, that forest temple freaks the hell out of me too. Try playing this temple at nighttime, in the dark, with no lumination except that of your tv set.
    You'll get the creeps man…I'm sure.
    Though I think the original fire temple theme is even worst. Glad I never heard it while playing at night.

  • Typhoo

    1.Forest Temple OoT
    2.Bottom of the Well OoT
    3.Shadow Temple OoT
    4.Spirit Temple OoT
    5.Deku Tree OoT
    6.Stone Tower MM
    7.Eagles Tower LA
    8.Earth Temple WW

    I love the feeling of walking around in a dungeon feeling that someone really scary is gonna pop out any moment.

  • kaepora21

    Fantastic list! All great picks. I wish it could be a top 11, because the Spirit Temple them from OoT is out of this world.

    • The Spirit Temple from Ocarina of Time is my number one favorite, although I think that the list above is pretty great, as well! ^_^

  • AwkwardPigeon

    Tower of the Gods from Wind Waker would have been a nice addition imo

  • Loftwing81

    wat about face shrine from Zelda LA?????!!!! that was one of the best!! or maybe even the best out of the best!!

  • 1. Fire Temple, OOT
    2. Forest Temple, OOT
    3. Ganondorf's Castle, OOT
    4. Ganondorf's Castle, TP
    5. Stone Tower, MM
    6. that tower 3rd dungeon, WW
    7. Water Temple, OOT
    8. Temple of Time, TP
    9. Ganon's Tower, WW
    10. Earth Temple, WW

  • TP's Fire Temple would've been a good addition. I like it better than Temple of Time, personally.

  • Banooru

    1) Stone tower temple MM
    2) Forest temple OOT
    3) Shadow temple, OOT
    4) Fire temple OOT

  • peanutz996

    1) hyrule castle alttp

  • K9KONG

    the Turtle Rock theme from Links Awakening still creeps me out…

  • Devoid

    stone tower temple is amazing! I have the original and a guitar cover version of it on my Ipod