For those who purchased Ocarina of Time 3D early, Club Nintendo has started preparing the shipments of the soundtrack that many Zelda fans will be getting their hands on very soon.

This promotional offer applies to everyone who registered their copy of the game with Club Nintendo, and includes over 50 tracks from the game along with one orchestrated track that some of you already know about. According to the website, the soundtrack also includes liner notes with new character illustrations and a special message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo.

We have yet to learn when the soundtrack will start shipping in other parts of the globe, as this applies to only North America. But consider this a heads up that you will all be getting the soundtrack very soon.

Source: Club.Nintendo.Com (via GoNintendo)

  • Anomynous

    Wow it took about a few weeks just to get it to start Shipping. <.< Finally!!!!!

  • mikeypizzalover

    CANNOT WAIT. I want Zelda on my Walkmen (ironicly, made by none other than… SONY), as soon as possible

  • shaymin1


    • mikeypizzalover

      lol. I love how at the time of this comment, there were 5 comments and your commeny was rated at -4. chances are that you did not thumbs-down yourself, and I agree with you, 'cuz we dont get as much good things as other regions. so someone is up to the classic multiple thumbs-up, thumbs-down shenanigans. I voted you up, 'CUZ CANADA ROCKS!!!

      • mikeypizzalover

        Probley most of you thumbing shaymin1 and I are Americans. Or Europeons. You Guys do get better stuff than us, as you have diffrent stores from us, so diffrent pre-order bounus. SURE we ge the same club Nintendo rewards, but you gotta admit, they kinda suck.
        Or mabie you all are rasest aginst Canada

        • mikeypizzalover

          If somone that is kind, and thumbed on of us down, plese explain why.

  • Trolldad

    I still don't have Ocarina of Time 3d cause stores around me are out of stock
    <img src=""&gt;

    • Crashpro3

      U sad, bro?

      • Trolldad

        Yes and I think I'm the only one around here that knows how to post picture comments

  • Sakume

    SO glad I got it early. There was a ton of demand for this thing.

    • robotortoise

      …You might wanna type something before you post random Youtube links next time. It at least will make your spamming look less spammy.

      Also, just for the record, piracy is illegal and hurts Nintendo.

  • robotortoise

    YES! Finally! Once I get it, I'm gonna load it on to my 3DS. I love you Nintendo!

    • heroofmasks

      how do you load it onto your 3ds

      • robotortoise

        You put the songs on the SD card in your 3DS.

  • By_Farore

    Here's really hoping I get it before July 25th. Long story that'll turn into trolling if I write a single word after this period.


  • lifesavers2

    Haha, I got the game at 5 AM on release day and it was already sold out. D:
    And then they extended it.
    And I was, like, happy. 😀

  • onilinkFangirl

    i got it the day it came out and the time the store opened XD

  • Fizzy Straw

    Well, my CD shipped today, so good luck everyone!

    I pre-ordered at a Gamestop, still dreaming of a poster reward for the U.S. Well, that didn't happen, but at least I was able to pick up the game first day.

    • mikeypizzalover

      I posted In some of the newer Posts, but people thumed me down. Mine shipped=HAPPY