Nintendo of America’s recent announcement of its new Skyward Sword bundle was great news for US Zelda fans, but due to Nintendo’s previous inconsistency in keeping offers the same between regions (such as their Europe-only new Wii or their Australia-only special edition of OoT 3D) many Zelda fans from other regions have been left in suspense.

Luckily, this particular bundle seems set to release across multiple regions, with EB Games Australia already updating their website with a page for the Skyward Sword limited edition. It has been priced at $118, which is far more expensive than the US version but not expensive enough to be unusual for this kind of offer in Australia.

European and Australian releases tend to correspond due to being part of the same PAL region, so it’s likely that Europe will receive this offer as well, but for now there’s no way to be completely sure. We will keep you up to date on this as it develops.

UPDATE: The bundle has now also been confirmed for the UK and Europe, thanks to Official Nintendo Magazine. It’s now a confirmed worldwide deal.