Just two weeks after its US release The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has sold 283,000 copies. This makes it the fifth-highest selling game for the month of June despite having only being out for less than half of the month.

Nintendo also sold 143,000 new 3DS systems in June. I wonder how many of them were for people who wanted to play Zelda? After all, Zelda games have long had a tradition of being console-sellers! Did you buy a 3DS just so you could play Ocarina of Time 3D? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Gamespot
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  • Sakume

    Not Surprising in the least for me. I knew this was going to be a huge hit and a huge reason why people might snatch up the 3DS. I still say a limited edition 3DS for a Zelda bundle due to anniversary would have been even better. If you own a 3DS, you definitely need to get this game. I just wish they'd have come out with it in the launch title line up, would have increased profits way more. Now I just have to wait for Starfox, Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, Super Mario, Professor Layton, and MarioKart. God, I'm going to be broke from 3DS games.

    • zeldaman69

      no MGS? D;

      • prada

        or resident evil revelations

    • heroofmasks

      Or resident evil revelations exclusive for the 3ds

  • Brian J

    I bought my 3ds on launch date, and I'm glad to say that this game made it all completely worth while. It wasn't my only reason, but it was a big reason for me getting one.

  • Casey

    I waiting till xmas for my 3DS but we all know OoT is gonna be the first game im getting.

    • heroofmasks

      accually it might be gone by them japan only shipped a certain number of the game to all countries

  • dnls2e

    I have only bought the 3DS to play OoT on a handheld. I really don't like the 3D mode though, as I think it is only a gimmick which drains the battery.

    Unfortunately, there are not too many other great 3DS games currently available or announced. I guess I have to wait for the 3DS version of Majora's Mask…

    • xxx

      You spend $250.00 for a system you are not inerested in jus so you could play on the go a game that you must prbably have played 20 times previously. Wow, you're pathetic and decadent.

      • prada

        aren't we all?( especially you triple x)

    • dnls2e

      Well, I never said I am not interested in the 3DS. This new handheld obviously provides better graphics in games like OoT. I just don't like the 3D effect and the system does not force you to play with it. So no problem, right?

      There are still a few other games I might be interested in like Mario, Paper Mario and Smash Bros. And I am confident that Nintendo will announce other interesting games sooner or later.

  • Charnstar

    Yeah, I bought one. And I'm buying my girlfriend one as well

  • Nein No Non

    I heard from a nice little salesman at Game Stop that due to the success of OOT, a MM remake is being made. 😀

    • TheMaverickk

      I would never trust a rumor from some worker at Game Stop. They don't know any more then anyone else.

      To me though anyone could predict that we will get a remake of Majora's Mask on the 3DS and they would probably be right. Grezzo did a great job on the OoT remake, so why wouldn't Nintendo let them redo it's other Zelda classic? Not to mention Nintendo is adding another great title to the 3DS library and it would be with a minimal amount of work.

      Either way one can only hope… but again I don't think this Game Stop owner knows any more then anyone else here on this site 😛

      • suntan99x

        ya never know. the guy who sold him OoT 3d could have been mr miyamoto
        in disguise 😉

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    The 5th highest selling game, eh? I wonder what the competition was…

    • Here you go!

      TOP 10 GAMES FOR JUNE 2011
      Title (Platforms) – Publisher
      1. L.A. Noire (360, PS3) – Rockstar Games
      2. Duke Nukem Forever (360, PS3, PC) – Take-Two Interactive
      3. Infamous 2 (PS3) – Sony
      4. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (360, PS3, PSP, Wii, 3DS, DS, PC) – Disney Interactive Studios
      5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) – Nintendo
      6. Call of Duty: Black Ops (360, PS3, DS, Wii, PC) – Activision
      7. NBA 2K11 (360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP, PC) – Take-Two Interactive
      8. Mortal Kombat (360, PS3) – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
      9. Cars 2 (DS, Wii, 360, PS3, PC) – Disney Interactive Studios
      10. Just Dance 2 (Wii) – Ubisoft

      (from http://au.gamespot.com/news/6323657/la-noire-duke

      • angelink_1995

        I bet OoT would have been first if the 3DS wasn't so expensive, it still sold pretty good though.

        • Chad

          notice also the top4 except for number 3 all have more than one platform which they are on

  • TTL

    I choose to buy a 3DS when I did because of the release of OoT3D, but it wasn't the sole reason, much like any Nintendo platform.

    Still, there's a very discernible reason that I didn't get a 3DS until June 18th. 😛

  • milv

    Ocarina of Time wasn't THE reason I got the 3DS (I don't think buying an expensive handheld just for one game especially if its remake is that much of a wise move in my honest opinion). But it is ONE of the reasons yes. 🙂

  • I bought the 3DS so I could play OoT3D, Mario Kart, Super Mario and other great games coming out in the future ;P

  • Man i am one of the people who bought a 3ds and zelda.

    But that doesn't mean i bought the 3ds for zelda.

  • Lilly

    I totally bought my 3DS just for Ocarina and also the older Zelda games that will be released on the eShop (Link's Awakening and Four Swords later). I even bought the Zelda "crystal armor" cover for it 🙂 I guess I'm looking forward to Kid Icarus later on and any pokemon games that get put on it, but Zelda's really the reason I bought a 3DS. It's certainly the only game worth it right now.

    • Keimori

      I duno, theres some prety good Fighting games on the system, I'd say Super Street Fighter 4 3D eddition is worth it's salt.

  • Z-MAN7

    I am not surprised and nether is Nintendo. You know why? Zelda is a system seller. They knew all along this was going to help get more 3DS sales.

  • I wish I could've…

  • Khao

    I have to be the only Zelda fan in the world that bought a 3DS early and is not planning to get OoT.

    I mean, I own it twice, and have beaten it 9 times already, after I get "used" to the new graphics, it'll be like any other playthrough before it.

    • Keimori

      Then you are missing out sir, If you ask me, the minor gameplay changes (mainly the boots) alone are worthwile.

    • zekrom

      to have the opportunity to play an epic zelda game and not take it? wow… shameful……

  • licawolf

    I was between buying a DS or waiting some months for a 3DS, and I decided to wait for the 3DS just so I could play OoT too. I hope to see Majora's Mask 3DS soon 😀

  • The Iron Giant

    Well, I think it's fairly solid that we'll be getting another remake.

  • Keimori

    I'm gona say, that while OoT was a primary reason for me to buy the 3DS, its not the only reason, there are some great games in the works, and a solid looking port of Tales of Abyss, and then, theres the future, I have no doubt that there will be many solid and fantastic games that'll be comeing to the platform in the comeing years.

  • KidGoku13

    I bought the 3DS because of the amount of potential it has. OoT3D was what perked my interest at the start, though. I bought my 3DS at launch date, and fell in love with it *without* OoT3D…but I went into total fangirl mode when OoT3D finally DID come out~! <3

    Good game, but…not the sole reason for selling the system, for me. :3

  • Coop

    Wow, that should really make the Zelda people at Nintendo make a Majora's Mask for the 3ds. They could then sell a bundle pack of Ocarina of Time 3d and Majora's Mask 3d! That would definitely give them more money! I really hope they remake Majora's Mask. It is my favorite Zelda, and they could really do a great job on remaking that game.

    • Keimori

      one could say they'd sell a bundle of bundles! eh? eh?

      ok, bad pun aside, I think a celebatory Majoras Mask special eddition 3DS would be called for too, imageing a nice deep purple, with The logo etched in gold , and that mask lineart, stareing at you everytime you pick it up. Yeah, that'd make my day everytime I pick it up, even if the game inside wasn't zelda related. (by that i mean the game i place in the thing, long after i've played through the said remake that'd have to come with it of course.)

  • By_Farore

    I bought the 3DS for two games: Ocarina of Time 3DS and The Waiting Game.
    There are other 3DS games I'm waiting for (curious about Kid Icarus and I'll need to play a Paper Mario someday. Also MGS), but without OoT I would've waited a while longer before buying it.

  • asd

    I will probably buy 3ds just to play OOT again, because I didn't regret buying the wii just for TP. The reason: Skyward Sword is coming. ^^

  • While I wanted to play this gorgeously revisited zelda title, the asking price for the 3ds is just too steep for me. Plus, I played the console in a target and the 3d, no matter what angle I viewed it from, gave me a headache. Love that they remade a classic, but I found it really greedy of them to charge us an extra $250 to play it. Same with the soundtrack of the game. If you bring one thing up to date, it should all be brought up to date. Seriously nintendo. Plus, I've beat oot several times. Unless they released the actual beta version (no, not the same thing as master quest), there's not a likelihood for me shelling out 250 bucks. Sorry nintendo.

  • I would've gotten the consol regardless… But if it weren't for OoT3D, I probably would've waited for christmas or something.

  • afroninja

    OoT definitely was one of he things that persuaded me to buy a 3DS. However, I am excited about some other games like star fox 3D and paper mario. Also, the release of Netflix on the 3DS made me very glad that i owned a 3DS. Im sure Netflix will get even more people to buy a 3DS, even ones who have never played Oot.

  • Evan

    No, I would've gotten a 3DS anyway, but it certainly did make me want it more.

  • Kare

    The reason I bought a 3DS was because of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

    Such an awesome game!!!!

    • Cam

      Yes, me too XD

  • NanaiX

    I bought my 3DS when I did for OoT but I had planned on buying one eventually regardless. 😉

  • heroofmasks

    yes majoras mask 3d would be awsome also make a master quest mm with the mirrored like oot3d masterquest

  • Tyler Price

    I dont have a 3DS yet, but OOT 3F is the only reason I want a 3DS, for the original was the first game I ever played, and ever since then, zelda games have been my favorite

    • Tyler Price

      sorry I meant OOT 3D

  • ShyGuy

    I bought a 3DS mainly because of this game and of course Kingdom Hearts! Other games like Super Mario, Mario Kart and Kid Icarus are welcome additions in my 3DS library later this year…

  • Aivatrix

    Oot 3d was probaly the biggest reason I wanted to get a 3DS. Everything else looked pretty cool but as soon as I heard that on of my favorite games of all time was going to be remastered on it I started saving for it from that moment on. I was dissapointed when they said it would hit the launch date but I bought a 3DS on launch anyway. ever since OOT 3D came out I have been playing my 3DS to death. It was totally worth the wait.

  • Hoocher

    Did not buy 3DS, would only have bought one if there was an actually new 3D-style zelda on it, not just a game that I've been replaying for the past 15 years with souped-up graphics.

    • thank you. glad to know I'm not alone in feeling it's unduly hyped.

  • iam_theghost

    Still haven't got a 3DS. Got OOT3D the day it came out.

  • micky

    i dont get it. why are people buying it, the game looks exactly like the old version



  • Felipe Souza

    I bought a Nintendo 3DS not just to play OoT 3D, like you said, but to play all the The Legend of Zelda games that will be lauched for it. So, yes, I guess. 🙂

  • I bought OOT 3D six days before owning the 3DS. I saw it in stores, and as a crazy zelda fan, I had to buy it.

  • Jay

    i bought mine strictly because of the OOT, now i want Majoras Mask!

  • I honestly did get the 3DS only because of Ocarina of Time. If OoT wasn't for the 3DS, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. After I heard about Majora's Mask possibly being remade for the 3DS, I'm glad I did get a 3DS. I really hope other popular games get remade for the 3DS. I believe if some other game gets remade, sales for both Nintendo and the maker of the game will go up.