G4TV have recently launched a new “Video Game Deathmatch” to find out which new game is considered the 2011 game of the year, and Skyward Sword has been paired off in the first round against Uncharted 3. Just yesterday Skyward Sword was losing the vote 42%-58%, but since then Zelda fansites have started posting about it and the gap is now down to that of 48%-52%. The poll allows you to easily vote without registration hassle by letting you login via Facebook, so if you’re interested in helping Skyward Sword on its way to the top you can head here to vote.

Often the refrain I hear about these kinds of contests is that the people who visit G4 “hate Nintendo” and it’s not worth trying, so here’s a bit of a reminder – with a little bit of help from the Zelda community, the Zelda series won G4’s tournament for Best Franchise back in April, defeating the organized online fanbase of the Starcraft series in a close finale. If Skyward Sword does make it just a bit further we’re likely to see a very interesting match-up, one that has been causing a lot of debate even without a tournament to trigger it – Skyward Sword vs Skyrim.

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