After some site-killing bugs that happened after our server move on the night of the 26th, you may have not noticed that we actually ended up moving back to the old server temporarily while we fixed the issues offline on our end. I’m happy to say that these issues have been resolved, and we’re ready to take the final leap onto the new, faster server.

Unfortunately, this means we’re going to be experiencing a little bit more downtime starting at 8pm EDT tonight. So, as before, cuddle up with a good book and check back in the morning to see a much faster Zelda Universe! This should last us through E3 and beyond now that we’ve gotten all the kinks out. Just try and bring this thing down!

Okay, don’t actually try.

No, seriously, don’t do it.

Your loving overlord,
~ Jason Rappaport.

Update: Looks like we’re back! That was fast. Woohoo! Enjoy the new server, everyone.