Nearly two years after his last video guide for us, our friend and affiliate Chuggaaconroy is back once more with a new guide, this time for Majora’s Mask.

Months in the making, this playthrough will feature not only 100% completion in the “getting all the items” sense, but will also show as many secrets and interesting facts as we could find, ranging from secret conversations to differences between the beta and the final release that would have left the game quite different.

Hit the jump for Episode 1 of the playthrough, along with an interview I did with Chuggaaconroy on his thoughts behind the making of the series.

Episode 1:


  • Majora's Mask is the game that introduced me into Zelda, so this is amazing, as well as the fact that it's being LP'ed by Chuggaa!

  • wolfpack2421

    These videos are pretty interesting, but was the dictating of text truly necessary? I can, after all, read.

    Still, MM is awesome, and I appreciate the effort. Solid work.

  • I love this game! It's an amazing dark sequel to the already outstanding Ocarina of Time.

  • xRallinkx

    It's like everyone's forgotten about…..aww hell It's Majora's Mask!

  • Puddy

    ZeldaDungeon is already doing an AMAZING walkthrough of this… just saying.

    • sdfsef

      so go there? durr

    • If other Zelda sites also having Zelda content stopped us from having our own, ZU would be a blank page! ;D There's always going to be competing content between Zelda sites.

  • Nerubian21

    Please bring Majoras Mask on the 3DS!!

    • DUDE

      i agree completely

  • Russteh

    Very good. It seems I may learn more about my favourite Zeldda. 🙂 Thank you for uploading.

  • Coop

    When I saw the "Majoras Mask" logo, i got excited thinking it was a confirmed remake for the 3DS post!! Its not, unfortunately. I need this remake ASAP!!!!!!!