This is one of the coolest little Zelda accessories I’ve seen in a while. See those rupees in that image above? They aren’t clever photoshops, they are actual rupee pillows on a couch, and while we don’t have much context to go on, if the title of the photo is to be believed, these rupee pillows are “at Nintendo”, which presumably means Nintendo HQ.

Andrew Kelly, who took this photo, also has another featuring a stuffed version of two of the Koroks from The Wind Waker, which you can take a look at after the jump.

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  • Emerald

    omg omg omg were can i buy that maker pillow

  • DO WANT!

  • Just take my money Nintendo! Hell, take my whole paycheck!

  • Guest

    Brb, crashing the Nintendo HQ and stealing the Rupee Couch.

    • Zelda3607


  • Lance9384

    DO WANT, BUENO, etc

  • Cinder


  • Guest


    • mcdude910

      >yfw no one on this site got that

      • Anon

        >yfw you use >yfw outside a particular website

  • Keimori

    Someone get Nintendo to sell these things!

  • Nobody look in the vases I'm stashing those in. ;P

  • Billy


  • Zachattack8888

    They're adorable!!! :3
    I want Makar!!!

  • I would so buy them right now!

  • fiercedeityfan

    I will dress up as link and accept the rupees and the koroks as a reward for my brave deeds!! XD

  • Sinclair

    Maybe if I slash this pile of couches with my sword a bunch of rupee pillows will appear!!………… No… No they didn’t 🙁

  • AArealM

    MAKAR!!!, MUST….. HAVE

  • Link

    Cool! Wish they have purple rupees too… that's 50 Rupees!

    • Danny

      I'd Be Happy With Just The Green Rupee Pil
      low Worth One Rupee 😛

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  • TrustMe101


  • Trina Herzog

    I know how to make these pillows, but it will cost me time and money.

  • Cool stuff, would love to have those rupee pillows. The red ones are best! 🙂

  • Jess

    "Which you can take a look at after the jump."
    Where did you copy this article from?
    You did an awful job of it.