In a recent interview with Wired, Eiji Aonuma said that the tech demo that was shown at E3 may not be actual game graphics or game play from a new Wii U Zelda game.  He also reminded us of the infamous SpaceWorld tech demo that showcased a realistic battle between Link and Ganondorf that people got excited about.  Instead of getting a game with graphics like those shown, we got a cel-shaded The Wind Waker.  While I don’t think that Nintendo will go that drastic again, it is good to note to watch out when the next game after Skyward Sword is announced and it doesn’t look like the tech demos.

This may not be what we see on the Wii U from Zelda

While it isn’t entirely Zelda related, that same article notes that a new Mario game is in development on the system as well.  A producer of the Mario games, Yoshiaki Koizumi, noted that the game will try and feature a two player mode where one player uses the screen on the TV and the other the Wii U remote.  From the looks of things, that may be the next major selling point to developers: using the Wii U screen to harbor secrets that the other players can’t see.  I just hope it isn’t exploited like all those party games we saw on the Wii, but that remains to be seen.

Source: Joystiq
  • bob

    old news? And obvious?

  • I'm sure it won't look at all like that. But the quality of how it looks is completely different from the style that it uses. Either way, though, I'm happy as long as we get good gameplay with innovative ideas and a story that really adds to our love of Zelda.

    • But I find it funny that he actually had to come out and say it AND use the SpaceWorld demo as an example. Uh-Oh.

      • Honestly, I thought that Wind Waker looked better than the SpaceWorld demo. :S Something about the way they looked in it bothered my eyes. Wind Waker looked really natural on the other hand to me.

  • Swissnaut

    A part of me had this reaction:

    when I first read this, but after I thought about a YouTube comment I read a while back that stated something along the lines of the SpaceWorld tech demo looking great back when Nintendo showcased the GameCube, but looks totally ridiculous by today's standards, I had a sudden change of mind. The Wind Waker still holds that stylized charm that Zelda games have, and aren't always about looking photorealistic. I mean, look at these "photorealistic" shots of a conceptual fan-made Wind Waker:

    Even being in HD, it almost looks like a paper cut-out and has some stylized realism in it. And still, if we have an opportunity in the future to look back at the Crysis games and say that those graphics totally sucked, at least we can always look back on the Wind Waker and other interestingly styled games and say "what a masterpiece".

    • cresent soul

      good point. another thing is that a lot of other franchises lack a diversity in its look. So you kinda have new games with better graphics overshadow that older counterparts. Whereas WW will forever be remembered as a great game period and not be merely a worse version of newer game.

  • Rowsdower

    Yeah, they never said this was from a game.

  • The Iron Giant

    I'm glad that Nintendo is willing to have Zelda try many different art styles, but I think that we can all agree that it's annoying when they pull complete 180s in regards to building up expectations for one art style, and immediatly withdrawing that one for another.

    • Danimus

      Agreed. Why use Zelda again anyway, considering the spaceworld fiasco? Why not use generic character models? Honestly.

    • cresent soul

      I think they do that to surprise us. I actually like it when they do that. They throw something generic at us, then something out there and it's more effective that way.only boring people who are afraid of change hate.

  • Hussain

    I wouldn't mind WW graphics, TBH. But I have to admit, the tech demo they showed was f*cking amazing!

    • cresent soul

      that was the HD talking. Think about something with a completely new art style we haven't seen zelda use. That with graphics horsepower to push the fine details and effects and you've got something to really swear about 😛

  • Callin

    Not only the Space World demo, but remember the Zelda II tech demo for the SNES?

    Come on, tech demo =/= future game. A Zelda fansite in particular should know this.

  • Z-MAN7

    How is the tech demo a lie? It was merely made to showcase the power of the new system. It's not like Nintendo said this was a new game.

  • By_Farore

    *Slaps title* Wake up, they repeated the ''none of these videos show actual video games in the works'' line so much that only those who covered their ears and sang lalala Twilight Princess jumped to conclusions.
    And those who didn't have the chance to watch the E3 conference and instead trusted the news articles that wrote in bold 'TWILIGHT PRINCESS REMAKE TO COME LOL'.

    We can still throw every theory we want about what Nintendo's going to do next, for example them deciding to eventually make it a full game, although improbable, isn't entirely impossible, but Nintendo itself was clear enough about it since the beginning no matter how we bend their words:
    We're not making that game, we just took old graphics and made them better to show the Wii-U's worth.
    Until they clearly state that they've changed their mind, it's going to stay that way.

  • well, considering that will be nintendo's first ever HD zelda, i doubt they'd go in any direction other than graphics like the ones shown on the demo.

  • herooftime3333

    If you look at Link, he is a brunette with brown sleeves. Similar to older games.

    • Link was only ever brunette because the previous consoles couldn't display bright yellow colours. Having used 16-bit before, when I try to create yellow, it automatically turns a gold/brown colour because it doesn't exist within the 16 available colours. There was one game, I forget which, where Link's hair looked Pink – that was also intended as yellow (or more obviously blonde) but again, it could handle more colours but the pink was replacing the blonde (as is done in some anime shows) because bright yellow was non-existant in the colour scheme. So, Link was always intended to be blonde, they just went with brown in promos etc… because of how it had to be in the game. Luckily, with Nintendo 64, it had a 64 colour scheme and yellow was available, hence they could finally make him a true blonde.

      • cresent soul

        that was alltp, the pink hair.

      • Vio

        What complete nonsense. Especially the part about ALttP, his hair was pink in that because they wanted to make the bunny pink and they share the same palette for certain colours. But the idea that they always wanted Link to be blonde is just pulled out of thin air, never heard that stated anywhere. Its true that a blonde colour is harder to do on the NES, but that doesn't prove that they always wanted him to be blonde. Official art would of depicted him as blonde if they wanted to show that as their real intention, thats what art was for back then, to show what the game's limited sprites could not. Official art showed him with brown and red hair but never anything approaching blonde until ALttP (which still isn't really blonde).

  • Well I actually hope that the new Zelda game doesn't have the graphics that this demo has.
    and I know people think I am an idiot because of that but I think they need to go more like Skyward Sword and not too real

  • To be fair it only shows how a Zelda game could look and was only designed to show how good the HD and graphical capabilities are… Plus Zelda is one of their biggest IP's. I wouldn't personally want another game with TP graphics – I liked WindWaker for what it was, I don't think graphics are as important as the story and gameplay and the general experience. I do want to see it in HD but I'd be happy if it was similar to Skyward Sword, which from seeing more of it… I feel is perfect for the adventure in the series. I don't like the enemy designs so much but it's understandable that they are extenuated for the purpose of swordplay elements. Realistic is great but not just for the sole purpose of just because it can be done – there needs to be a perfect graphical style for the intended story, gameplay and feel that is intended to be put across to the audience.

  • I agree with having the graphics match the story setting. It really does add to the overall feeling of the game.

  • I can't agree with that because Skyward Sword looks better then Twilight Princess

  • bitterlime

    I agree with the first comment. “News” like this make Zu look bad. It’s old new and obvious.

    What’s even worse the title “tech demo a lie?” demonstrates ignorance to the max and sounds like something straight out of “the sun” (the paper).

    How on earth could this EVER be a lie? It was never stated that the next game would look like this, so how can it be a lie? A tech demo is a demonstration of the capabilities of the system, not more no less.

    Frankly this whole “news” article makes me kinda sick. :/

  • cresent soul

    if you thought that the wii U demo was the look of wii U Zelda, then you're either very forgetful or a new zelda fan. We've been through this before.

    And saying it's a lie is way overdoing it. Nothing like a lie. They never said it was and said it was "just" a tech demo. Way to mislead in the heading for a few hits :/

  • cresent soul

    oooooooooor something that's not "done before". Why do people think in the realisitic or cartoony menatality. It's more complicated and diversified than that :/

  • veeronic

    ….. they already stated this within 10 minutes of showing that video.