New details about the music of Skyward Sword have been revealed in a recent “Iwata Asks” interview. The music will include many orchestrated tracks and updated versions of some previous songs in the series that will also be orchestrated. You can find the interview on the Iwata Asks page. Hit the jump button for the list of main details put together from the interview.

  • Skyward Sword’s soundtrack will feature orchestrated music along with music created with folk instruments
  • There is a secret instrument that plays a big part in Skyward Sword, possibly important for the gameplay.
  • The sound director is Hajime Wakai and the core sound staff is from the Software Development Department at the main office
  • Yokota-san and another person from Tokyo are involved with the orchestrated elements of the soundtrack
  • Yokota has been pushing for Zelda orchestra live events since he joined the company
  • He was turned down multiple times, but that all changed with the series’ 25th anniversary
  • Yokota already had tons of songs he wanted to see played live
  • Koji Kondo, the composer for almost every Zelda game, made songs that didn’t come into play until the last moment
  • Kondo pulled an all-nighter to finish up his content
  • Miyamoto believes that orchestrated music fits better with Zelda than Mario
  • Skyward Sword features updated orchestrated versions of some previous Legend of Zelda songs
Source: (via Gonintendo)
  • falconfetus8

    You mean they originally didn't plan to have Koji Kondo work on this? What were they thinking?

  • DekuSprout

    They have more or less told us by this that Sheiks harp will have be the ocarina equivalent of the game.

  • KyleLink

    Secret Instrument? *thinks back* πŸ˜€ IT MUST BE THE HARP!!!

  • Keimori

    Struming a Harp with 1:1 motion control could be rather fun! I wonder if the familiar tunes are the tunes Sheik taught you in OoT, then they got paseed down from generation to geration, thus explaining why Sheik/Zelda would know them.

  • Super

    Secret instrument my butt! Everybody knows that it's a harp! πŸ˜›

  • Wostvely

    Yeah, it could be the harp, but as it doesn't says that it's a new instrument (new for Link to play), it could be the bongos of Majora's Mask, or even the guitar, altough I highly doubt I will be the guitar, but who knows, guess we'll have to wait and see.

    • Keimori

      XD Hell yes! Link hasn't rocked out since Majora's Mask!

  • Indigo

    I love how Nintendo probably knows that we figured out about the harp, yet they pretend we don't.

  • Justin

    or a kazoo

    • Ashmic


  • Doctor You

    "Kondo pulled an all-nighter to finish up his content." He'll never let us down, will he?

  • silver-hero

    Your right. It only means that Miyamoto had finally decided to go with orchestrated music for the next Zelda game, and he made that decision because it was the 25th anniversary of Zelda.

    Yokota was turned down multiple times earlier because the Zelda team probably weren't planning on using orchestrated tracks for the game, but realized they should for Zelda's 25th anniversary =]

  • TheSecretHero

    I LOVVVVVVE MUSIC. and Zelda hands down has some of the best of any videogame!!!!!

  • Callin

    More likely it's something that can be controlled by moving the Wiimote, like a baton.

  • Keimori

    Folk / Metal? well congrats sir, you have oficialy piqued my intrest, do you mean you play both folk and metal music? or do you mean you play them both in some sort of crazzy mix?
    and if you do mix them what you call it? Melk? Fotal?

    • Valgaldr

      Hehehe, definitely not calling it Melk or fotal πŸ˜›
      It is very important to try and balance the two genres so that they can work togheter in harmony. They do work perfectly togheter though. πŸ™‚

      It is what it is, scandinavian folk music mixed with elements from metal music such as distorted guitars, drums and bass. We try to use ancient instruments from Norse culture, but also newer folk instruments from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland which has expanded from the Norse culture.

      There are som bands in both Norway and Sweden that does this, but not in the same way as I do or want to do. You can check some bands out if you're curious of what it hears like.

      Wardruna is probably the most acoustic of the bands that use ancient folk instruments from scandinavia. But you also have Myrkgrav, Ásmegin as well, that are more metal bands but uses a lot of elements from folk.

      The biggest band is probably Eluveite that uses the old Gaulish language in some of their songs and uses folk instruments common in Celtic culture. You should check them out. Recommened if you like Metal and Folk. πŸ™‚

    • O_O

      ITS MILK!

  • Keimori

    Actualy the term "Harp" encompass' all harps from small ones like the one Sheik / Zelda used, to the big ones that sit on a floor like the ones you are thinking of.

    • Valgaldr

      They come in all sizes πŸ™‚

      But a word more common word for the smaller ones is Lyre. I have one instrument which is in the "Bowed-Lyre" family and it's called "Tagelharpa". Noticed the two words put togheter, Tagel: which is hair from a horses tail to make the strings and obviously "Harpa". Not to sure what the difference is between Lyre and Harp, but it is probably the same.

  • John Smith

    Shiek's harp!

  • Drizzt

    it is so oblivios. i mean, it so has to be the saxaphone. jk. i just had to say it. but one thing: why is everyone calling it Sheik/Zelda's Harp? if it IS the secret insturment, or Nintendo just messing with us, it should actully be Links Lyre… or harp…. shouldent it? Links Lyre has a better ring, anyways… i just thought id give it a try…

    • Keimori

      the Harp/ Lyre is rather synominous with Sheik, what with it being the thing she plays al the time, and if it looks anything like it, it'll proboly always be seen a Sheiks harp, no matter what the game calls it.

    • adsghdrsf

      Zelda has the harp in the beginning of SS, so its probably "Zelda's Harp/Lyre"

  • Rae

    I beleive the "harp" is actualy caled a Lyre

    • Nate

      I said that right before i saw this comment. lol.

  • Triforceofdeath(ZU)

    Bingo, that was my thought too…



    You see it in one of the trailers, it is indeed the harp.