So, back in the day, a forum member by the name of pipking started a feature on ZU to highlight gaming news around the community that didn’t necessarily fit into the Zelda category. It was to serve a couple of different purposes: for one it added more content to the site that was lacking at the time and it also showed the ZU faithful any gaming stories that were interesting and they may have missed from the last week. Well, pipking’s life became busy, so he passed the feature to GDwarf, another forum member, whose life also became busy. I took over and set the feature running until my life also took a turn for the busy.  This was back in 2007.  But, now, I am starting a revival on the site again, so I figured that maybe reviving this old feature would be a good way for me to stay active in both the gaming community, as well as ZU again.

So, what is Hey! Listen! exactly? It’s just a collection of gaming stories from the past week that really don’t warrant a full newspost and just a small blurb. It is a collection of misc. stories that don’t necessarily need to be Zelda or Nintendo related and could be anything. Most of the ones I find tend to be rather humorous, because humor is just awesome. Who doesn’t like to laugh?

There were a few small features I started toward the end that I might incorporate again in the near future, but this is just to get back into the swing of things. If you think you have a story that should be posted here, I will gladly take them. It also a good excuse to dust off my email address again. You can send them to James (at) zeldauniverse dot net. Yes, that isn’t an actual email, but I was unsure if we are still doing that to avoid spam bots and if you don’t know what a real email address looks like, then you clearly haven’t been a net user for long. So, with that insult out of the way, here are some stories.

Hey! Listen! Weekly News Roundup (Volume i, Issue i)

Nintendo News

Wifi with my Yen: Ever get bored while standing in line at the bank? Well, apparently banks over in Kyoto, Japan have had the same feeling. Taking a cue from the fast food restaurants in town, certain banks in the town are offering original content for DS users. The titles are only meant to pass the time while you wait at the bank and definitely won’t be blockbusters anytime soon. – Link

This won’t fit in your hands: Students in a Dutch University definitely have WAY too much time on their hands. They decided that making a 12 foot x 5 foot working NES controller sounded like a good idea. Just for good measure, they allowed some kids in a market square to test out the controller by playing Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. Obviously, it took at least two different people to play the same together, but still a nifty little device. – Link

Wonder how much power this takes: For those who know the history of video games, the first commercially sold games were created in the 70’s, when Atari’s Nolan Bushnell started selling games like Pong and such. Well, video games were being created before that, but just as a means for computer geeks to show off their newest creations. Well, the picture in the link shows off a 1940’s WWII era video game, probably one of the first ever created. It was a missile simulator game, probably made around the time the Germans were using their Blitzkrieg against the British. It definitely looks dated and old but still nostalgic. – Link

Friend Zone for Link: This comic was posted within the last week on some of the gaming blogs and was posted in our news forum in staff to be posted. It is a pretty nifty animated comic, chronicling Link on one of his many quests through different terrains around Hyrule. When he finally gets to Zelda, however, she just wants to be just friends. If that were me, the journey definitely would not be worth it, but what do I know. I don’t have that much courage. But even courageous people like Link need female companionship sometime, too. – Link

Virtual Console Boy: Now, this is a small little blurb of Miyamoto dodging and not entirely confirming that the Nintendo 3DS eShop would include Virtual Boy games. When I read that, the only thing that popped in my head was the Angry Video Game Nerd review of the Virtual Boy. The console has like 10 games in its library, so I think it might be worth. Besides, it would be taking those games one console that was notorious for eye strain and putting it another that does the same thing! For those who are going to watch the AVGN review that I just linked, please be warned that his stuff is NSFW. And since you guys complained the last time I posted a Cinemasscre video on ZU, those who complained really need to loosen up. It’s vulgar, yes; it is a part of our culture. Not only that, but I tell you right from the start that it is vulgar. It is therefore your choice to watch it or not. That is all. – Link

Pimp Your Mario Ride: I am going to point out that here that my dream car is a Delorean. I have seen a thing on TV that says a company in Texas actually has all the stock parts for Deloreans and will make one on order. It is also my dream to pimp it to be exactly like the Time Machine from Back to the Future. What does this have to do with this link? Nothing, but it was a pretty cool Mario car made by a fan. – Link

Reggie Goes Late Night: Since Jimmy Fallon took over for Conan O’Brien in 2009, he has definitely shown a geekier side of Late Night. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a geek and loves Video Games, Wrestling, and some other things that not everyone likes. Well, a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with Video Game week on Late Night, he has President of NOA Reggie Fils-Aime on the show to showcase some Nintendo stuff from E3, including the demo of Skyward Sword shown at E3. You definitely should watch the video basically to watch Jimmy geek out during the Zelda demo. – Link

Gamestop and the Denied Trade-In: This should showcase how many ridiculous third party crap games the Wii has created since its creation. Some guys took some games back to GameStop to get some trade-in money for newer games. They got the first few to go back without a hitch. Then, their last game came up not on file. I won’t spoil the ending or the game, but needless to say that it was a party game and a useless one at that. My my, the Wii U should not have been named as such. – Link

General Gaming News

Slip, Slide, and Bounce with Gels: Ever sat down playing Portal 2 and wondered “Wow, I wish I could own some of those gels. That would be awesome!” Well, you can get the next best thing. ThinkGeek has decided to sell a silly putty/play-doh like substance and market it as the gels from Portal 2. It comes in a cool tin with the Aperture Science logo and there is one for each gel. Orange for the propulsion, Blue for the Repulsion, and White for the Conversion. But be warned, they don’t make you bounce or go fast. The white won’t even help with that homemade portal gun you’re making in your basement either, sorry. – Link

This Art Piece Predict the Future?: An artist for Square Enix is garnering some attention for maybe telling the future. In a drawing used to promote a Final Fantasy music website, Artist Akihiko Yoshida drew a person holding what looks like a Wii U controller. The similarities are too coincidental to make us wonder: Did Square Enix get a Dev Kit for the Wii U and made a subtle hint to the Wii U before it was announced? Who know, but it is a cool drawing and you should check it out. – Link

Supremely Violent: This story is six years old. Back in 2005 the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, tried to pass a law restricting the sale of mature game to minors. Well, gamers obviously complained enough that the Entertainment Merchants Association (those who sell the game) fought back and claimed that the law was unconstitutional against First Amendment rights. Well, California fought back and tried to keep the ban in full effect by bringing it to appeal court after appeal court until it finally made it to the Supreme Court. Well, the Supreme Court voted in a 7-2 majority that the law was unconstitutional against First Amendment rights. They compared them to violent movies, books, and other entertainment sources that use their craft to convey a plot and characters to their audience. It is definitely a win for gamers around the word, continually being told that violent games are causing violence in our youth. – Link

You’ll Keep That File…FOREVER: The recently released Nintendo 3DS game Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D has one major flaw to it: you can’t erase your one save file, EVER. The belief behind the choice was that Capcom wanted to stop the practice of buying their game, beating it, reselling it at Gamestop, and it being resold at a lower price, and being replayed by another person. While they came out and said that this wasn’t the case, it is still a flaw in the design. Most gamers out there can agree that we sometimes pick up a game after a while and want to play through it again from the beginning. Well, with this game you can’t do that ever. Your file is stuck on the cartridge no matter what. This would be one reason I wouldn’t purchase the game, the mere fact that once I beat the game, the game has no replay value to it. Way to go, Capcom! You’ve been mostly flawless for years and you decided to pull this one. – Link

Intarweb Moment/Article of the Week (This is just a picture/article that I found too funny to pass up)

8-Bit Crap: I am going to keep this short and sweet, because the more I talk about this girl, I become more and more crazy. Remember Rebecca Black and her crappy song “Friday”? Well, here’s an 8-bit version of it. It is very similar to what someone did a few years back to Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”. – Link

Supremely Violent…Animated: This is continuation of the Supreme Court case news story I posted above. The Taiwanese news company known as NMA posted a video about the Supreme Court decision about violent video games. These videos are just so ridiculously overdone that they are quite humorous. Consider this: in the video, the Supreme Court justices take semi-automatic weapons to a picture of the state of California. You really think that happened? No, but it’s quite funny. Enjoy. – Link

That’s all for this week.  Remember, if you find a story that you think should be posted here, email me at James (at) Zeldauniverse dot com.  I may not pick them all, but if I think it’s newsworthy here, I will post it.  I will try to make it so that this feature posts every week on Friday, but it may be any day from Friday-Sunday.  Hopefully this catches on as well and i’ll see you all next week.