Two days ago, we brought you the interview between Nintendo Power and Eiji Aonuma. Well, there’s a little more to the intervew that we thought you might like to see. In the interview, NP and Aonuma discuss Skyward Sword being Nintendo’s longest and deepest Zelda experience to date, a new Zelda experience with the 3DS, a BIG possibility that Majora’s Mask will return on the 3DS, and much more! Hit the jump to see part two of the interview!

I heard a rumor that this may be the longest and deepest Zelda game ever made.

It’s certainly no rumor what-so-ever. It is definitely a tremendous game- there is so much content that Mr. Miyamoto and I haven’t been able to thoroughly play it all. We’re obviously in the process of doing the refinement, but the fact that we’re still chewing through the content as we go is a testament to the fact that it is a game backed by a tremendous volume of game play and content. When I say volume, its not necessarily just that there’s a big world out there to explore. You come to understand the structures of things in your world, and you’ll see a broadening of a kind of game play that goes on in these structures as you’re playing through. So, that’s one way the game has tremendous volume.

If you had more time and an unlimited budget, what else would you do to try to celebrate Zelda’s 25th anniversary?

If what we’re really talking about is a sort of a “sky is the limit” approach to things, I always thought it would be really cool to have a real Zelda movie, something really grand and sweeping. But, of course, I have neither the time nor the wherewithal for all that, and even if I did have the money to make such a movie, I don’t know if it would turn out well. But there are those days when I fantasize about how cool it would be if something like that would happen sometime in the future.

Now that handheld systems are powerful enough to provide the kind of Zelda experience that has previously been available only on consoles, will there be any differentiation between the two styles going forward?

Certainly in making the DS titles as handheld Zeldas, one of the goals has always been to make something you can play in little bits and pieces so that you have a little fun, put it away, and do something else, and come back to it. That’s sort of the accessibility of playing the game in bite-sized chunks. But as you pointed out, Ocarina of Time is a fully fledged,, previously console Zelda that is now portable. So in that sense, yes, the ability to deliver that kind of experience is now available for handhelds as well; it’s not just in the domain of consoles anymore. However, if that’s the case and we can deliver what people previously considered a console experience, to a handheld, it makes me think, “Well, what can we do to make those home-console Zeldas that much more engrossing and appropriate for being in your room and spending the time to really dive deep in the game?” So, that’s a theme that I’m certainly going to carry though into future development. One way that I’ve really thought about it is that motion controls, for example, are great fun when you’re in your room and swinging your sword. But if you think about it, if you were to do that out in public, in front of people, it may not be the best experience for everyone. So, I definitely want to continue to think about experiences that suit themselves to long periods of deep exploration in game play at home, and also look more at what types of game play are best suited for being out and about.

After playing Ocarina of Time 3D, the next question that comes to mind is: Will we get a Majora’s Mask remake next?

Would you like to play such a remake?

Well, Yes!

It’s been 13 years since Ocarina of Time was originally released, and one of the big things that we made this remake possible was that there was an outpour of emotions from people who said they would like to see this game done. We said we could do it in 3D, so we did. I think certainly if there was a similar output of emotion and clamor from fans for a remake of Majora’s Mask, it wouldn’t be an utter impossibility.

Thinking on it now, having a handheld Majora’s Mask where you could kind of just set things down on your own time – close it, set it aside and come back to it later – might be a game play element some fans will actually take to and might really appreciate. Especially considering how you really had to rush through the original game, in a sense.

Do you have any ideas percolating regarding how you’d like to a see a Zelda game play on the Wii U?

Obviously software sort of evolves along with hardware and the functions that are built into hardware. I think if I was to give away all the ideas that are floating around, it wouldn’t be as much fun when those products actually come to life. But one thing I certainly find myself liking is a lot – that you saw in the Wii U Zelda HD experience – is the idea of being able to pill your map onto a separate screen and really make use of that separate display in order to make your adventure more exciting and more streamlined. That is certainly something I find very appealing.

Speaking of that demo, is the Twilight Princess art style what you’d like to use for a Zelda game on the Wii U?

Not necessarily. Really, this time around it was more about seeing what we can do with the Wii U. In making the experience, we had the Twilight Princess art style as a base more or less to gauge what we were doing. But for a Wii U Zelda in the future, there’s no art style or design direction that’s been laid down – we’re very open to distinct possibilities.

Source: Zelda Informer
  • Coop

    Majora's Mask would be amazing if they remade it! Sign me up to be on the list of emotional and clamoring fans for the remake!

    • mcdude910

      Any and all who thumb Coop's comment up may go down as the people who made MM3D possible.

      • mikeypizzalover

        YAY! I helped!!!
        Now they NEED to make it…

    • Murasaki-Mary

      YES! Sign me up too! (btw, where do I go sign?…>.>;)

      MM! (^w^)/

    • cloverplayer


    • Chozo Knight

      Majora’s Mask 3DS would be amazing. I love Majora’s Mask. And I can’t put into words the emotion and clamor I have for this game being made.

  • Z-MAN7

    Nintendo just needs to put their big boy pants on and start working on that movie! I wouldn't be surprised are they having secret meetings with film studios already.

    • Oni Link

      The movie would suck ass. The legend of Zelda is a video game, where the main character has no actual voice spoken in the game. It would make me sad if they made a movie. Especially since they would have to find someone to play Link.

      • Z-MAN7

        Well how would you know if the movie sucks? You have a time machine or something?

        A simple mythos like Zelda can easily be adapted into a feature film if enough time, care, and effort is put into it.

    • Craig

      I'd love to see Alex Pettyfer as Link, he would suit it… Any other suggestions?

  • zloa1

    I'd love to have a remake of the game boy color game's as well. they deserve more credit! They would also look stunning in 3D

  • Anonymous
  • LumpySpacePrincess

    You know how you would always get the largest wallet near the end of the bag? and have nothing to spend your rupees on? hopefully if this is the longest Zelda game ever, there will be many sidequests and such, and you can actually do stuff with those rupees 🙂

    • mcdude910

      God, I hope so.

    • shooflypi

      …and hopefully something more fulfilling than "donate a very large sum of rupees do we can make a bridge and expand Malo Mart"
      I think Majora's Mask had an eloquent solution to the ruppee surplus problem, with you losing all your consumables upon playing the song of time. Sure, you could amass as much as you wanted in the bank- more than you could hold in the wallets of any other Zelda game- it never felt like you had a surplus because you weren't carrying it around with you, thus you never really had the problem of not having enough room in your wallet for that red rupee you found in that chest.
      Wind Waker also had a good solution because there were the variety of collectibles like joy pendants and knights crests you could could find in chests instead of just rupees; coupled with Tingles excessive prices and fun items like hoi pairs to spend your surpluses on.

  • Zelda Paradox

    majoras mask isn’t really a good zelda game on my opinion.

    • dnls2e

      Can you explain why?

      I like Majora's Mask because of all the different side quests which tell its own story, while also part of the big story. Also the 3 day format makes you think of strategies to complete certain tasks. In general, I also like it because it reminds me of Mexican history and folklore, in which masks play an important (symbolic) role.

      A remake would be more than welcome!

    • mcdude910

      I'm not going to thumb your comment down, even though MM is my favorite game, because IT'S YOUR OPINION! Come on, people! Give the guy/girl a break!

      • cloverplayer

        our thumbs is our opinion

        • mcdude910

          Touche, but don't the thumbs mean that you dislike their comment? Can you dislike someone's comment just because your opinion is different than yours? He even pointed out "[in] my opinion". I could understand disliking when someone says "Majora's Mask isn't really a good Zelda game." Maybe I'm just shaky on whether or not the thumbs mean that you like/dislike or agree/disagree.

          • mikeypizzalover

            I am sorry. All I read was "majoras mask isn't really a good zelda game o…"
            I thumbed him/her down, then I read your comment. And you are right. I reget it.

          • mcdude910

            You are forgiven, my son. 😛

          • mikeypizzalover


    • xxx

      Nobody asked for yout opinion, b i t c h



      • shesh

        zelda wasnt originaly made by nintendo

  • MDH

    I'm very intrigued by his comments on what can be done to distinguish modern home console games from handheld games. Certainly another field for Nintendo to try and innovate.

  • i8oprah

    I would LOVE a Twilight Princess art style to be brought back, maybe even a sequel, it brought out a much darker Zelda than what we were used to, making an entire different atmosphere when you played.

    • supergiraloz

      you wouldn't believe how many people hae said this before, and how many people have responded with things like: 'it's not really dark and mature, it's just because the graphics'

      play majora's mask and you'd most likely reconsider your argument there

    • KaporaGabora

      I liked the atmosphere in TP but that didn't really have much to do with the art style… Just as the other reply said, Majora's Mask looked almost the same visually as OOT, but where more similar to TP when it comes to atmosphere and feeling.

  • Ashmic

    zelda movie, i jizzed…
    How do they not have the money? lol

  • The Iron Giant

    A movie, and more importantly, a Majora's Mask remake? As long as it doesn't detract from the production of original and brand new Zelda games, this is amazing news. I can't imagine how it would be possible to ignore the fans who would like to seethe sequel to Ocarina of Time in refreshed glamour. 😀

    • shesh

      it wont since a third party company will be working on it

  • KaporaGabora

    They have to make a Majora's Mask remake or i'll poke Mr. Aonuma in the face with a spoon :c

    • jovenpaul

      so you'd spoon him? lol 😀

  • I don't have a 3DS and I would get one if they made a new Zelda game for it that isn't JUST Ocarina of Time.
    Majora's Mask 3D would be so awesome but something else that would be awesome is a completely new Zelda game for the 3DS.

    also I really don't care the art style of a Zelda game as long as it is a ZELDA game!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Damn, if they did a Majora's Mask 3D, I would really have to go out and buy a 3DS just for that, I don't like handheld systems but MM is my favorite game of all time really

  • Kyobf48

    Maybe the same gameplay of Ocarina of Time for future 3DS Zelda games? Maybe…

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  • ZeldaNerd

    I would love to see Majora's Mask for the 3Ds. Since i already have Ocarina of Time for the 3Ds and i seen the improvements they made to make it look amazing, I would love to see Major's Mask look so realist as Ocarina of Time did . So Nintendo i hope you take our petition in to consideration becaue all of us would love to see Major's Mask for the 3Ds.

    • shesh

      its not nintendo a diferent 3rd party company

  • Tom


    • KaporaGabora


  • Jayden


  • Really cool! gotta pick that issue up
    nothing really that new,
    but we did get mention of something "top secret"

  • Featuring the ability to combine weapons, you can get up to 14 different possible combinations. The fast gameplay and 2-player mode, will keep .

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  • Kate Weeden

    I think a Zelda movie would be pretty epic! <3 And a darker Zelda title in TP art style would be awesome on the Wii U HD.

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  • jake

    skyward sword= the longest zelda game?
    geeh by the time im done skyward sword im probly going to be a 50 yr old man with a very muscular right arm!

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  • Zackary Crosby

    Majora's Mask should be remaster and put on the 3ds. it will be the game of the year for sure.

  • Aurelia

    A Zelda movie and MM remake would be AWESOME FDSHAKFJ