In a story that should not surprise anyone, the Wii U will not support Gamecube games like the Wii did.  So, to those fans of Luigi’s Mansion who want to play the original after playing the sequel when it comes out, they won’t be able to on the Wii U when it is released next year.

While it would have been a nice addition to the Wii U, I can definitely understand not including the Gamecube compatibility in the new system.  Gotta put those HD graphics in there somehow (to those who think I am serious when I made that last comment, I obviously know that isn’t the case.  They needed the room for the online support).

Source: Joystiq
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  • Lach Menel

    Now there is even more of a chance that WW could be remade! Yays!

    • Daniel

      sorry to burst your bubble but windwaker probably wont get a remake for a LONG time if ever. ocarina of time is lucky to have a remake,its 12 years old about, its the only zelda game ever to have one.

      • zeldaman69

        didn't ALTTP have a remake aswell?

        • Bobby Emerald

          That was a port, not a remake. A port with a little extra stuff added.

      • Lach Menel

        I have hopes or dreams not bubbles! Much easier to keep adrift.

        But you are right. Even so, there`s a lot they can still do with WW. I definatly lacked temples and it would look great on the 3DS as a port. Just picture it, those charming cellshaded charaters brough fully to life with 3D, a touch up here and there, and a sprinklying more Nintendo magic!

        • GorCoronSumo

          Actually, bubbles are light, and therefore easier to keep adrift.

    • Snow_Leopard

      As much as I would love it to bits, I doubt WW will get remade for a long time – The popularity wasn't as high as OOT (But don't get me wrong – I would have loved it to have been!) and the graphics are good enough to play on the Wii 1 (used a 1 just so it's not confused with WiiU).

      The only way I could see Nintendo putting it on the WiiU is because of keeping it compatible with the current systems, which they have done in the past. If anything I think what we're going to get is Wind Waker on a WiiU Online Store. Or possibly the 3DS eShop. (I'm hoping the WiiU!)

      • calc84maniac

        I don't think Nintendo would ever put a >1GB game on the eShop. It would definitely have to be on cartridge. Now for the WiiU, I'm not as sure.

  • Indigo

    They'll probably have GC games on virtual console.

    • Never even thought of that. But would it be worth putting those on VC? I mean, the download time on those games would be forever.

      • TheMaverickk

        If GC games are in widescreen HD that would be fantastic. I want to own Luigi's Mansion in HD… and Wind Waker… Twilight Princess HD (cause you know it was a GC title you know).

        Lots of great things to hope for.

        • Kitakee

          Considering the graphics style, would Wind Waker really look THAT much different in HD?

          • Snow_Leopard

            I think they will just upgrade the quality of the player models etc to scale nicer, put it into widescreen, and the rest will work fine. Cel-Shaded means all of the environments are scalable!

  • Justin

    as I expected, my wii will be sticking around as a glorified gamecube once the new console comes out.

  • Think about a GameCube Virtual Console In HD!

  • : (

    I hope they can re-release some of the Gamecube games on the Wii U, like how they did it with Pikmin on the Wii.

  • I'll be keeping my GCN and Wii.

    I'm sorta a collector.

    • DoctorYou

      That's the way to go! I never get rid of my old systems, I just hook them back up when I want to play something. The Gamecube being active will be missed, but most of us will still have either our gamecubes or, much more likely, our wiis to play around with.

    • This! I still got my SNES, N64 and GCN too and I'm keeping them. Even though the GCN won't be used anymore, I'm still keeping it. Sometimes I hook up my SNES and N64 to play them. 🙂
      Note to self: Find some N64 games and buy them. I don't have many at all lol

    • supervaati

      I still play on my NES 😀

    • Zachattack8888

      I collect the systems as well!! I haz a NES, SNES, N64, GCN, Wii, GBA SP, and a DS Lite. I'm saving up for a Gameboy Color and many many many games lol.

  • I JUST bought a GameCube for $30 from GameStop. It came with pre-applied Twilight Princess embossed plastic stickers. I’m keeping it.

    • Lach Menel

      ZELDA STICKERS!!!!! Good call.

  • Kargaroc

    I wonder what their real reasoning is… If this will use a hypervisor like every modern console does, then they could fit in everything they wanted. The ability to make pixel perfect screenshots of all games, Wii and Wii U, would be welcome…

  • Draik41895

    eh, Thats why im keeping my gamecube. That and the Gameboy Player is nice. But i'll trade in my Wii when this comes out. Perfect solution.

  • It's sort of a point of news, at least for debunking a rumor that numerous sources were spreading. An early rumor was that the Wii's successor would feature back compatibility with both GC and Wii.

  • Guest

    the image in this article is really definitely does not add to the aesthetics of the main page. just sayin'.

  • Sam

    I'm not weeping that much. GC controllers hurt my hands. I could only play WW just 40 min a time.

    • ddu

      you make me sad.

  • dragonchi26

    "the Wii U will not support Gamecube games like the Wii did" Am I the only one who noticed that, that statement is entirely inaccurate. The Wii Most Certainly supported Gamecube games.

    Everyone should know this. That's a pretty bad slip for a Nintendo based fan site blog.

  • dragonchi26

    ignore that last post….i read that line wrong. MY bad. Though it still could have been worded better. It can be read 2 different ways. which is why i got confused with its message.

  • 2797

    that is a dealbreaker for me. Gamecube was, like, the best system EVER.

  • Ashmic


  • Rocket

    The GC is two generations old. Why would they make it compatible with that? Most consoles only go back one gen when it comes to compatibility.

  • Bob

    I got my Gamecube in '02. Never gonna throw it away. It was the best system ever, and I have 5 memory cards, 6 controllers, 1 DDR Mario Mix Dance Mat, 1 Donkey Kong Konga Drums, and 67 games. I'm never ever gonna throw it away. Even if it means buying the Wii U. I love Gamecube, it gave Nintendo popularity with it's Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Mario Kart Double Dash. I still play those games to this date. If there were remakes I'd totally buy them. I think Nintendo should just go back to games like that. They were the best. Gamecube aka Famecube <3 .

  • Callin

    Gonna keep my gamecube around so I can play Oracle and other Game Boy games on TV

  • lamerz

    Dont be ridiculous. There will be GC controllers usable on the Wii U. You know what else isnt supported? NES controllers on Wii, and GC controllers on a PC, etc etc etc to infinity. AND YET?!?!?!? Multiple converters exist that allow you to use those controllers on systems they werent intended for. If there is a USB port, there will be a converter that allows you to use them. The Wii U has 3 USB ports. Everyone needs to just calm down and quit looking for reasons to bitch.

    The internet and the human beings on it are giving me brain cancer.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if GCN games ended up on the virtual console. But I still have my GCN (N64 & SNES as well), and it's not like they're going to suddenly spontaneously combust once the WiiU comes out! So I can still play my GCN games on my GCN (or my Wii)!