A new Skyward Sword trailer just premiered at the 2011 Golden Joystick Awards! Hit the jump button to watch it!

This trailer basically shows very similar footage from the other trailer’s we’ve seen, but has more of a commercial touch. It shows the same bird riding clip, with the same “Zelda getting swallowed” and sword fighting clips. An awesome soundtrack has been added, along with a classy narrator towards the end of the trailer.

What do you think of the new trailer? Leave a comment!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
  • Lex

    mind = flashed
    the soundtrack made it epic win… and Debbie's laughter!

  • America

    I just had a braingasm and fangasm at the same time.

  • This…is going to be the best game ever.

  • Soundtrack and added even more epic than it already is =P

  • mr squiggles

    i… like…. jizzed in my pants from this new trailer.

  • KingDodongo1

    Chills. Chills up and down and left and right.

  • shooflypi

    Him, that bit where Debbie shatters the Sheikah's magic barrier is interesting… the glowing glyph covered gear is turning in the background… what sort of mechanism could it be a part of?

    • Soeroah

      It's not the Mirror of Twilight, is it? That was my first impression, but I only played TP once, long ago…

      • shooflypi

        That was my first impression too, but now I'm not so sure.

  • Ashmic

    i want to know who that sheikah iiiis, if it is a sheikah

    • GreatSpin

      it actually remind me of a gerudo more than a sheikah except for the eye

      • Ashmic

        the colors are way off to be a gerudo but then again wtf is ghirahim lol

  • Momo

    This music isn't from the actual game, is it?

    • Dewii

      No it's from the new Sherlock Holmes movies.

  • I want this game SO. BAD.

  • fiercedeityfan

    November 20th…so close, yet so far away…CURSE TIME FOR TORTURING ME BY MOVING SO SLOWLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dimitris

      what r u talking about?..i will holding it from 18of November!^^

      • fiercedeityfan

        if you live in japan, than that makes sense why you would say that. The north American release date is November 20th. The European release date and Japanese release date is November 18…so your lucky!

    • Taha_Soysal

      Just play the Song of Double Time

  • TheMaverickk

    0:33 Mark – Scorpion Boss is still in the game…. I'm so happy that every element that was shown in the E3 demo in 2010 survived. Between the Faron Woods area to the Scorpion boss it's great to see they didn't get wasted.

    As for the soundtrack…. well the soundtrack to the trailer is TERRIBLE. No offense but the music and clips shown don't match up. When you watch trailers which use the main theme of the game, Nintendo has the clips line up with musical keys and changes.

    It just seems a tad tacky. I feel as though the Sheikah character we've seen could easily be the helper guardian to the goddess. Helping to keep Zelda safe. Either way only a month away can't wait 🙂

  • Bingo

    Lol…weirdest music to put to this.

    • syobonaction

      yeah, that music was obnoxious

      • fiercedeityfan

        i thought it was cool music, but didn't suit the trailer. Nintendo is being a little over-dramatic…

  • I remember once where the Slingshot did come in use in TP… I was trying to get bait for my fishing rod but didn't want to hike out to Hyrule Field and hunt the… uh… bomb… bird… things… anyways, yeah, it was before I could transform or use the clawshot, so I instead shot the beehive with my slingshot. Worked like a charm.


    Amazing, just amazing! I'm loving the scorpion's new spot in the Desert Dungeon!


    The announcer's voice just adds extra oomph to the trailer!

  • Future Link

    That song isn't part of the new SS soundtrack. It's called Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus.