Gamespot has released their new teaser video for Skyward Sword, preceding their upcoming review. Spoiler alert, spoilers past the jump!

There are more cut scenes from the game including a new monster battle, more using of the whip, a few new characters of Skyloft, and a scene of Link playing the harp. Also, a few more scenes from Fun Fun Island and Link’s encounters with the Gorons are included.

I must say, I am far too excited for their review, especially with all of the spoilers in this video. The monster is what peaks my interest the highest.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Gamespot review? Leave us some comments below!

Source: Gamespot Youtube
Via: Zelda Dungeon
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  • Exziron

    Amazing! I CAN'T wait for Skyward Sword!!! And that Gargoyle Monster Thing looked pretty cool!!! IM SO EXCITE!!!!!!! HNNNNNNNNGH

  • EraZ3712

    AHAHAHA Loved Link's new "MY BUTT"Z BURNIN!" animation. XDXDXD

    • Ulises

      It reminded me of Goku from DBZ

  • Batreaux, the demon, is certainly an interesting character. I can't wait to help him become human again.

    • rookie

      Oh, that's who it is! Yeah I feel bad for him…I only hope he isn't another Jiovanni.
      ; )

    • ShadowZant

      he looks kinda like malladus

  • rookie

    Yikes! That's going to be a really tough boss battle at 1:20!
    Vote for skyward sword!


    Can't wait to see Skyward Sword score a perfect 10!

  • guest

    its hilarious when link has his butt on fire hattittahtah

  • zman friman

    WOW! Awesome! I've been trying to avoid any gameplay footage, but I just couldn't control myself so I watched it. Can't wait! Almost here! Gotta go to the bathroom now. BRB!

  • GanonLives

    Just halarious. Keep em coming guys. I just want to say…, stop drop and roll Link, stop drop and roll shahs I love it.

  • AArealM

    hey i already have the game i will explain what happens with the monster (Huge Spoilers)
    the daughter of someone in town is lost and people are looking for her, turns out a crazy old man tells you a monster took her away, and tells you to go to t0he graveyard and hit with the sword the grave closest to the tree, then push it(like in ocarina), then a door opens and you enter a house where this guy is in, apparently the "monster" saved the girl from falling and they were playing who screams more loudly, then the guy asks you for 5 somethings(an item i cant remember) that is obtained when you do a good deed. The next day when you talk to the girl's mom she gives you those 5 somethings, when you give them to the guy he gives you a 500 rupee bag.

    If you have a question please tweet me: @AArealM, I'm just beginning the second temple btw

  • mcdude910

    I'm excited for this review. Gamespot has always been my preferred go-to game reviewing website. I trust their reviews more than any other site. I can't wait to see SS get a perfect 10.

  • Bacon

    This review, along with GameInformer's, convinced me to Skyward Sword. And I don't even have a Wii…
    …but I did ask for one for Christmas. *grin*

    • TGM

      *to buy Skyward Sword (on Black Friday). My proofreading skills aren't in full effect right now.

  • Ashmic

    the demon who wants to be human reminds me of Ronin from castlevania 64

  • Ashmic

    ewww eww those centipede bug things are so groosssss, even the hiss noise KILL IT WITH FIRE

  • links butt is burned L0L better than wind waker when toon link got his butt burned