In what could be the most bizarre twist yet for the Nintendo 3DS (and that’s saying something given the year that the 3DS has had so far), rumors have been circulating all day—now confirmed with a leaked “Famitsu” magazine page—of a new peripheral that will extend the functionality of the Nintendo 3DS to have an additional trigger button and a right analog stick.  The new device is to be released as an add-on for the game Monster Hunter Tri G developed and published by Capcom, a series that—at least as far as portable devices go—has been exclusive to the PSP up until this point.

The new peripheral actually forms a cradle that fits snugly onto the back side of the device.  It adds a little bit of girth to the 3DS as well in order to fit in the new inputs as well, making the 3DS a little less DS Lite and more like the original fatter DS.  The device is purportedly being developed by Nintendo and thus will be a first-party add-on as opposed to a completely third-party solution, thereby giving it a reasonable chance of seeing widespread adoption at some point.

You can find the “Famitsu” magazine page after the jump.

The interesting part of this reveal is that this will now be the second massive change that the 3DS will have undergone in just six short months after the US launch (the first one being the massive price drop), and that’s even if you don’t count the delayed launch of the Nintendo eShop.  Certainly what this may hint at down the road is that a future re-release of the 3DS may include an R2 button and a second analog stick, but to see a radical change in a console within six months of launch is… well, pretty unprecidented.

What do you think? Could this be what the secret 3DS announcement next week will announce? Is this a hint of Nintendo’s future direction for the 3DS? Or is this a covert admission that the 3DS had yet another mistake, something that they’re trying to fix? Given the lack of third-party support on the system, something that has been gradually worsening in the past months as titles have been getting canceled after the original lackluster launch, will this be a second booster shot for the 3DS to take off? Give us your thoughts!

Update:  It seems that Nintendo has confessed to being the creators of this device.  It will be a first-party add-on for the 3DS.

Source: GoNintendo, Kotaku
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