Those who remember playing the original Ocarina of Time on the N64 know that the game was made back in the day where game bugs were very notorious – back when the technology was new and bugs in 3D were likely to occur more often than not.  It also produced some really funny times within a game, when a player accomplished something they shouldn’t have.  Grezzo, the developers of the 3D remake of OoT claim that they left some of those original bugs in the remake on purpose.

Did something like this make it into the remake?

When given the game to remake, Grezzo was told to leave some of the bugs that made the N64 game such a classic.  However, not all of the bugs made it into the game.  Grezzo told Nintendo that they tried to keep as many of the older bugs in the new game, but if the game was going to be harmed a lot due to the bug, they had to take it out.  Now, this might be a new challenge for those who like to find bugs in games.  Which bugs from the N64 game made into this almost flawless remake?  That’s something you’ll have to find on your own.

Source: Kotaku
  • Larwaa

    Only bug I ever exploited was climbing Armos by backflipping onto them. Now gone in the 3DS version. I usually get one of the gold skulltula in dodongo's cavern by doing this. This is unnecessary to do, as you eventually have to go back to get the gold skulltula in the room with all the bombflowers. Can still bombjump onto the Armos though.

  • KingDodongo1

    They took out the infinite Gold Skultula glitch. Darn.

    • mins

      I think that was taken out since the Gamecube re-release. (Although you can still do it in the Virtual Console version)

  • GamerRob1

    Yesturday I found a classic bug. When you're rolling in to the wall or just some boxes to brake them, and you keep pressing A to roll in to it and keep holding the stick forward, he will roll in place. It wont make a sound effect, but it plays the rolling animation while you keep on trying to roll forward.

  • mcdude910

    Can you still make all of your items bottles? (By swinging for a fish, then, mid-swing, you pause, switch your bottle to something else, and continue. That will turn the item you selected into another bottle. Keep doing this for INFINITE BOTTLES)
    Step 1: Infinite bottles
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit.

  • KingOfHeart

    Look up Kazooie on youtube.
    He;s on a quest to find many many bugs.

  • Phantom7

    FUN FUN FUN FUN, lookin' forward to the freezin'!!

  • robotortoise

    I know this sounds spammy, but I found 2 sub-glitches using the "any item anywhere" glitch. Meeting Zelda after she's been kidnapped! Yay time paradoxes!

  • Ashmic

    people honestly have no life

    • GenoKID


    • Yeah, like those who browse sites just to criticize passionate people, but have even less life than those being criticized, since those being criticized at least have their loving Internet community and have the right to express themselves.

  • It definitely looks really good. I didn't think I'd use the 3D much at all, but it doesn't bother me any. The only complaint I have so far is trying to aim with slingshot, you can tilt the 3DS to move your aim. Its cool, but when I try not using it, any movement throws it off. Its also hard to keep the sweet spot for 3D while doing so.

    • heroofmasks

      you can turn motion off and use the slidder to aim

  • BGS

    Can anyone check if they still left the StarFox bug?

    • KidGoku13

      people won't be able to do that til either an emulator comes out 😛

  • tyler

    hey at least they left in the awesome glitch where you can get the heart piece above dodongos cave without planting the bean by jumping from where the goron is above it at a very sharp angle.

    • MrFlox888

      I did manage to do that after I planted the bean and in Adult Link. LOL.

    • IcePhantom

      Yeah that's how I got it 😛

    • Triforceofdeath(ZU)

      just did a backflip down to the lower level and managed to land above the enterance to the Cavern.

    • TectonicImprov

      I don't know how many times I've done that glitch.

    • I never even knew that was a glitch. Lol.