During the E3 craziness, Cody and Jason took the time to be interviewed by The Game Station. During the interview, our webmasters gave a more in-depth explanation of the playable demos of Skyward Sword available in the Nintendo booth. They gave their insight on flying with Zelda during the Skyloft demo, upgrading items in relation to the dungeon demo, and the Demon Lord Ghirahim boss battle demo and how he fights Link. Some bad news mentioned in the interview is that the current Skyward Sword demo has controller problems where the Wii Motion+ constantly drops it’s calibration, breaking the controls.

Some spoilers concerning the story are in the video, so if you want to wait until the end of the year when you have your hands on the game to know the details, avoid watching.

Video after the break.

To get more details live from E3, check out ZU’s Twitter and Youtube pages! (Spoilers there, too)

Source: The Game Station