JP eShop Point Cards

Take a look at these two stunning eShop point cards.  The artwork features Mario and Link, from three of their older games.  The “Link’s” featured are from The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time.

Not only are these nice to look at, but they also tell us something about the point cards:  they can be used for purchasing Wii, DSi, and 3DS content.  Now this contradicts one of our earlier posts, saying that the points cards were going to be 3DS exclusive.  I guess Nintendo saw what a better opportunity it would be to have a universal point card, and went for it.

What do you think? Are the cards going to be for all three systems?  Which card do you like better?  Tell us in the comments!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog
  • zeldafan4040

    Why, the LINK card of course! 😛 It's preeeeeetyyy!

  • Marty-o

    I hope that there will be same in the US, I want to collect them!!

    • AnRandomLink

      All Pokemon!!!!

  • Peter

    The Zelda card is cooler.

  • Aivatrix

    It seems like the cards are for all three systems because of the Wii Dsi and 3DS logos aboth the card. I like the fact that you can now buy a 1000 point card instead of just 2000. Also I like the Zelda card better because its zelda. I think it would be cool if they released a 3000 card but they probaly wont.

  • Lucas

    I like how the Zelda one is worth more…

  • robotortoise

    I wonder if this means they reverted to the old point system instead of the new "dollar" system. I sure hope not. I can deal with the point system on older (relative to the 3DS) consoles like the Wii and DSi, but I would like to have a simpler alternative for the 3DS and (hopefully!) Project Cafe.

  • MEC

    The Mario one looks better, but I'd still get the Zelda one lol.

    Actually, I lie. I'd probably get both of them if I could which leads me nicely to the question, can I buy these online?

  • Which one do I like better? Both!

  • You go out of the way to explain the different Links, but not the different Marios. Biased much?

    Also: INb4 someone shouts "THIS IS A ZELDA FANSITE! LURRRGH!"

    • Linkforeverawakened

      This is a Zelda fansite! LURRRGH!

  • mikeypizzalover

    What is the current standing of money value, in terms of Canadian dollairs to Japans Yen? If Canadian is more, you bet your flying tiger that I will travel to Japan to get these. I just need to know Japanese….

    The folowing statement is a lie. The privious statement tells the truth.

  • Oh, and the cards look sexy. Very sexy indeed.

  • starwebs1

    The Zelda card Link pictures are from the Club Nintendo "Link's history since 1987" poster.

  • KyleLink

    Yeah that's right. Zelda gets more points on their card. Take that Mario! XD

    • What's with people on both sides hating on each other's character? Mario is our sister series!

      • lolsister

      • KyleLink

        I didn't mean to make it seem like I was taking sides. I love both series. Honest! I just thought it was funny how Zelda got more points on their card than Mario.

  • VanitasXII

    I like the Zelda card more, seeing artwork of Link is more attractive to me than Mario. But hey – they're both awesome in their own ways so i won't complain if I'm forced to get the Mario card!

  • DoctorWhofan

    Zelda of course but if they just had (from a fans' point of view although it won't be real) A DOCTOR WHO CARD WOULD BE AWESOME sorry for the all of the fan stuff. Its just that Doctor Who passed Zelda as my former #1 which is #2 now.

    • Casual Vader

      Uh… dude, they're two different things. Zelda is a video game series and Doctor Who is a television series. That's like saying you like hotdogs over potted plants.

  • Nintendosucks

    who cares

    • Snow_Leopard

      Well, that comment isn't suprising for someone with your username. This is a Nintendo FAN site, not hate site. WHO CARES if you don't care.

  • Snow_Leopard

    Now we just need these in other regions! 😀

  • They have 1000 point cards? Not fair.

    Anyway, they look really cool.

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    They're awesome, I would buy one just so I could put it on my nintendo shelf XD.

  • Nicholette


  • vick

    they look pretty gay and stupid

  • Keimori

    If these found their way to NA shores I'd finaly have a reason to hold on to my used points cards! XP

  • iceandcristal

    The Zelda card is -by much- the best one