As you all know, each week Nintendo updates their Official Japanese Skyward Sword website with new information.  This week, Nintendo has added more pieces to the map, as well as new videos, and a graciously long list of spoilers; revealing new and exciting facts about the Eldin Province as well as screen shots. Before you continue reading, once again this article contains spoilers!

First things first, a new Skyward Sword Origins Trailer debuted on GT.TV today, showing the link between the origins of Skyward Sword to Ocarina of Time. You can now watch the new trailer right here on ZU!

Okay, now that we’ve caught up with new trailers, our friends over at Zelda Dungeon have translated the updates on the Japanese Skyward Sword website from this week to English. You can read the full list at their website, or view the updates at the Official Japanese Skyward Sword website.

Here are the new screen shots from the Eldin Province!

Nintendo released a new video of game play from Skyward Sword of the game over screenplay. When Link suffers too much wear and tear from battling evil, he will collapse and a tune signifying his doom will play, and display the ‘Game Over’ option screen. You can view the video below.

Here is a summary of the new Eldin Province spoilers; which can be found at the Official Japanese Website or translated into English at Zelda Dungeon. The race that inhabits Eldin, called the Mogmas, are in danger and as usual, Link must save them. After Link saves the Mogmas, he will be able to upgrade his Digging Mitts to Mogma Mitts. Once the Digging Mitts have been upgraded, Link will be able to dig into certain spots that seem impossible to reach, and to also break through walls while digging.

There is also a Bokoblin Base in the Eldin Province. The Bokoblin will steal all of Link’s inventory items, and he must retrieve them before continuing onto anything else in the game.

The name of the new fire dungeon translates to ‘Old Shrine’, and is located at Eldin Volcano, on the Eldin Province. The name of the boss in this dungeon translates to ‘Gumaamu.’ Eldin Province, home to the Mogmas and the Fire-based dungeon, is split into layers. These layers are the base of Eldin Volcano, toward the entrance, the heart of the volcano, and finally to the Old Shrine. In this dungeon there are Dark Lizalfos, which are a faster, purple colored version of their green brethren from previous games.

Inside the mountain of Eldin, there is a very hot area which is difficult to pass through. The longer you stay in the area; Link’s clothes will start to burn and eat away at your health. In order to prevent this from happening, you can find bulbs which hold water that can be used to calm Link down before his clothes catch on fire. Link can also be seen carrying a heavier version of the Iron Shield while in the Old Shrine.

Those are all your Skyward Sword updates as of today’s date! Also, the new updates to the map can also be found at the Official Japanese Website. Once again we’d like to thank our friends at Zelda Dungeon for translating the updates into English, and Nintendo for releasing new updates every week. We hope you enjoy, although we know these new updates aren’t enough to satisfy your excitement. However, they will continue to hold us all over until the release of Skyward Sword on November 20th. Only twenty-two more days left guys! Thanks for reading, and please leave your ideas in the comments below, we always love feed back!

Source: Official Japanese Skyward Sword Website (Thanks Joey for showing me the article!)
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • Leadfront

    The FIRST thing I'm going to do when I get this game is smile at the title screen for an hour, enjoying the music 😉

  • This is the best bit of information released so far, IMO.

    • Blu_Lizalfos

      Definitely; this clip really captures the amazing picture quality, depth of storyline, and overall mood of the game (from what we have seen so far). Can't wait for this game!!!



  • Oldsoul

    Was that Sheika a young Impa?

    • TheMaverickk

      I'd guess it's either it's Impa's ancestor or Impa herself…. it's possible that Sheikah have longer lifespans and so Impa could've possibly lived to see the events of Ocarina of Time. Not to mention that Impa's age is never specifically stated… so maybe Impa's white hair is a sign of that age.

      She lived alone in Kakariko for some years before opening it up to other people. Who knows how much back history she has.

  • Ashmic

    i wanna know who that is so bad, and the backstory to ghirahim!

    • Ashmic

      and did anyone else see the fire dragon ;]!

  • Alessandra

    I loved both videos and I also loved the part where Link is holding the Skyward Sword in his hand and a forging flame hits it and then when it’s done you get to see an early version of the Master Sword. I’m excited for this I can’t wait! I also want to know who is that person that is fighting Ghirahim! That person seems to resemble Impa in some ways.

    • Blu_Lizalfos

      I totally agree!
      Btw, the woman seen fighting Ghirahim is (at least almost confirmed to be) a Shiekah, like Impa was. We have seen her in a couple trailers before this but this clip has shown the most about her thus far.

  • ChainofTermina

    Man, Ancient Hyrule had some really weird creatures in it…

    Hey! it's that powered down version of the Master Sword again! like it is in the Wind Waker when you first get it! cool!

    and I am more than ecstatic that Zelda actually has Sheikah in it again, but I'm that guy who likes complaining about stuff that doesn't really matter at all, so; I don't like her hair. that one three foot long strand coming from an otherwise cropped cut looks odd

    also, I hate save points. we should be able to save anywhere and at anytime. it also looks like if we die, we're gonna have to do the exact same crap over and over and over again, which I equally despise doing in a videogame. I already did that stuff once, being forced to do it again just because I died is extremely annoying. I understand being forced to do the thing that killed me over again, but the stuff that preceded it? I absolutely loathe it when games do that. I liked it in TP where if you died, you got to immediately try again, re-spawning right in the same room where you died. you die-you get another attempt to do the thing that killed you right away. nice and clean. no need to drag yourself through the whole damn dungeon again, re-fighting enemies, re-solving puzzles, just a new fresh attempt at the thing that you need a new fresh attempt for.


    • mcdude910

      Sir, yes, Sir.

  • neos

    ok this is going to be amazing. from what i can tell the game will explain why the shiek protect the royal family, and it seams that they have something to do with the creation of hyrule or something very important. but this game will change every timeline theory to date.

    • mcdude910

      No, it won't. It takes place before OoT. Everyone knows that already. Everyone knows that the timeline starts with SS, then OoT.

  • TheMaverickk

    Out of curiosity how do you know that you will have to return to a save point if you die? I don't get the impression that you will have to redo everything leading up to the boss.

    Also I wouldn't be surprised that if the system is based on saving at save points, that they give you a save point right before you even enter the boss room. Or that based on lay outs the save points are easily accessible in the dungeon.

    I don't think they are going to torment you with redo-ing things.

    There has ever been a Zelda game that took away everything you have done just because you died. For example if you die in the original Zelda, you have the choice to simply continue….. in Link to the Past is usually put you at the dungeon entrance… same with Ocarina of Time…. ect. ect.

    They would simply tack on a mark that says how many times you died. Majora's Mask was probably one of the few Zelda titles forced you to use save points and restarting the 3 day cycle to save your progress permanently.

    Either way I think of all the things to complain about, wait until you've played the game before complaining…. since personally I've read numerous things from the fact that you can save anywhere up above the clouds, down in Hyrule there are the bird markers which you can save at, and inside dungeons I think there is another means of saving… in either case though I'll place bets you won't have to redo everything if you die.

    • ChainofTermina

      well, I guess to be honest, I wasn't specifically talking only about past Zelda games, but videogames in general. and even in past Zelda games, whenever you get sent back to the beginning of the dungeon after you die, all the enemies are back and you gotta fight them again. which is kinda annoying. yeah, I'm mostly referring to enemies that re-spawn after you die. if they were hard to kill and lowered your health a lot the first time, being forced to fight them again, even though you did already kill them, is something I can barely tolerate.

      • TheMaverickk

        I`m guessing you never played many video games before 1996……..

        Considering that players are given all the tools they could possibly need to succeed dieing in a video game is a rare occurrence. Things like the Cane of Byrnna, Nayru's Love, Magic Armor, not to mention potions, bottled fairies (which revive you if you die)…. I mean there are many many ways to prevent death.

        If none of those items work, there's always Gameshark…

        Honestly there's already barely much risk of death, and I'm certain there will be enough save points that you won't have to redo too much.

  • Rust

    How exactly is this trailer showing a connection to OoT or TP? I didn't see anything beyond what we already knew – obvious stuff like the Master Sword's birth. There was no trace of an OoT or TP reference in this at all though. What am I missing here?

    • neos

      well what about when that guy is sitting on the ground and the huge stone comes up behined you. to me that looks alot like the portal to the twilight realm from twilight princess. and with that character who has the marking of a shiek the game will abviosly explain how the shiek came to be the protecters of the royal family. also 18 seconds in you see a huge gold royal family's crest. so it could actually be the triforce at one point in hyrules history. but the rayal family's crest must mean something to the people who live on the ground. all you have to do is look more closely to see how it connects.

      • recks

        the guy sitting down actually reminds of the guy on the carpet in the gerudo desert.