Richard George has put out a new article on IGN of the best and worst bosses of Ocarina of Time. It’s not a list like the top 10 weirdest characters, but it’s just as good.

Phantom Ganon, Twinrova, Dark Link, and Ganondorf/Ganon are featured as the best bosses, and Volvagia, Morpha, and Barinade are featured as the worst.

It’s definitely worth the time it takes to read it.  Richard gives some very good reasons why these bosses are good or bad, most of them we had never thought of before.

What do you think about this list? Should other bosses have been included?  Should some good bosses be moved & vice versa?  Tell us in the comments!

Source: IGN
  • retro puppet

    first hhhahhahhahhhahhaha

    • AnRandomLink

      Is Still The Worst!!!!

      • GorCoronSumo

        The next person to write "first" will be locked in a room with the "I Am Error" guy.

        • nick


    • xxx

      I don't get wht's is the f u c king problem with stupid b i t ches like you posting nothing else than "first". Is your life so empty thast you feel satisfied to be the first on to post something in anything?

  • Rew

    "and Barinade are featured as the worst."

    This is why IGN fails.

  • Rose De Nose

    Good reasons? The author barely elaborated, and most of what he did say was opinionated.

  • Aivatrix

    I have to disagree with Volvagia. It didn't feel like wack a mole to me what IGN your too stupid to think that there are other ways to harm him? He is so challenging because of the vast ammounts of damage he does to you and the speed he moves in the air and underground. I have always love pulling out my arrows and shooting him when he flys through the sky.

    • TectonicImprov

      Agreed. It gets minus points for putting Shadow Link on, and not putting on Bongo Bongo.

  • ryoni93

    bongo bongo, volvagia and morpha was all fantastic boss battles 😀
    I like IGN because of all the info, but their opinions…urgh…

  • KingOfHeart

    I liked Morpha

  • Rose De Nose

    I don't mind IGN having a different opinion from mine, it's just annoying when they post their article and describing it as deep and insightful when it is nothing more than "This boss is the best because well yeah". It was a worthless read.

  • TheMaverickk

    It's just stereotypical….

    Who doesn't love Dark Link… everyone is obsessed with him. Even though in reality he never is remember for being the Final Boss……. cause no one has played Adventure of Link to the very end haha.

    I found the fight with him to be more annoying then epic. Not to mention that in the end he's easily defeated with either the megaton hammer or dins fire. Not that challenging really.

    As for Phantom Ganon/Ganondorf/Ganon being some of the best, well the truth is that it's cause they are all the same fight essentially. Phantom Ganon is basically a giant clue to how to defeat Ganondorf when you finally reach him. Also with Ganondorf and Ganon being the final boss battle, I think most people would agree that it had better be engaging and epic… and Nintendo delivered. If the game had ended on a weak final boss battle people would've been disappointed.

    The most deserving of the best picks has to be Twin Rova…. I mean it's still one of the most unique boss battles in a Zelda game. Although people probably don't realize it but it's a rip on Link to the Past's final dungeon boss. The final boss of Turtle Rock in LttP is a dragon with a fire head and ice head…. each blowing fire and ice at the player. Twin Rova is the 3D equivalent except with witches, lol.

  • robotortoise

    Twinrova would be my favoirte boss. Why? The bosses actually have speaking lines and a story; they're not just a monster introduced at the last second. The fact that they brainwash Nabooru makes you actually hate them, not just an excuse to hack away with your sword. Also, the sisters' argument at the end was pretty darn funny. 😉

  • Lucas

    I thought Volvagia was awesome, but agreed I am not a fan of Morpha.

  • Yeeaaah I don't really agree with any of it, at all.

  • kels

    just to point out, I don't think Dark link ever showed up on Alttp

  • LinkedSe7en

    They are all easy to me after beating ocarina of time 2 times.For Dark Link just dont L-Target him.Slash at him.