Hey guys!  Been a while since I posted a new post on ZU and I decided to post a big one!  Watching the E3 conference today, I am here to help on the overload of new information coming from Nintendo.  Of course, the biggest news is the revelation of Project Cafe.  With all the rumors been floating around the net in the past months, one of them was actually very close to truth.  Which one was it?

The new console for Nintendo, which has been confirmed for a release next year, is now called the Wii U.  As Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, stated during the conference: It is a combination of the idea of We playing and You playing.

But the biggest revelation of the console wasn’t the console itself, but the controller.  Back in 2005, Nintendo broke ground and changed the controller idea with the Wii Remote, a controller that looked like a remote controller.  Well, they are at it again with the Wii U controller, which (as rumors predicted) has a touch screen on it!  It will be fully integrated with your experience on the TV.

The first thing the controller was shown to do was take a game playing on your TV and transfer onto the controller screen.  This means that if someone comes into the room and wants to watch a TV show, you don’t have to stop playing.  You can take the game with you onto the screen.

Other things the controller was shown to do during the segment was showcased during some Wii Sports demos.  Wii Baseball has been upgraded to allow the user to use the controller to show where the pitch will be thrown as well as being able to actually catch a popup.  This will definitely be useful in future sports games on the console as well as games that require a FPS element.

The controller also showcased a feature similar to face time on the iPhone.  You can use the controllers forward facing camera and screen to make video calls with friends.  You can also find videos and pictures on your controller and fling them over to the TV screen to share with friends.

To showcase the new controller, they showed off some demos of games that may or may not be released, similar to the Wii Sports on the Wii.  Chase Mii and Battle Mii, two games that use both the Wii Remotes and the new controller.  Chase Mii is a basic hide and seek kind of game.  One player, using the new controller, hides from the four other players.  The player on the new controller has access to the map of the world, including the locations of all four players.  The four players only have access to the TV screen and what’s on their square to try and find the player hiding.  Definitely an interesting experience.  Battle Mii is a shooting/flying type game similar to Chase Mii.

I am not going to list all the games that were announced for the new console, but there were three that definitely stuck out are a new Super Smash Bros that will connect for the 3DS and the Wii U!  No screens or other things were announced, but the fact that they are working on it was confirmed.  The others were Ninja Gaiden 3 and Batman: Arkham City.  Why is this significant?  Because the Wii U will feature HD Graphics!  That’s right, we are finally getting a Nintendo console with HD compatible graphics.  While they didn’t go into detail, EA and Nintendo are teaming up to hopefully create a better online experience on a Nintendo console!  Hopefully, we finally get something similar to the Xbox Live or PSN instead of the Friend Codes we all know and hate.

In terms of Zelda, Nintendo showcased how the controller can be used in terms of Zelda and the item screen.  You can play the game on the screen and have the item screen on your controller.  No more pulling up the screen on the TV, you will have it in the palm of your hand at all times.  They showed it off with a demo of a Zelda game that looks similar to Twilight Princess.

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