A few days ago, we posted about a rumored press conference. Well, that rumor has been confirmed!

Nintendo has launched the official website for the Nintendo 3DS conference, which can be found here.  The conference will be held on the 13th of September at 12:00pm (Japan time) and will be completely focused on the 3DS.

As andriasang reports:

…the event is described as a “Nintendo 3DS new product announcement conference.” This presumably means that we’ll get a look at the latest lineup of 3DS-related product.

According to the website, there is something mentioned about UStream. This presumably means that there will be a live stream for us to watch! But unfortunately, the stream will be in Japanese so it might help if you know a little bit of the language. Even if you don’t, we can still enjoy the visual side of things.

What do you think will be announced? Leave a comment!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog

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