New details about the music of Skyward Sword have been revealed in a recent “Iwata Asks” interview. The music will include many orchestrated tracks and updated versions of some previous songs in the series that will also be orchestrated. You can find the interview on the Iwata Asks page. Hit the jump button for the list of main details put together from the interview.

  • Skyward Sword’s soundtrack will feature orchestrated music along with music created with folk instruments
  • There is a secret instrument that plays a big part in Skyward Sword, possibly important for the gameplay.
  • The sound director is Hajime Wakai and the core sound staff is from the Software Development Department at the main office
  • Yokota-san and another person from Tokyo are involved with the orchestrated elements of the soundtrack
  • Yokota has been pushing for Zelda orchestra live events since he joined the company
  • He was turned down multiple times, but that all changed with the series’ 25th anniversary
  • Yokota already had tons of songs he wanted to see played live
  • Koji Kondo, the composer for almost every Zelda game, made songs that didn’t come into play until the last moment
  • Kondo pulled an all-nighter to finish up his content
  • Miyamoto believes that orchestrated music fits better with Zelda than Mario
  • Skyward Sword features updated orchestrated versions of some previous Legend of Zelda songs
Source: (via Gonintendo)