A news poster here was browsing Youtube and came across this fantastic song, sung by Ganondorf himself. It is really quite amusing. Hit the jump to watch!

Source: Youtube
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  • The Iron Giant

    OoT would have been ten times better if we walked into the final boss chamber to witness this.

    • Alessandra

      This would've been funny if it actually happened like this in the game XD!!!

    • hyrule's shadow

      I agree with you! so funny if we were like "i'm ready to fight you!" and he was dancing all around the room! hahaha 🙂

  • Ashmic

    I want to marry that guy lol ganondorf is already hot tho

  • Begclawmrf

    Wow… the first time on zi was stupid 2nd on zd was worse, this is just terrible, funny but, emb arrasing to watch

  • hi hi hi

    ganan is funy lol it e lol is best gaim of my favrate i lov mor of my mom lol/''/

  • Cyber Ninja

    This was epicness…

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    Stupid navi… ruins everything

  • Phantom7

    Hilarious but I'm glad my parents didn't walk in on me watching this.

  • bgood

    Watch out!

  • Majoras

    Nobody can get Ganon right HE IS A BLACK GINGER

  • Darkstar

    lol that was awesome

  • Mokona12794


  • Orange lady is the best, I will woo her and marriage will follow!

  • I've listened to this song OVER 9000 times :3 I know word to word now <3 XD I have no life

  • Dark valoo

    The whole video was alright but the very last part with link made the whole video! Lol watch out!

  • Earendil

    That was priceless.

  • Merq

    Oh wow xD

  • Drake3911

    That was hilarious. Navi always ruins everything.

  • RulerOfAllDucks

    That was hilarious! It would be better if you know, the girl in the orange was as hot as the one in the yello, but meh, whatcha gonna do ENCORE! ENCORE!