Nintendo has launched the official Skyward Sword website, which can be found here. The website includes a link where you can pre-order the awesome Zelda game and you can also enjoy the gorgeous “Link riding on a bird” artwork.  You can also find a new trailer and a few new screenshots of the game,one of which introduces a new character who lives in Skyloft.

Remember, Skyward Sword will be in our hands in less than 3 months! Europe will be getting it on the 18th of November while North America will be getting it on the 20th of November.

Has anyone re-ordered Skyward Sword? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo
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  • Merq

    Augh, I want to look I really really want to look but no I don't want any spoilers life is haaaaard… :'D

    • I've decided at this point to stop looking at anything new produced about the game. I've seen enough, everything else will be a surprise when I play it.!

      • cloverplayer

        me too, the volcano was too much.

  • Chozo Knight

    It does have a nice video of the upgrading system. um, one of the pictures reveals a new item though but it is on the second row of pictures, you don't have to look.

    • cloverplayer

      I already saw that picture ;(

    • What new item? The only item I see is the dual clawshots, which was shown the other day in footage.

  • Chozo Knight

    don't worry about the new character. it is someone we have already seen in the trailers

  • SavoyRoad

    I have my nice bundle pre-ordered on Amazon.

  • Luca

    artiglio x6!

  • Keimori


    That is all.

  • milenko

    i have pre-ordered skyward sword i cant wait to get the wii remote that is coming with it

  • I pre-ordered about 3 months ago now ;P

  • I love the site. I won't say more other than there are loads of goodies on it so that I don't spoil anything.

    Also, no I haven't preordered. I'm actually saving toward it.

  • derplom

    I have preordered!! 😀

  • Keimori

    I preordered the bundle yesterday,and I just noteiced that makes it EXACTLY 2 Months before its release. XD

  • somecrazyguy

    1 MORE DAY!!!!