As I usually do when I find something Zelda related on Cinemassacre, the parent “company” of the Angry Video Game Nerd, I like to post it on ZU.  Just because I like you and I like watching these videos.  Well, the newest one from James Rolfe (the real name of the AVGN) is not a video starring him.  Its a video starring his friend Mike Matei, who is known for starring in some of his videos and doing all the title cards you see in his videos.  He started a video series a while back called Mike’s Game Glitches.  He’s done Mega Man 2 and Duck Tales in prior videos and now he hit The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64.  I figured it would be a good segue-way into the release of OoT3D.

While Ocarina of Time glitches and tricks are nothing new (since the game has been out since 1998) I figured that for those who haven’t played the game (which if you’re visiting a Zelda site you probably have) it would be a good showcase of glitches.  I found myself seeing some glitches in the game I didn’t know existed, so there might be a few in there that you haven’t seen before as well.  If you want to view the video, just click here.

As I point out with every video I post from Cinemassacre, the video is NSFW.  It has some mild language and if you are offended by that, please stay away from this video.  But other than that, enjoy the glitches!

Source: Cinemassacre