Today is the birthday of long time staff member and article writer Hylian Dan, so we at Zelda Universe have decided that the most fitting response to such a revelation is to hold a week-long ZU national holiday.

Over the course of the next week,  we will be reposting several of Dan’s greatest hits, starting with fan favorite The Message of Majora’s Mask, which shows that behind the regular old story of Majora’s Mask, there is another deeper story, told through seemingly random structures and seemingly unimportant lines, which tells of the story of the Stone Tower Temple and the history of Termina itself.

If you’re to the site and haven’t read his articles yet, or even if you have, be sure to check out his articles as they arrive through the week, as they’re always worth another look. If you wish to leave him a birthday message you can do so on his ZU forum profile.

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