I have another edition of Hey! Listen! for all of your to enjoy. Nothing major to note about this edition, only that I am going to start listing all of them based on a volume/issue system.  Jason has informed me that dates are not in style when posting, so I decided to do it this way. I like order and organization when it comes these sort of things, so this is the next step down, I guess.  Volume i will be the rest of 2011 and then will increase thereafter.

Also, if you have any story that you think we should highlight for everyone to read and become knowledgeable about, send it to James (at) Zeldauniverse dot net. You can also leave me a comment as I do read them. It was the comments last week that made me research Operation Rainfall and try my best to explain it in this edition. Anyway, that’s all, click the link below to see what I have brought you this week.

Hey! Listen! Weekly News Roundup (Volume i: Issue ii)

Nintendo News

Pop Fiction: Double Ocarina with Cheese: So, this is story is an instance of where I could have posted this as a normal news post on ZU or post it here. I chose to post it here because the idea of the videos we’ve heard before, but taken through the ringer once again. They are all posted on GameTrailers in their series entitled Pop Fiction. The series revolves around game myths and urban legends and are tested to see if any are true without the use of game aids, such as GameShark or Game Genie. There are 13 episodes at the time I write this and three are centered around Zelda. The three links are (in order) the myth about the Triforce in OoT, the Fire Temple chants and why they were changed, and the Chris Houlihan room in ALttP. Take a look at all the episodes as well. They are all well thought out and their testing methods seem sounds and they explain everything well. – Link Link 2 Link 3

Worst Zelda Water Levels: I visit ScrewAttack a lot. Since I moved out and back in with my parents, I have done a lot of video watching and site surfing and catching up with their site was one. In their latest Top 10, their focus was on worst water levels in gaming. Now, I really don’t have to go any further to say which two Zelda levels made the cut, do I? Well, usually SA has a one entry per franchise rule, but they temporarily broke it for Zelda in this video. At entry 6 and 5, Ocarina’s Water Temple and The Great Sea from Wind Waker make the list in back to back entries. Take a look at why they chose them and see if you agree why. – Link

General Gaming

Who Put Portal 2 in my L4D2: Since I have been out of the loop of gaming for a bit, I am unsure of how often crossovers between games occur nowadays. But there is one on YouTube of a Portal 2 crossover into a recent mod of Left 4 Dead 2. Now be warned and this isn’t warning about scary zombie stuff either. The girls in this video get very excited very quickly and there is a LOT of girly screaming and shouting. But, the effect is sound. Basically, an easter egg in the map allows for the players to Portal into Aperture Science and go through two rooms built for the map. The first map relies on some Portal 2 mechanics, such as the gels and the funnels. But the second room, “GlaDOS” just sends a swarm of infected at the players. Fun to watch and a rather odd easter egg to place in a Zombie game, but effective nonetheless. – Link

Don’t Ustream That Game: This story has been the talk of a lot gaming sites for the past week. The Senate Bill S.978, the one that deals with streaming copyrighted materials and the penalities attached to doing so. I have only read what has been said around the net about this bill and I still do not have a true story about what is going on, but I put this here to show what is being said. Supposedly, this new bill that is being passed around Senate is going to make it illegal for people to stream copyrighted materials on sites such as YouTube and Ustream/Justin.TV. But, there are some people out there claiming that the bill doesn’t make those allegations and that it is just another story to send gamers into a panic. Now, I am not going to claim to be a legal expert and I am going to just leave it at this. The first two Links I have are from news sites reporting the story of the bill and the third is from ScrewAttack, where a user uploaded a video explaining why there is nothing to fear. This story I am going to leave to you guys to decide what is going on. – Link Link 2 Link 3

Now That’s a Wireless Connection: Astronauts in space apparently have nothing better to do than play video games. But, imagine sitting and playing an online game and dealing with a bunch of lag and multiply that by 1 million. Astronauts apparently have attempted to play online games in space, but can’t really get much of a connection. The astronaut in this astronaut even likened it to playing on a 56k modem. For those who are younger than 16, a 56k modem was the first kind of modems computers had to connect to the internet. Imagine your DSL/cable speed and reduce them three-fourths. It was slow and it took forever to connect and just be thankful you have fast internet today. – Link

A Museum To Be Interested In: I bet it is safe for me to say that we all have been to a museum at least once in our life. Whether it was the Science Museum, the Art Museum, or any others on a field trip in school. But what about a Video Game Museum? Well, two guys, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli, are looking to make that happen. They have started a project on Kickstarter (which apparently is the new place to get projects off the ground now, internet wise that is) and are looking for donations. If they get enough, they will open a Video Game museum to perserve the history of video games with all consoles and games ever to be made. Sounds like a good idea and I hope they get to open it in the future and I would definitely visit if that were the case. – Link

Learning Physics, Angry Birds Style: Now I know that you all sat down and opened Angry Birds one day and wondered how all that applied to Physics. Well, some professors and teachers of the subject are actually implementing the ideas in the game into their classes and trying to combine something kids know to something they should know. So, the next time you play Angry Birds, think about the Range Equation, would you? Now, I would recite that equation, but it’s been about 8 years since I last took physics, so it would take some time for me to dig it out of my brain. – Link

They Really Are Watching You Play: Ever wonder if there are people trying to predict your every move, like in those sci-fi thrillers we all watch? Well, there are researchers in North Carolina doing exactly that and using World of Warcraft of all games to do so. Researchers are using the game to accurately predict based on previous behavior what they would do next to up to an 80% accuracy. Now, they aren’t doing it to prove that they can, they are doing it help game developers throw more curveballs in games and try to throw gamers off balance and incorporate more intriguing puzzles into future games. Interesting concept, something Zelda’s core gaming idea of field-dungeon-item-boss method needs nowadays. – Link

A Rain Cloud Over Nintendo: I am not much a fan of games that don’t see the light of day in America. Mainly, because I tend to not notice those games at all. I tend to just read the gaming sites and follow the games that I am going to play. But, I know there is a huge following of gamers out there who know about games that only get released in Japan that would love to see them released here. Where, there is a huge following of fans for Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower that there is a big campaign to try and get Nintendo to release all three in America. The campaign, known as Operation Rainfall, started when fans became upset once again that Xenoblade would never be released in America that they decided to do something about it. They are writing Nintendo of America and trying to show NoA that there is interest in these games for an American audience. The main argument they presented was that Amazon US had an astonishing amount of preorders for the game even if it was in Japanese. Operation Rainfall expanded to The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower after the campaign ballooned onto all the major gaming sites and blogs around the net. If you are a fan of any of these franchises, you should take a look at what’s being done to try and get any of those games over to America. – Link

Gaming In The Classroom: Now obviously when you read the title of this news story, you automatically assume that the British would be crazy enough to say that putting games like Call of Duty and Mario in the class would be smart. But Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove wants to incorporate new games for the class that strengthen science and math for students. I remember back in the day when I was in elementary and playing games like the Oregon Trail and those types on old Apple computers and remembering learning history. Well, I learned how to give everyone in my party dysentary and kill them all, but that’s learning! – Link

Random Images/Videos

Meat Mario and Veggie Luigi: First entry into this new section of Hey! Listen!? A photo of Mario and Luigi made completely of meat products and produce, respectively. It definitely is well done and makes you wonder: Why would you waste all that tasty meat? That’s right, forget the veggies, bring me the meat mario to devour! – Link

8-Bit For Your Eyes: Ever sat there looking at the screen with your current glasses and wondered, “I want to look fashionable and let everyone know how much I love 8-Bit gaming”? Well, here’s your chance. But, be warned that one pair of these glasses will set you back about $280. But since my last pair of glasses cost that much, I would totally be up for this idea. – Link

Only For Those Who Beat Portal 2: Now, I have to put in the obligitory warning: Please watch this video only if you have beaten Portal 2 as it gives away the ending of the game and certain plot points. Now, with that said, if you haven’t beaten Portal 2, what is wrong with you? Minimize this window, go onto Steam, pop down however much the game is going for right now, and PLAY IT. After you beat it, watch this video. It’s a fan recreation of the games ending credit theme created once again by the talented Jonathan Coulton. – Link

Duke Nyan Forever: Now, I must admit that I had to look up the meme of Nyan Cat after watching this video and I must say that memes of today are rather annoying. Nothing like Chocolate Rain back in the game. But someone in Germany recorded a video of Duke Nukem Forever showcasing Duke drawing the Nyan Cat on a dry erase board in the game. Of course, the Nyan Cat music is playing the entire time, so if you aren’t a fan, I would stay clear of this video. – Link

The Intarweb Moment of the Week

Star Fox: Space Oddity: Leave it to Brentalfloss and Underbelly to create a puppet rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” with lyrics created centering around the game of Star Fox. First of all, I will say that the lyrics are NSFW, so obviously take that into consideration before clicking. Second off, if you haven’t played Star Fox on the N64 or haven’t seen videos of it (like I have, because I have never played that game either *sigh*), then you probably won’t get many of the references made. I know even those who never played the game will get the Barrel Roll reference though. Enjoy. – Link