A new European Skyward Sword commercial has been released featuring Zelda and Robin Williams. It has Greek subtitles, but the actual commercial is in English. I really like this commercial because it shows true fan love, especially with the choice of actors. I also love how silly and over animated Robin is – it makes the entire situation look ten times more fun than it already is.

What are your thoughts? You can comment below and let us know!

  • Gerudude

    FIRST POST FIRST POST FIRST POST…….oh I love this commercial. Wish my dad was like that.

    • HeroofTime

      I wish my parents named me like T-T

      • HeroofTime


  • Ataso

    I miss the beard

  • blah

    I don't really care :

  • Interesting firing mechanics for the bow.

    • Nitsirtriscuit

      They're the same mechanics as used in Wii Sports Resort in the Bow/Arrow game. The sword mechanics are also based on the Swordplay game featured in WSR. From my experience in WSR, with the mix into Zelda this game will be astounding.

      • A_LINK_IN_TIME

        Welcome to Zelda Universe!

  • I didn't think that it was possible to be any more of a Zelda fan than I already was, but all of these commercials with those two are really making me love the series even more.


    I loved it! It feels so great seeing the old man (Robin) teach his daughter (Zelda).

  • prada

    I don't wanna sound like a jerk, but uhm, I care not one bit for Zelda nor Robin williams, I don't know why they seem to be the focal point here

    • blah

      i agree 😀

      • Dark Link

        I agree also. I find it pretty annoying actually. I doubt they've even played a lot of the games.

    • Ryoukie

      It's just cause he's such an old and huge fan of Zelda to go to the lengths of naming his daughter Zelda. I guess Nintendo just really appreciates an awesome fan like that.

      • Ryoukie

        I love the way this text makes the name Zelda look so epic…

    • TnzSki

      They could have had just regular people playing the game, but why not hire the famous actor whose daughter is named Zelda? It only makes sense.

  • RoninJonny

    Robin is amazing! I'm loving this streak of him and his daughter doing the advertising for the Zelda series at the moment. It was also great when his daughter came to the London symphony (awesome night) but I kinda missed the lack of the big man himself.


      Welcome back from a long hiatus!

  • Super

    Aight aight cool, now all that's left is actually catching a glimpse of this commercial on my tv.

  • Cam

    That is going to be me in a few weeks 😀 And yes I will be standing and swinging like a boss.

  • ChuChu8

    *post a really awesome Zelda related comment here*

  • Topaz Mutiny

    I am never going to shut up if I catch my parents watching this commercial. They LOVE Robin Williams. XD


    Ήταν και στα ελληνικά ;P

  • Jean D'eau

    I'll never put the Wii condom on my golden remote.

    • TnzSki

      Real Zelda fans go bareback.

  • Sakume

    <3 my gold wiimote is gonna be so used.

  • There's something oddly touching about seeing someone play a game in the series they were named after. Especially when that person is the daughter of ROBIN FREAKIN' WILLIAMS.

  • Nanbara

    Helllllllllllooooo legs.