As you all know, each week Nintendo updates their Official Japanese Skyward Sword website with new information.  This week, Nintendo has added more pieces to the map, as well as new videos, and a graciously long list of spoilers; revealing new and exciting facts about the Eldin Province as well as screen shots. Before you continue reading, once again this article contains spoilers!

First things first, a new Skyward Sword Origins Trailer debuted on GT.TV today, showing the link between the origins of Skyward Sword to Ocarina of Time. You can now watch the new trailer right here on ZU!

Okay, now that we’ve caught up with new trailers, our friends over at Zelda Dungeon have translated the updates on the Japanese Skyward Sword website from this week to English. You can read the full list at their website, or view the updates at the Official Japanese Skyward Sword website.

Here are the new screen shots from the Eldin Province!

Nintendo released a new video of game play from Skyward Sword of the game over screenplay. When Link suffers too much wear and tear from battling evil, he will collapse and a tune signifying his doom will play, and display the ‘Game Over’ option screen. You can view the video below.

Here is a summary of the new Eldin Province spoilers; which can be found at the Official Japanese Website or translated into English at Zelda Dungeon. The race that inhabits Eldin, called the Mogmas, are in danger and as usual, Link must save them. After Link saves the Mogmas, he will be able to upgrade his Digging Mitts to Mogma Mitts. Once the Digging Mitts have been upgraded, Link will be able to dig into certain spots that seem impossible to reach, and to also break through walls while digging.

There is also a Bokoblin Base in the Eldin Province. The Bokoblin will steal all of Link’s inventory items, and he must retrieve them before continuing onto anything else in the game.

The name of the new fire dungeon translates to ‘Old Shrine’, and is located at Eldin Volcano, on the Eldin Province. The name of the boss in this dungeon translates to ‘Gumaamu.’ Eldin Province, home to the Mogmas and the Fire-based dungeon, is split into layers. These layers are the base of Eldin Volcano, toward the entrance, the heart of the volcano, and finally to the Old Shrine. In this dungeon there are Dark Lizalfos, which are a faster, purple colored version of their green brethren from previous games.

Inside the mountain of Eldin, there is a very hot area which is difficult to pass through. The longer you stay in the area; Link’s clothes will start to burn and eat away at your health. In order to prevent this from happening, you can find bulbs which hold water that can be used to calm Link down before his clothes catch on fire. Link can also be seen carrying a heavier version of the Iron Shield while in the Old Shrine.

Those are all your Skyward Sword updates as of today’s date! Also, the new updates to the map can also be found at the Official Japanese Website. Once again we’d like to thank our friends at Zelda Dungeon for translating the updates into English, and Nintendo for releasing new updates every week. We hope you enjoy, although we know these new updates aren’t enough to satisfy your excitement. However, they will continue to hold us all over until the release of Skyward Sword on November 20th. Only twenty-two more days left guys! Thanks for reading, and please leave your ideas in the comments below, we always love feed back!

Source: Official Japanese Skyward Sword Website (Thanks Joey for showing me the article!)
Via: Zelda Dungeon