In what could be the most bizarre twist yet for the Nintendo 3DS (and that’s saying something given the year that the 3DS has had so far), rumors have been circulating all day—now confirmed with a leaked “Famitsu” magazine page—of a new peripheral that will extend the functionality of the Nintendo 3DS to have an additional trigger button and a right analog stick.  The new device is to be released as an add-on for the game Monster Hunter Tri G developed and published by Capcom, a series that—at least as far as portable devices go—has been exclusive to the PSP up until this point.

The new peripheral actually forms a cradle that fits snugly onto the back side of the device.  It adds a little bit of girth to the 3DS as well in order to fit in the new inputs as well, making the 3DS a little less DS Lite and more like the original fatter DS.  The device is purportedly being developed by Nintendo and thus will be a first-party add-on as opposed to a completely third-party solution, thereby giving it a reasonable chance of seeing widespread adoption at some point.

You can find the “Famitsu” magazine page after the jump.

The interesting part of this reveal is that this will now be the second massive change that the 3DS will have undergone in just six short months after the US launch (the first one being the massive price drop), and that’s even if you don’t count the delayed launch of the Nintendo eShop.  Certainly what this may hint at down the road is that a future re-release of the 3DS may include an R2 button and a second analog stick, but to see a radical change in a console within six months of launch is… well, pretty unprecidented.

What do you think? Could this be what the secret 3DS announcement next week will announce? Is this a hint of Nintendo’s future direction for the 3DS? Or is this a covert admission that the 3DS had yet another mistake, something that they’re trying to fix? Given the lack of third-party support on the system, something that has been gradually worsening in the past months as titles have been getting canceled after the original lackluster launch, will this be a second booster shot for the 3DS to take off? Give us your thoughts!

Update:  It seems that Nintendo has confessed to being the creators of this device.  It will be a first-party add-on for the 3DS.

Source: GoNintendo, Kotaku
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  • Astarael

    Very disappointing – that looks hideous. I love the idea of a second slider pad, but it really is something that ought to have been part of the 3DS' design from the outset.

  • mkd

    so this is or this isn't happening?
    either way, this might help with SSB3DS…..
    but then again make it stick out?
    thats huge.
    the worst thing is, my Zelda crystal armor wont fit….. ;(

    • Liam James

      Likewise. Although with any luck, Nintendo may announce a new system that actually has another slider pad. It'll be an annoyance having to pay extra but at least it might be more streamline…

      • mkd

        Well, I have read that this isn't the offical version, although there will be an add on.
        Lets hope this isn't the final version and it will be better (I'm hoping for it to be lower than the AXBY buttons).

  • LuX

    Love Nintendo, Love the 3DS. And yet can't help but feel as though Nintendo are sort of dropping the ball with the 3DS. It's really not going well is it? I always said there should be two circle pads. (And why do you keep mentioning a 'second trigger button' it's not a second one, it replaces the original so it can be reached without stretching your finger ¬_¬ )

    This makes me think the rumors of a new 3DS is true… dual circle pads included, but this is a solution for people so they don't HAVE to buy a new one. Time will tell.

  • This looks hideous, ridiculous, and honestly, outright unnecessary.

    • cyberninja44

      It doesnt look necessary, but I think it will make a pretty big difference, we just dont realize it yet.

  • The Iron Giant

    Yay…more accessories to buy…I can see this becoming for needless, but let's see where it goes.

  • FallenLegacy

    I actually like the idea, and has always wanted dual-analog on the 3DS. I suppose eventually they'll make a design where the 3DS already has dual-analog, and those who have the older version can just buy this attachment.
    It would make sense because looking at games like Resident Evil and other games, controlling everything with one pad seems pretty difficult.

    • mcdude910

      Moon worked out very well with using the letter buttons as camera control. (For lefties, like me, that is)

  • Becky

    It's only an add on, it probably won't be an essential item for games only optional if you feel like you need it. People are getting so upset about it, at least they're not re-releasing the 3DS with an extra circle pad, THEN you'd all have something to be angry about!

    • Astarael

      …actually, they probably will. 😛 The source that first leaked this news also mentioned Nintendo's desire to incorporate the second slide pad into a new design to be released next year.

      • Becky

        While I agree that it was a stupid move for Nintendo to drop the price of the 3DS less than 6 months after release at least they compensated those who bought it earlier. I'm not saying that they won't release a 2 circle pad 3DS, or even a 3DS Lite (though I don't think they will) I don't think it would happen less than 1 year after original release. Even the DS's redesigns had about 2 years between each one.

        Even then, it's not mandatory to buy them.

        • Rache

          Even so, it's a stab in the back to us who bought one, since places like Walmart and Target allowed customers to get the ambassador deal AND the cheaper 3DS. Adding on something like this, that would probably be required for games that are made later on, is like pouring lemon juice on our wounds.

          At least they thought to make an add-on, instead of only making newer versions that we'd have to buy. Still, it sucks that this is happening. A second circle pad really should have been included in the first place…

          • Astarael

            Absolutely. And unlike previous DS iterations, the next model basically will be mandatory, unless we shell out for this monstrosity instead. The thing that annoys me most of all is that it's so thick and chunky that it negates some of the portability of my 3DS – I have a special carry case for it, but it won't even be able to fit!

            *gazes sadly at my soon-to-be-ugly ambassador 3DS*

  • Soeroah

    I've heard that this thing is supposed to help left handed people play certain games rather than to act as a second analog stick, but I can't back that up.

    • Random person!

      That would be awesome, I want Kid Icarus but I'm left-handed and I don't know what to do! ;-;

      • mcdude910

        Hmm… that might make sense… But, I'm a lefty, and no way am I getting that ugly thing.

  • They could have simply made another system with 2 circle pads too, instead they gave us an accessory to add to my 3DS. I love how they thought about the people that bought their 3DS earlier than most people. (I can still see the new 3DS design coming though.)

    • bob

      finally, the first positive freakin comment on this page!! i think it looks just fine

  • NO NO NO, Nintendo please…wait at least 1 year and rather release a new 3DS, don't cover it with shit. I can understand something like putting the wiimotionplus on my wiiremote but the 3DS is an HANDHELD If I put that pile of vomit on it, it becames nor a portable neither an home console, it becames more likely a Garden Console…

    • guest

      there is no comfirm for a new 3ds or even this add on as it is leaked and not comfirmed by nintendo

  • waffleman

    Yes it looks pretty hideous, but I bet the reason it's so big is because it contains an extra battery to extend the 3DS's terribad battery life.

  • Twilit Mask of Time

    So far I'm undecided. I don't think it makes the console that bulky. But on the other hand, if ALL that it does is add the analog stick I will be pissed. If I have to replay my Nyko battery for this and it offers no batter enhancement I will not be happy. If it does both I think this could be winning product. If it retails for 20$ or less and come packaged with a ton of games anyway. A first party Battery solution that offers more functionality sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Bingo

    Wow… They really didn't think of just adding a second circle pad onto the original design? Instead they throw on this ugly (and probably uncomfortable) peripheral for some extra cash from the consumer? Thanks, Nintendo. You've been a real pal the last few years.

    • santiago

      Instead of making you pay 170 for a new 3DS with a second analog stick, you need to pay about 10 for a removable accessory. So, instead of trashing nintendo, maybe you could be a little more thankfull?

  • WoWPunkLink

    wow, for those who kept nagging for a second circle pad, there you go, its hideous.

  • Loke

    Why didn’t they wait to incorporate the analog stick in their model for next year instead? This bulky extension is just an embarrassment. I was going to get a 3DS this month, but now I’ll be putting that off until Nintendo cleans up this disaster of theirs. Thank god SS is coming out soon, they need the life line.

  • Hmmm…superfluous, to say the least. It looks too bulky in my eyes.

  • Chapushki

    I'm not sure why it even needs a second circle pad….wouldn't make any difference to me at all. I never used the C-stick in SSB anyway, I always used smash attacks by tapping the control stick and pressing A. But I guess I could see why others would want it.

    In any case, probably won't be getting the extra peripheral. I'm happy with the one circle pad.

  • bobshabaz

    People always find something to complain about.
    Really, I don't pay attention to how my DS/3ds looks when I'm playing a game. Because I focus on… you know…. the game. If it looks too bulky, take it off unless you're playing it. I really fail to see anything negative about this. I guess some people just really love raging at Nintendo. For people who want a second circle pad, either suck it up and buy this or wait for the new model to come out. For people that don't want one, I kind of don't understand why you're complaining at all.

  • Keimori

    Yah know, I understand that these are shakey economic times for everyone, but the 3rd patty developers you mentioned need to stop bloody panicing and canceling their games (i'm looking at YOU Capcom) and continue forward, they claim they're canceling due to lack of 3DS sales but apearent'y fail to realize that their reaction is the EXACT reason its not selling!

    The thing needs grade A non remake/port games people! the sooner they realize that and actualy release their games, the sooner they'll see thouse sales skyrocket, and they'll see their money!

    *sigh* Luckyly, the best thing about droped balls is that they can be picked up again and this fall is looking lovely for the 3Ds first party wise, I'm sure a New Mario, Mario Kart, and Upriseing can remind the 3rds that it's games that sell systems, not the other way around.

    As for this addon, I give it a whole hearted "Meh…"

  • petetriuss

    i am a litlle dessapointed,because I bought the nintendo 3ds earlier (may i dont remeber) and now nintendo show us that shit,i meen comon nintendo if you do that new console just say that we can trade the original 3ds for the new 3ds.i am anintendo fan but now nintendo is dessapointing me and i dont want to play ps4 in the feature because sony doesnt do any good game sony sucks

  • Jason Rappaport

    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I would be ashamed to have my company name embossed on that peripheral.

    • Jason…wow. :facepalm:

    • A different Josh

      To you, and everyone else who calls this ugly, should try focusing on the game they're playing and not how their system looks.

    • Jason Rappaport

      Playing games? I know of no good significant games out for the 3DS right now other than Ocarina of Time (and I suppose Star Fox, which either just came out or is about to I believe). Perhaps people should focus on building killer games for the 3DS, instead of peripherals that nobody is going to buy bundled with software nobody wants. I don't know who's bad brainchild this peripheral was, but I will guarantee you one thing: It's not going to sell at all.

      It's the size of the entire system. It looks like it brings the console to Game Gear/Nomad proportions, which would destroy the whole portability bit of owning a portable console. I'm sure it takes batteries. If it doesn't, it saps the already lackluster battery life of the 3DS.

      The 3DS didn't need two circle pads; if it did, it would have shipped with two circle pads. In fact, it really didn't need both a circle pad AND a D-pad, though I get using it to control retro games, it really clutters up the whole system.

      From a UX point of view, the current layout of the 3DS is ridiculous and difficult to want to jump onto. It's not the best build quality in the world, the screen ain't great, and overall playing feels awkward with two screens of different aspect ratios. It's not exactly appealing to whip out of your pocket, either. My point? The 3DS has way too many issues and elements that need *cleaning up* and *removal* for Capcom (I have a hard time believing Nintendo is making this thing) to attempt to *add* to the console. Especially… well, like this.

      Yeah, I have a really hard time believing this came out of Nintendo. Wouldn't be the first time that a third party developer had released an ugly and useless peripheral for a Nintendo console. (Stay classy, Activision!)

      • Keimori

        I honestly don't find the layout to be all that awkward myself, but then again I prefer to play with the Circle pad and I have rather large hands so that helps too.

        Otherwise I agree with what you said.

  • person123

    That thing is ugly and looks like it makes the whole system more bulky. I don't see how adding this piece of crap peripheral would get more people to buy a 3DS. I "upgraded" from the original fat DS to the 3DS because it was the next console generation. Plus I like the size of the 3DS. I thought the control scheme on the 3DS was fine. I want games, not ****ing add-ons. I'll tell you what though, I'm certainly not buying that thing. Within a year they will probably release a redesigned 3DS with a 2nd circle pad built in. I'd rather trade in my old 3DS for the redesigned one. I love Nintendo but they seem to have really dropped the ball with the 3DS.

    • Unknown

      It's not supposed to sell the system, its supposed to make better games.

  • guest

    why is everyone freaking out about a new 3ds which isn't comfirmed or mentioned in the article. Also to defend the dslite/i/ixl and the rumoured wii slim, they are aimed at people who didn't get the original not people who already had a ds/wii wether adding family friendly things, gadgets/cheaper price it was just to attract a new audiunce. and if a new 3ds model is made you can just get the add on or I suspect if there is a new 3ds you might be able to trade in the old model to get the new cheaper

  • Soulless Creature

    If it's not broken don't fix it and also this might be a good idea for the next handheld console from Nintendo. One last thing the 3DS is beautiful so why put a block with a control stick on its back. It looks wrong; just wrong, the screens should be in the middle with the controls round it not moved to the side because of an extra control stick.

  • ovafaze

    what if, Nintendo has a second circle pad attachment for the 3ds, and capcom decided they wanted to use a second circle pad AND make the system more comfortable(the picture above), what if we haven’t seen Nintendos circle attachment? I’m just trying to stay positive, it could be some sort of clip on circle pad that Nintendo will ship to any 3ds owners who bought the system early for free, and announce a new model with a built in second circle pad, and the bulky pic above is just a picture of capcoms added attachment to be bundled with Monster Hunter. I see a lot of people assuming the worst and reading comments that start with “I’m a BIG Nintendo fan and have always defended them BUT THIS!!!(goes on rant)” let’s all just wait until next Tuesday and see what Nintendo has to say, shall we? 🙂
    lets tried not too make too many assumptions. STAY POSITIVE!

  • zelda4ever

    One isn't enough? Is this like the c stick for the 3DS? I feel this may be unnecessary and is very likely to be dropped. Oh, and it also looks hideous.

  • Keimori

    Another thing i must mention, as silly as this thing looks, if its made by capcom and to be bundled with their Monster Hunter 3DS, it'll sell like hotcakes in Japan, Monster Hunter is insanely popular over there and they'd buy this monstrosity just to play the game if need be.

  • jameslieb2

    Wow Nintendo, if you wanted to have two circle pads, you should've just included them both with the original device, not with a bulky attachment. Seems like just a stupid money grab if you ask me.

  • KingDodongo1

    All I can say is… It's dumb and ugly.

    I'm more excited about the Monster Hunter game this mentioned, is that coming out in the US?

  • mario_master

    normally i tell people to calm down but i have to agree that thing looks stupid. but granted this is an optional!!!!! accesory unless i guess you want to get monster hunters. but remember tri? it even comes with a pro controller yet current price is 35 bucks

  • Chad

    This thing is hideous and honestly doesn't make any sense now it will just make more Problems the end I'm already having trouble with the bottom mover thing sense its uncomfortable to use and now I have to reach all the way over to the buttons which is a stupid idea! they should have done something more like the speaker system in the top left corner of this image… which provides comfort and looks better

  • petetriuss

    i am sorry to say that @guest but we are screaming because nintendo doesnt think about us (sorry nintendo) and that wont fit neither to my pocket.this is redicolus.I have a 3ds but now i must buy and that shit.i am sorry nintendo but pspvita won the next generation hadleend consol but please nintendo dont fail at wiiu plus more features as u can and plus something good for internet and online gaming.comon nintendo if u have better immagenation than sony that meens you can do it!!! it doesnt metter how many costs u always drop the price!!!

    • Keimori

      As I said below, Stop jumping to the concludeion that the 3DS is doomed, its an unfair judgement on a the system this early, expesialy when the VITA isn't out yet.

      Instead, wait 4 – 5 year and Judge them then at the END of their lifespan, not the begining.

  • petetriuss

    @ovaface,abot that second circle stick um we mustnt buy this I meen we can tell nintendo that they dessapoint us with thease news without warning us at the begining at e3 presentetion 2010.thats it fail consoles i am not bying from nintendo.

  • That Guy

    IT'S NOT THAT BAD GUYS. AT LEAST THY HAVE ONE. AND IT WILL FIT IN STUFF IF YOU TAKE OFF THE ATTACHMENT. You guys just have to think, do looks or gameplay matter.

  • peteriuss

    wait a minit @that guy.its bad because nintendo didint mention that and this is redicolus.sorry to say but 3ds lost the next generation console war but its didnt lose the amazing videio games like ocarina of time 3d etc:) 🙁

    • Keimori

      Lost the war? what war? ya mean against the VITA? It's not out yet, and thus the "war" hasn't started yet.

      If you're going to judge it as a sucess or failure then I sugest you wait for a year or so before you declare it dead.
      Expecialy since it hasn't had a chance to live yet.
      Just think back to the DS, it too had a rocky start but it kicked the PSP's ass.

      PS. the price reduction alone has begun to turn its sales around, so imageine what this falls amazeing looking lineup will do. 🙂

  • Mark

    This Second Analog Stick is a piece of Fucking Shit!

  • Mark


  • bleh

    I don't understand why everyone think it looks that bad? o.o I mean yeah, it's kind of annoying that they've made it AFTER the 3DS and didn't think to put it on the actual design, but I don't see what's so wrong with it?

  • 72hours192

    Can you guys go one damn minute on the internet without trolling? I don’t think it looks all that good either, but god, at least it’s optional!


    Too bulky. Wasted potential like Wii Motion Plus (Skyward Sword will avenge it, however).

  • justin

    as expected, all you people can do is complain about looks, it's a removable attachment, and you won't have to buy the next 3ds to use it, have you considered for a moment that maybe this is a temporary thing until the next model? and also, I don't care about looks so much as the game, and I sure as hell would use that to play another monster hunter game (if we're lucky enough to see releases outside of japan)

    • chancho

      I completely agree i hate how everyone seems to just troll nintendo it’s probably OPTIONAL if you don’t want it then don’t get it

  • In what could be the most bizarre twist yet for the Nintendo 3DS (and well, making the 3DS a little less DS Lite and more like the original fatter DS. the US launch (the first one being the massive price drop), and that’s ..

  • In what could be the most bizarre twist yet for the Nintendo 3DS finally, the first positive freakin comment on this page!! i think it looks just fine .. nintendo ds lite gamestop trade in value says: