OoT3D packaging

A couple of days ago, we let you guys know about the pre-order bonuses offered with Ocarina of Time 3D for European fans of the game. Today, we’ve got a sneak peek of some of the packaging European owners can look forward to, as well as the first look at the double sided poster offered as a pre-order bonus.

Hit the jump to see images of the inside of the case, as well as both sides of the poster!

OoT3D packaging

OoT3D packaging

OoT3D packaging

Source: FNintendo (via GoNintendo)
  • Keith

    Damn that looks awesome. DO WANT. But alas, I'm in USA. ;(

    • LexanPanda

      All us NA'ers can go make our own preorder bonuses. With blackjack, and hookers!

  • DarkArrows

    are the rupees there just for show or are they for the AR card to scan or something? that would be a cool bonus

  • SpiritOfBelief

    hahaha it seems like every time I visit this site, they've announced another cool pre-order bonus for another country! When are the rewards for the US going to be unveiled? 😉

    • Matt

      The bloody NOA guys ALWAYS have to be the last to say anything, even if all the other regions have said something. I forget what it was, probably a release date to some game a year ago, but every other region confirmed something and then when NOA was asked they had nothing to say. Then like 2-3 weeks later they come out and confirm it, what the heck is that crap?

      • AnRandomLink

        Never we never get anything. We just dont.

  • matt17

    The poster is all folded and has lines all over it, and seems like a small poster. The inside of the case looks pretty cool

  • Legender

    It's a shame the posters are all folded. But, still nice. C:

  • AnRandomLink

    I hope we get an ocarina and master sword for all this waiting crap. 🙁

  • A dro

    Me want! Me want! Why must I live in the U.S. A better question why does the U.S. get anyways

  • pete

    how the hell would that work? dumbass.

    • ???

      Well it would work just how any AR card works 0__0

  • TTL

    I'm crossing my fingers for a gold game card. 😛 Seriously, that would just make my day to reference the collector's edition of the N64 game.

    • mcdude910

      That's one of the coolest ideas I've ever heard.

  • It would be really cool if they made a Link costume or something. I doubt it but they will have to make something special for the future because look at today. Only 1000 copies sold Ocarina of Time Gold Edition and only one of them I know. He values as almost priceless.

  • Wait a second… what happened to the European box art? This box art is the USA version so why would all of these pre-order bonuses come from a USA box? Suspicious, very suspicious.

    • Gorons4Sale814

      yeah i was thinking the exact same thing. that is the USA box art, not the EU version…confusing

    • portallink

      IMO the "European box art" was nothing but a placeholder, seeing as it was directly ripped from the Japanese website, as well as the poster above. Despite the hype the cover got, I never heard anyone say it was confirmed as the official box art. The real release may prove otherwise.

    • Pani

      That's the golden sleeve covering the box art. The European cover is underneath it, as far as I'm aware. 🙂

      • I sure hope so. The European box art I've seen is beautiful and it fits perfectly with the standard set by Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

  • TheLegendOfNintendoLink

    Craaaap I wish they’d stop showing theese things it just make me want the game more 🙁

  • RPH1

    If you pre-order before NOA announces any bonuses, do you still get them? Does it matter which store you got it from?

    • Axel

      Gamestop told me that any bonuses that are announced after I pre order I will get so I guess it depends where you pre order.

  • dark_link121

    epic, very epic

  • Kitakee

    The place from where I got my copy preordered offer a Zelda pin as a bonus, none of this (and I'm in Europe). I usually think region oriented bonuses are wrong since some bonuses will always be nicer than others (and probably more valuabl too). What they should do instead is have one bonus for everyone, no matter where they live. In the end, none of the bonuses matter anyway since all we want is the game itself, right? At least that's how I see it.

    … and damnit, where's the golden version of the 3DS? Still no sign of it. 🙁

  • vick

    this proves that nintendo is stupid cuz how the fuck do you make use out of a double poster. either way you put it up your only going to see one side

  • BlackOwlDog

    Why do posters alway have to be two-sided?!? It's too hard to choose between the sides! 🙁

    • Kitakee

      It does make them rather pointless. Being folded ruins them too because of all the lines.

  • LuX

    I thought it was a sleeve over the game case 🙁 I prefer the original art for the box……Goddamit gonna have to get two copies ¬_¬

  • Tsubasa_zero

    yess….I already pre-ordered mine

  • matteh

    Im guessing the poster will be in all the regiobs just like what they did with pokemon diamond and pearl as you can tell it was folded.

  • bob

    the "gold sleeve" is just the american box art?
    EU's original cover looks nicer.

  • arniexd

    pre-ordered it in holland. Hope I will get something special xD. Wasn't this supposed to be the american box-art?

    • xinistri

      Yes I thought PAL regions like Europe and Australia/New Zealand were getting the nice picture of Link riding on Epona through Hyrule Field… Maybe it's going to be the same world-wide now???

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