A recent discussion on Neogaf has brought out some new details to Skyward Sword. Most of this information pertains to stuff we already knew, but some of it is an elaboration and goes into more details. The information provided in this update can be considered a spoiler so if you would like to read it then click the icon below to read more.

  • As we have known for a while now, Beedle’s shop will be making another appearance in Skyward Sword. However this time it is in the form of a floating house in the Skyloft area. To enter his house Link must ring a bell which will drop a rope for him to climb.
  • Inside of his house is a bed which Link can sleep on to change from day to night.
  • If you try to exit without buying anything then Beedle will drop Link out the shop through a secret hatch.
  • Link can get some medals from Beedle’s shop. So far we know about a Life and Bug Medal. The Life Medal’s function is unclear as of now but the Bug Medal reveals bug locations on your map. The Life Medal costs 800 Rupees.
  • At night Beedle lands his shop on a small island with a locked chest. To open it Link needs to find a Goddess Cube.
  • Once beating the first dungeon Link can start a variety of quests. One sidequest can be found in the graveyard. By ramming into a headstone a secret passage will appear. Inside is a demon who wants to become a man. To turn him into a man you must bring him Gratitude Crystals which look a bit like Starbits from Mario Galaxy.
Source: Neogaf
Via: LegendZelda.Net
  • MrsLinkMrZelda

    good to know

  • mcdude910

    I always thought they looked like starbits. I forgot where I first saw one. It was a few days ago on one of the newer trailers for the game.

  • tool

    The monthly poll should have beetle, he's ma fav <3

    • Peter

      But he's already returning in Skyward Sword…

    • Craig

      His name is NOT BEETLE, it's BEEDLE with a D – Gawd!!!

      • Ashmic

        lol @ grammer police

  • "If you try to exit without buying anything then Beedle will drop Link out the shop through a secret hatch."

    Looks like this Beedle has quite a temper.

    • Ashmic

      yeah but the one in ww when u leave he looks down all sad <3 i rather have angry beedle than depressed beedle

    • TwilightEchoes

      at least he doesnt kill you like the Shopkeeper in LA did…

      • Ashmic

        LOL i forgot about him, well it teaches u its wrong to steal LOL

        • X-factor

          Yeah, that's what that annoying bird said in TP, trying to peck people to death!

          • rookie

            Ah. I was awaiting a reference to that bird. God, i hate him. I've tried to return and pay him so many times…. I guess some people just love to hate. And not accept rupees.(I wonder if he’d take dollars….?)

    • jdk

      how do you ring the bell to get on beedles air shop

  • Ashmic

    sounds so awesome, i think this is the only game >> << i'd kill for lol

    • Erik

      You would seriously kill another person to play a video game? Even if it is Zelda it's still not worth it..

      • Ashmic

        its called a, "joke", u know what those are right?
        Fictional non-real statements for laughs?

  • mr squiggles

    SS sounds so awsome…. maybe i should get a job so i can buy a new wii lol… and SS when it comes out. 🙂

    • prada

      omg I love your name…

  • Steahl

    What confuses me about the bed thing is why not use the bed in Links house? Unless he lives in beedles shop?

    Oh the nostalgia, man I love Beedle. Because of him I say bye in such an awesome way, Byyyyeee. I hope he does that in the game. It won't do much for it's awesome ratings already but, heck it will make my day.

  • cloverplayer

    dear zelda universe,

    I miss your mailbags. like alot. I hope they come back 🙂


  • Martin Murphy

    I wonder what beedle will look like in this game.

    • Ashmic

      they show him already in one trailer

  • Chris

    14 more days till i have this awesome bundle in my hands!

  • TheMaverickk


    I'm sorry but the side quests in Twilight Princess were very… err… disappointing. I mean Agitha's Bug Collecting? Poe Collecting? The fetch Hot Spring Water quests… I just felt forced into them for a heart piece or to get money.

    So far it sounds like there will some similar quests, like fetching Gratitude Crystals to help turn a demon into a human… but the concepts of finding characters in unique places kind of what's hooking me here. Beedle in his floating house, with a special treasure when he lands on them…. going into a graveyard to find someone to help.

    Just seems like more polished ideas.

  • "If you try to exit without buying anything then Beedle will drop Link out the shop through a secret hatch." Oh gosh…A TRAP DOOR!