As the release date for Skyward Sword comes closer and closer, the media blowout of the highly anticipated game becomes larger, with more frequent spoiler heavy action coming to light. This time, we have a video showing some of the items Link will acquire throughout his quest, some we’ve seen, some we haven’t. Click through to watch.
Beware of Spoilers

We’re greeted with a beautiful track as we watch Link use the Beetle, Bow, fly on the wind, using what’s called the Gush Bellow, a leaf-blower type contraption to blow away sand, the double claw-shot making a return, and finally the slingshot. Let us know what you think, and lets hope these items are more useful than in just one dungeon.

Source: GameTrailers
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  • Ashmic

    absolutely beautiful music, It makes me feel like I AM in the game

    • Yep, it's the theme from the Romance Trailer we saw yesterday. The orchestrated music is gonna rock. 8)

      • Ashmic

        i know : ]

  • TheMaverickk

    The funny thing is that it seems like people completely skipped the 4 min Miyamoto demonstration of Skyward Sword. The Gush Bellow, Double Claw-Shot were revealed then.

    I don't consider these things spoilerific, they are just items, and I don't think they would be showing every item in the game off before it's release. So I'm sure there will be plenty of weapons and items to still discover… and not to mention upgrade. Spoilers really tend to have to do with the story of a game, or a key moment that determines events… like a pivotal twist or something.

    I mean I could've taken a guess that the Hookshot would return in some form. So far there have really only been 4 realms shown…. the forest area, the volcano, the desert and some water flooded area. I would assume there will still be plenty other areas to discover.

    It looks like a really huge world to check out. I can't wait.

    • DarkLinkDX

      u said it man i cant wait to get my hands on that game i don't like Spoilers take away the feelimg of discovering new things like weapons, iterms, new areas and story

  • Sakume

    I am so stoked for this game. And I am loving this track. God I'm glad I got the bundle with the track included.

  • Super

    Uh this isn't new? It's all recycled clips put into 1 video. Seen all those items and even more.

    • It's still a good wrap-up of the items we've seen already.

  • The Gust Bellow looks awesome! I can't wait to see what you can do to enemies with that.

    • GorCoronSumo

      Or how you can upgrade it?

  • Darkstar

    This and the romance trailers were awesome! I'm also loving al the detailed facial expressions in this game (much like wind waker!) or even more so. Link's expression is priceless in the above picture lol Ghirahem is one creepy dude.

    P.S Anyone notice Link looking a bit older here than his other "adult/teen" versions in past games?

    • Ashmic

      nintendo said this is the oldest link yet

      • TheMaverickk

        Age is all relative in Zelda games…. since they never give specific ages. I mean I think Ocarina of Time did give an age of Link being 10 as a kid and 17 as an Adult, but I can't remember if that's true.

        In other games they never give an age and just kind of leave it open to interpretation. We know that Wind Waker Link is "coming of age" and that's why he gets the Hero's Clothes. Coming of age could be anywhere between 10 and 14 years of age depending on the culture you are from and what you consider coming of age.

        Twilight Princess doesn't even give you an age, but he's at an age where he is beginning to be trusted with dealing in political diplomacy. Him going to the Hyrule Town and the Castle was a right of passage basically into adulthood and taking more responsibility. It's safe to say that this Link was roughly 17 like Adult Link from OoT (who he was modeled after). It's even interesting to mention that before going to Hyrule Castle he was only trusted with a wooden sword which is basically a toy for the most part and something he could've had since he was 10 years old (much like how he passed it onto Talo who is probably around that age).

        As far as Skyward Swords Link goes, he could be the oldest, but no older then 20 years older thats for sure. Old enough to be training to be a part of a military force… it will be interesting to see what other roles he takes on that may suggest this to be an older Link.

  • ChainofTermina

    …….okay, I'm liking that Ghirahim guy less and less. he keeps having uncomfortable suggestive undertones.

    • Ashmic

      but we need a creeper i LoZ, thats what makes ghirahim, ghirahim

    • Saria_Forest14

      Seriously, I thought I was the only one freaked out by that Ghirahim dude. At least we know for sure Link is straight -.-

  • Luke

    God, Debbie's a creep.

  • Prada

    God, Debb is a sexy beast!

  • Skankyone

    And I also love the fact that they made link even more-so beautiful in this game! he looks sexy in that pic…

  • anon

    That article picture… I was about to go to sleep too…

  • rookie

    YES! Retun of the double hook/claw shot! Thas my favorite item in TP! : ) = ) XD ; )