“The Legend of Zelda:  Skyward Sword is the greatest Zelda game ever created.  It’s the best game for Wii and one of the finest video game accomplishments of the past 10 years…”  IGN has released their review for Skyward Sword, giving it a powerful perfect 10 score.  Featuring three pages of written commentary and a full video, the review and screens can be found after the jump.  It’s relatively low on spoilers (the biggest revelation is probably the partially completed world map, although a completed version can already be found on the Internet), but be careful if you’re wanting to avoid even the minor story and gameplay spoilers.

The full video review can be found above, while the link to the full written review is right here.  As mentioned before, these are both light on spoilers, so if you’ve already come this far, don’t worry!

“Skyward Sword sets a new, important benchmark for Nintendo. Modern video games have made significant strides in how they present stories to audiences, and it seems as though Nintendo has finally taken notice…  This is easily Nintendo’s best storytelling to date.”

“Not only is travel faster, but the surface world packs in an enormous amount of content…  The sheer brilliance on display here, evident more and more as you journey deeper into the game, will stun even the most jaded gamer.”

“This is the Wii game we’ve been waiting for.  Through all of the mini-games and odd sports collections, many wondered if and when Nintendo would ever find a way to deliver a deeper experience that still fulfilled on Wii’s limitless potential.  Skyward Sword makes good on that promise.”

Given IGN’s Editor’s Choice award, Skyward Sword truly seems to be living up to its potential to be the greatest Zelda game of all-time.  What do you think?  Did this review change you from a skeptic to a die-hard supporter of Skyward Sword, or did it only strengthen what you already knew?  For the rest of us, we simply have to play the game for ourselves to decide–luckily there are only two more weeks until Skyward Sword’s release!

Source:  IGN.
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  • Alessandra

    I like their review now I really can't wait! 🙂

  • Postman

    Have to say FIRST! But is there any other word to describe Zelda than A MASTERPIECE!

    • heroofmasks

      yes the best masterpiece

    • guest

      I have to say NO YOU WEREN'T!

      • Postman

        Oh dang!

    • Pizzaman!

      Blasterpiece. -Niko

  • Amazing review. I love that they had a lot of good things to say about Skyward Sword. Really can't wait for the Saturday after this one!

  • AwkwardPigeon

    So happy with this review, but surprised they knocked off a point for the sound track if it was full orchestrated. Regardless I'm sure its fantastic and I can't wait!!

  • Texuz


  • Ironspy

    This is exciting news. I grew up with Zelda, and recently I have been worried that the series was on its way out. Twilight Princess was a disappointment to me, as well as Phantom Hourglass. I never even bothered to play Spirit Tracks, and I thought that the only game series that I play any more was dying. I have a new hope for Zelda and new respect for Nintendo

  • heroofmasks

    burn to those who stil go that mc is stil first burn this is the origin of all zelda

    but seriously i would five it a 9-9.5 becouse no game is perfect but zelda is always a awsome game and still to me

    oot alttp ww and now this game are the best of the zelda game

  • Majora99

    Just about to watch the video, i've just got even more excited!!!!

  • Gerudude

    Ha, of course this is the best way to control the game. You use natural movements.
    I simply cannot understand people who want to go back to buttons.

  • David Applebaum

    playing it now its EPIC

    • Gerudude

      WTF "playing it now" you can't.

      • Typhoon

        if only you knew. 😉
        People who live in Switzerland already have it.

      • SkywardSwordOwns

        Playing it now as well. And on full 1080p. It's EPIC.

        • falconfetus8

          How do you get 1080p for the Wii?

          • SkywardSwordOwns

            Who says it's on the Wii? 😉

          • David Applebaum

            hes playing it via emulator on his pc

  • MrDudeyRock

    ARGH I seen the map 🙁 But nonetheless, I'm not gonna make judges on SS without playing it. So for now, I'll stick to OoT as the best 😉


      Welcome to Zelda Universe!


    The review is everything it should have been. IGN once again cements itself as the best general gaming site on the Internet.

  • KingDodongo1

    It makes me happy to see the unreal praise this game is getting. I can't wait to finally play it

  • x4Dennis24

    This is great, the two games i was most excited for this year, Zelda SS and uncharted 3 both got 10's from IGN. for now i'll be playing uncharted, but come the 20's my ps3 is gonna have to move aside for my Wii for a few weeks 😉

    • x4Dennis24


  • prada

    deep woods? yay sounds awesome and like an awesome innuendo!

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