As I was standing in line waiting to meet the people behind the London Zelda Symphony (including Zelda Williams, star of several Zelda commercials), a guy behind me jokingly asked if he should ask Zelda “How about a kiss? For luck!” which you may know as a quote from one of the infamous CD-i Zelda games, Faces of Evil.

We had a laugh about it and of course he didn’t actually say that to her, but in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine she says that she does get Zelda-related pick-up lines from time to time and they’re oftentimes not very clever or maybe even incorrect. But let her tell the story, shall we? Hit the jump for the full video interview.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
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  • mrnjlw1090

    At least she thinks its entertaining.

    • FiLover

      Yeah I've gotta say I would get annoyed pretty quickly if everyone was making jokes like that to me every day of my life.

  • X-factor

    I think that was an open invitation for us to think of the best Zelda related pick-up lines we can think of. But like she said, guys, remember that Zelda isn't the one in green. 😉

  • I'm so going to name my first kid ERROR.

    *Phone rings, someone picks it up.* Hello, who's speaking, please?


    I'm sorry?

    I am ERROR.


    • zeldaguy23

      That's what I wanted to do!
      I guess his middle name will be ERROR and I'll have to think of something else….. maybe I'll name him Old Man or Tingle. XD

  • Gerudude

    Well, my first one actually WAS an error. But since birth I love her anyway.

  • MDH

    That Zelda<->Link mix-up happens in the darndest situations, it seems.

  • Zachattack8888

    That was always one of, and still is, my biggest pet peeves. I can't tell you how many people I've corrected calling Link Zelda and vice versa. That's cool that she doesn't freak out about all the cheesy pick up lines and whatnot. xD

  • pololmejor

    It's like Samus being called Metroid. Theres a very funny Dorkly video about identities, here it goes:

  • Anon

    I almost want to take things on an unexpected route, and say
    "Zelda? Like F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife?"

    • That's actually not unexpected at all, 48 seconds in:

      • Anon

        Interesting… Well, you got me.

  • Senka

    Wow… Now I am ashamed of being a male… as creative as a broom.

  • robotortoise

    At least she finds it entertaining…

    I wonder how many more Zelda pick-up lines she'll get, now that she made the whole commercial series about Zelda.

  • Mr. Triforce

    Or Pit being called Kid Icarus (Even if he is called that in Captain N)

  • Darrel :D

    You should at least use something interesting or put thought into it like "You make me harder than the water temple." 😀 That's always been my favorite

  • HeroofTime

    I wish I was named Link =/

  • HeroofTime

    I do the same thing saying that Zelda in a girl xD