Those who remember playing the original Ocarina of Time on the N64 know that the game was made back in the day where game bugs were very notorious – back when the technology was new and bugs in 3D were likely to occur more often than not.  It also produced some really funny times within a game, when a player accomplished something they shouldn’t have.  Grezzo, the developers of the 3D remake of OoT claim that they left some of those original bugs in the remake on purpose.

Did something like this make it into the remake?

When given the game to remake, Grezzo was told to leave some of the bugs that made the N64 game such a classic.  However, not all of the bugs made it into the game.  Grezzo told Nintendo that they tried to keep as many of the older bugs in the new game, but if the game was going to be harmed a lot due to the bug, they had to take it out.  Now, this might be a new challenge for those who like to find bugs in games.  Which bugs from the N64 game made into this almost flawless remake?  That’s something you’ll have to find on your own.

Source: Kotaku