Good news to Zelda fans in New York City, and everyone willing to make the trip! On November 19, at 9 am until 1 pm Nintendo World at the Rockefeller Plaza will be hosting a launch event open to all fans of Zelda to celebrate Skyward Sword.

The event will allow attendees to purchase Skyward Sword a day early. This purchase also includes a limited edition poster. Also, trivia competitions will be held to win other amazing prizes Nintendo World has not yet released information on! An unveiling of a Master Sword replica and a special historical Legend of Zelda showcase will take place. It is open to all ages and costumes are encouraged!

Here is all the information:

WHO: Kids, adults, The Legend of Zelda fans and video game fans of all ages

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET
• 9 a.m. – Doors open to consumers
• 10 a.m. – Unveiling of Master Sword replica

WHERE: Nintendo World
10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

Don’t miss your chance to be the first in the U.S. to get your hands on a copy of Skyward Sword! Head down to Nintendo World in New York City. More event details are available in the link below.

Source: Nintendo Press
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  • Blast it! All the good stuff happens out of my state.

    • cloverplayer

      Hey, I live in Alaska.

      • Chris

        hey i live in Idaho

        • fiercedeityfan

          illinois here…and I agree!

          • Ivan

            I live in Barranquilla – Colombia… In my local game stores I'm not getting the wiimote bundled game….

          • zmanfriman

            in Hyrule here..

          • X-factor

            South Carolina! Nothing like that happens here even though it's so "historic".

          • Pita

            DC, i hope to drive up….

          • cloverplayer

            I don't have local stores 😛 I use amazon

    • Mystic Sabreonic

      Hey I live in iowa… I feel your pain.

    • Amethyst

      Omg I know right. I wish I lived in NY for reasons like this.

  • Keimori

    Awesome Zelda event in New York.
    I Live in British Columbia….God damnit.

  • Mr.Kattykat

    Glad I’m in the UK. New York may have it a day early, but we get it two days earlier anyway.

  • Ashmic

    spoilers yay lol I live in Mass. which is kinda not far LOL

  • iBoredPersonn

    4 hours away….whee 🙁

    • Blizzeta93

      at least you're four hours away. AND its on a weekend.

  • Anonymouse

    Already got my preorder in with Gamestop, ah well. I'll be heading to the event anyway!

    • I've got my in and all paid off for the golden bundle…. but I live in TN. I wanna go!!! ;_; Nothing good ever seems to happen where I live. I hope everyone who goes has the best day ever especially for those of us who can't go! Zelda RULES!

      • my preorder in*

  • Alessandra

    Darn! I was just in New York for 2 weeks and I came home recently! Doh! lol! To everyone in NYC have a blast at this event! 🙂

  • A Link to the Future

    I live on Long Island, I should go there! 😀

  • Bob

    New York gets all the good stuff! I'm jealous.

  • Hinagiku

    I wonder…. PA isn't too long from NYC! I'll hopefully be able to make it! It's a shame, the gods don't seems to favor the smaller states with fantastic Zelda related events. 🙁

  • link7778

    im in NC i would like to go to the event but is too far away

  • From Holland

    I've got it !
    Skyward Sword and Golden controller in my hand!

    Best day ever!!

  • Tin-Man

    I just called the nintendo world and there has been a line since tuesday… Aye Dios mio