During the E3 craziness, Cody and Jason took the time to be interviewed by The Game Station. During the interview, our webmasters gave a more in-depth explanation of the playable demos of Skyward Sword available in the Nintendo booth. They gave their insight on flying with Zelda during the Skyloft demo, upgrading items in relation to the dungeon demo, and the Demon Lord Ghirahim boss battle demo and how he fights Link. Some bad news mentioned in the interview is that the current Skyward Sword demo has controller problems where the Wii Motion+ constantly drops it’s calibration, breaking the controls.

Some spoilers concerning the story are in the video, so if you want to wait until the end of the year when you have your hands on the game to know the details, avoid watching.

Video after the break.

To get more details live from E3, check out ZU’s Twitter and Youtube pages! (Spoilers there, too)

Source: The Game Station
  • Maxxxxxy

    wow…i've never been first before….watch though after I write this i'm not going to be. XD

    So there has been allot of talk about the implied relationship between Link and Zelda. But also talk about her being a priestess. I got to thinking that maybe the reason for such a strong implied relationship is because they are not actually supposed to date? Holy people usually need to stay pure an all that.

    Now I hope I don't totally butcher my first-first post by saying something that turns out to be completely and obviously wrong. Be nice…I'm squishy.

    • Ghetto link

      Congratulations, you're the first person to have a first comment and not be disliked.

      • Maxxxxxy

        Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside <3

  • prada

    ooh i love squishy things! i especially enjoy poking them *poke poke*

    • prada

      omg that was not an innuendo

  • 1. Become a ZU webmaster.
    2. Go to next E3 that features a new Zelda game.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

    • Link-182

      You spend too much time on 4chan…. lol

      Anyways, I've very excited for this game!

      My dad just recently bought a new black Wii with the wii remote plus. When we played wii sports resort I noticed the wii remote plus constantly needing to get re calibrated, but when I used the old wii remote with the motion plus attachment, it didn't need to be re calibrated at all…. so faulty new wii remote plus? I dunno, thats just my experience.

  • all this talk of poor controllers can got me really worried.

    • Justin

      I have a feeling that this is the primary cause of the delays, it would make sense since this game will be using the motion plus constantly it is most important that they work on making recalibration as little an issue as they can. This was an issue I was sure would pop up though since it happened in wii sports resort when the controls were being use for one thing at a time. the news on the controls though does make me perfectly fine with all the delays.

      • yeah, if waiting 6 more months to play it means the controls actually work, then that's fine. if I wait 6 months and it's still no good, then I'm not gonna be happy at all

        • TheMaverickk

          I think that there are two things happening though at E3, there was interference probably… and second with controllers leaving hands every couple of minutes (how ever long each demo was) they probably needed to calibrated constantly.

          I think playing the game in the comfort of our homes it will be completely different. Seriously when have any of us played a Nintendo game with BAD controls… it's kind of a fundamental impossibility.

          I'm not concerned and I don't think anyone else should be.

      • Lamanose34

        last year they said the controller kept dropping out because of all the wireless devices around in the theater, well wouldn't that problem be 10 times as bad this year with everyone walking around with a 3DS and streetpass, I'm not to worried i recon everything will be fine when it comes out later this year and we have it in our own homes away from from mass wi-fi attack. and if there is a problem they have over 4 months to fix it so don't be worried.

      • Justin

        it's been recently confirmed that the quick calibration from wii-sports resort swordplay is featured in skyward sword, that should take care of any noteworthy control issues.

  • Lucas

    I am personally a huge fan of the Link and Zelda Romance. Anyone else?

  • TheMaverickk

    Girahim certainly is no more stupid then Zant… anyways I hope that eventually his real name will take.

    I just feel like Debbie is being pushed in order to become like an internet meme. I can see it now… shirts with Girahim on it that says "don't mess with the Debbie" šŸ˜›

  • TheMaverickk

    I just saw one of the ZU video's where Jason apparently found out that Girahim isn't the only villain. Some representative let it leak out.

    Mind you that doesn't say whether or not he will be the greater villain, or if Girahim is the servant of a greater villain… I'm personally still banking on the fact that it isn't Ganon/Ganondorf.

    I truly think that it will be either a completely different villain, or Girahim usurps that villain.

    I mean imagine it.. you reach this other villain and then you think you have to fight him… then Girahim jumps in and kills this big demon thing, and steals it's power… so he can become more powerful. That would be pretty bad ass, and I'm hoping we will get something like that.

    • HylianHero

      This would be very cool and it would fit that guy.
      I mean during battle he takes you sword and attacks you with your own sword, that's pretty bad ass. Some people think he might change sides later like Byrne in Spirit Tracks but I hope he won't.
      They introduced him as a pretty scary, sick guy and he should stay one till the end.

    • Shadowknight1

      It is mentioned that Ghirahim is part of a tribe, so maybe that's what's meant there?

      I have to say…I've never more completely agreed with a video game character's expression than when Ghirahim did the tongue thing. He freaked the **** out. And the whole rant he's giving…he's not just evil, I think he's a bit psychotic.

      • TheMaverickk

        It's that sadistic/psychotic and completely twisted nature that to me suggests he won't be switching sides like Byrne….

        Byrne was once a Lokomo sage, his roots were in helping people originally. At the end of the day he knew that what he was doing was wrong… Ghirahim doesn't give a second thought to killing someone. He may be courteous enough not to murder someone behind their back, but I think it's safe to say that I wouldn't put it past him.

    • Lamanose34

      you know what would be funny, if Ganon or Ganondorf was the lessor villain and girihim was the major one at the end

  • I would have liked Zant if he didn't take his helmet off.

    • TheMaverickk

      That is so true…. I actually thought he was cooler when you just saw little bits of him. Like when his helmet lifted when he talked and you saw just his mouth.

      That made him at least a creepy villain.

      Considering how he behaves and acts up until you have to fight him he seemed a lot more devious and calculating. Even Midna seemed to fear him. Yet when you finally fight him, he just turns out to be this immature and clown like character. Not that there is anything terribly wrong about that…. it fits with the tale, that he isn't fit to rule.

      It just seemed completely out of character from the role he played through 75% of the game.

  • I'm glad Ghirahim isn't the main villain. I really want to see this game explain the Interlopers from Twilight Princess, and it wouldn't make sense if there was only one. My guess is he is a ruler of some (or all) of them, but there are many and they act as a team but also individually.

  • lovethelegend

    Lol, am I the only one who noticed Cody was wearing an Australian flag shirt?

  • shadownin

    Call him by his proper name or I will hunt you down and break your………………………………….