Some pictures amd a video of an ocarina and a wooden pen featuring the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D logo have shown up on French website Le Mag Jeux Video. It’s unknown if these are a bonus for pre-ordering a copy of the game, or if they’re just a set of Zelda items sold separately, but for any French Zelda fans it might be worth checking out.

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You can click these images to see the full size pictures. Don’t forget to drop us a comment with your thoughts!

Source: Le Mag Jeux Video (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • falconfetus8

    Haven't we had enough OoT 3D updates? Time for some Skyward Sword.

    • Attera

      you can never have enough OoT updates!

    • Sadly, I think there aren't. OOT3DS has more merchandising thingy going on, since the game is already famous. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, is a mistery, like every other new Zelda games. We'll have to wait 'til the release to see something else. (Again, that's just what I think)

    • EJade

      Well, when it gets closer to the skyward sword release date, I'm sure we'll have a plethora of updates. Until then, we'll just have to ''suffer'' through these. =)

    • arsinago

      ALL THE WAY!!! GOOD JOB! stop making remakes and make some progress! (this is directed at the game makers, by the way)

    • Caleb

      Hey, if there's nothing to update you on, we can't post it, which is why you see a lacking of SS coverage.

      But OOT3D updates come to our inbox every 10-30 minutes, so if we've not covered them, we post.

  • guest


  • Skyward Sword time.

    why are they making a remake anyways? why dont they do somthing new? there is no challange in remaking something, all you have to do is spiff up the graphics of the original game and BAM! you have a remake. i dont see why people are so excited about this game, just get the original, dont mess around with remakes. i think that they are a waste of time.

    • falconfetus8

      Remakes are just as hard to make as the original game. But I agree, you can just get the original on the Virtual Console.

    • ZeldaOoTNeverDie

      What if their n64 game,gamecube collectors edition broke and they can't buy a wii for one game.They don'y sell Zelda OoT anymore,and not alot of people will sell it cause it is an amazing game.I still crowd around my N64 with my cousins seeing who could catch the biggest fish.Moments like these you wouldn't sell.The 3ds version will obviously have some add ons.They will take advantage of 3D,who doesn't want to play one of their favorite games in 3D?

  • KingDodongo1


  • Soulless Creature

    The only thing I can ask is what about the other countries ?

    • robotortoise

      I know, right? I hope NOA has something planned for the U.S. It's one thing if only Japan or Europe gets a pre-order bonus, but if Japan, Europe, and Canada ALL get one, and the U.S. doesn't… Well, that seems kind of pathetic on NOA's marketing department. I hope we get SOMETHING…

      • Shaelyn

        Spirit Tracks was pathetic in that sense…NoA had better redeem themselves this time.

        • robotortoise

          Exactly what I was thinking. Let's cross our fingers…

  • Jasper

    If they get a ocarina, then we deserve like, a master sword!!(that would be so cool)

    • Zelda Scribe9727

      i have a replica of the mastersword. you can get it for, like, 30 bucks off amazon, or at least that is how much mine cost…

  • The ocarina looks good except for that rim around it… That makes it look stupid

    • Hylian Loach

      I agree

  • SrsOcarinaPlaya

    That Ocarina looks like an ebay ocarina, which are super freaking cheap and don't play at all. It would have been cooler if they included a plastic focalink 😛

  • Margar

    That ocarina looks like crap. I wouldn't even want that. The pen is just a stick of wood with a logo on it. Meh. I'd rather have no bonus than that cheap crap.

    • ragram

      wow. way to be nagative. haha we are all zelda fans here, and who here wouldent want zelda merchandice of any kind. (although the ocarina does look a little… flimsy?

  • Harvey

    Nintendo should give bonuses for the U.S. If they give Ocarinas and other stuff to other countries they should give us atleast A Master Sword, the Hylian shield, the Mirror shield, an Ocarina, and/or atleast something in the Legend of Zelda.

    • Ryoni93

      But why should you guys allways have the best stuff? 😉

  • amd

  • zeldafreak12

    i wish this was actually real! man this makes me mad only cuz they shuold've made a bundle pack with a 3ds system and zelda oot! wouldnt tht be pretty awesome?

    • elapharius

      that would be cool.

  • anon

    …………Why a wooden pen?

  • Anon

    This was imported from Germany, look at the bottom left corner of the last picture.

  • zozo

    sweet, I'm off to Paris for the day at the end of June! so gonna try to get some of these!