Hey guys! Pani here. As you might have seen posted here on Zelda Universe yesterday, Australian Zelda fans were lucky enough to be able to start picking up their copies of Ocarina of Time 3D from today, instead of June 30th, the game’s initial release date down under. You may also remember seeing a post a while ago that showed off the Ocarina Edition of the game, exclusive to EB Games stores in Australia. This copy of the game is packaged with an exclusive ocarina, branded with the Triforce.

I picked up my copy earlier today, and made a video showing off what the Ocarina Edition’s contents include. Check it out after the jump!


  • bob

    ha first…

  • Siaarn

    I went to pre-order OoT today at EB, they said I couldn't because they'd already shipped out all their pre-ordered games even though it's release date is the 30th. 😐 I am disappoint. BUT, they gave me a free poster to make up for it, so that was nice.

  • Soeroah

    I called EB Games in Adelaide and they said they'd get their stock in by Monday. This has me wondering if someone could confirm for me; does the Australian Club Nintendo card just not work until June 30th?

    Also, what are the Ocarinas made of, Pani? You didn't address that in your video, but they seem plastic :p Keep practicing! You can show us all the songs. Mwahaha.

    • Pretty sure they won't work til sometime around then, unless Nintendo maybe change it themselves due to the street break.

      I'm not sure what it's made of.. I think it might be plastic, but it's fairly sturdy, so not cheap ol' plastic or anything.

  • Gorons4Sale814


    • O_O

      … creeper…

  • Xosgni

    I wish they had the "Ocariner Addition" where I live. Nobody likes America.

    • Astarael

      On the bright side, you can always purchase ocarinas online. If you get a plastic one like the ocarina included in this edition, it should only cost around $25 or so.

      And actually, since you guys get the game for $40 whereas it's $68 in Australia, you'll still end up paying around the same amount even though you're buying the ocarina separately. 😛 The only real downside is that you won't have the official packaging (if that matters to you, that is).

  • Astarael

    (Sorry, that should be technically "re-sold," since STL aren't the original manufacturers.)

  • angelink_1995

    I heard that if you but those copies of the game you can't register them for the soundtrack cd and that you have to wait for the copies that are shipped june 30th, is this true?

    • angelink_1995

      if you buy*** those copies*
      typo xD

      • These are the Australian copies, they were shipped to be sold on the release date (June 30th). They'll be able to be registered on Club Nintendo around then. 🙂 The ones that can't be registered were the copies being imported by Gametraders.

  • Flare123

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    • eliot

      c'mon, we all know that the girl is cute as hell, please stop drooling around!

    • ajlfjeri

      ill answer for her. "No".

  • Jonny

    I'm so glad I was in Australia for this!!

  • I I am okay with not getting this, as I have a 180$ ocarina modeled after the OOT.

    • carenmas

      and why did you comment on this useless fact that takes makes you sound like a prat?


    I have that exact ocarina.
    So, yeah.
    I got mine on StlOcarnia.com

  • belldandy47

    Wow, she's cute as all get out! I love unboxings! 😀

  • Soeroah

    Query; can anyone confirm for me that Club Nintendo card for Australia doesn't work for now? Would appreciate =3 Looking forward to getting my hands on an ocarina. One step closer to my dream of a secret gaming room that opens when you play Zelda's Lullaby on one.

    • Soeroah

      Huh. This post (or the one above THIS post) should not exist. I'm sorry for the..not quite double post, but yeah. Any way to delete my comments? ^^;

  • OniRyo

    @Perrofilus act normal.

    Nice Ocarina Edition btw, the European version got the Rupees also in the Gold sleeve box(we get an pre-order box and the normal box as Limited Edition), you learned the Ocarina quite quick i've got to say it makes me feel like buying an Ocarina!.

  • Glentina428

    I wish I had the game and the 3DS…..Zelda games are truly magical. 😀

  • But she's so lucky!

  • that guy

    your not the only one

  • relhm


    Why are you so cute?

  • Alex

    you got nice luck there 🙁

  • Drizzt

    your hot. thats all i have to say.

  • LOZplyr89

    lucky at least i got the game but no ocarina WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. ive had an ocarina before but it was small and not from oot

  • Maneki


  • doctorquin

    People on Zelda Universe have no sense of humor. Those people who said things like "I'd **** her" and "Will you marry me" weren't serious. Christ.

  • OniRyo

    @ Doctorquin, you've got a really bad sense of humour then. 😉