Link riding Epona in Hyrule Field

For the most part, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D stays true to its roots of the Nintendo 64 classic. There have been no new temple additions, no new sidequests or items, nothing that really changes the story of the game itself. It stays true to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, a few improvements have been made to the 3DS remake that make the gameplay a little more new and exciting, and in some ways definitely make this version of the game more fluid to play.

The additions to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D include changes made to the ocarina playing system, the gyroscope, and, of course, the visuals – not only have they received a major graphical update, but players can also view the game in full 3D.

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Obviously, the 3D effect was something we knew about from the very moment The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was announced, hence ‘3D’ being in the title. Now that a few people in the gaming industry have had a chance to get their hands on the game, we’ve gotten some impressions of how the 3D effect looks and functions in this game.

The 3D effect in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D can change a player’s experience with the game a little. Having the 3D effect on allows players to more accurately judge the distance between them and an enemy, or an object. However, for most players, it will take a few seconds after turning the 3D effect on for their eyes to adjust properly to the effect. This means that whenever a player looks away from their system, every time they go back to the screen, their eyes will need to adjust again.

Basically, while the 3D effect can help players a little and make the game look pretty spectacular, it might be best to save it for when you have time to sit down and really get zoned right in to the game, and not when you’re going to be taking your eyes off the screen every few minutes. Since the game hasn’t been built around the 3D effect, turning it off doesn’t mean players are going to have a tougher time with any puzzles or enemies – it just allows the graphics to be presented in 3D.

Link and Sheik in the Fire Temple

Another new addition to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is the use of the gyroscope. This allows players to physically move the 3DS around when they’re in first-person view, such as when aiming with the slingshot or bow. This feature seems like one that is going to let players feel more like a part of the game, and really help players get a better sense of realism out of this game.

A few different sources have reported about the gyroscope controls; some found it easier to aim, and some found it more difficult. Luckily, the option to aim with the slide pad is still there, so players can choose whichever way feels easier for them.

Finally, playing the ocarina has changed a little in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The ocarina no longer takes up one of the equipped item slots; instead, it will always be found in the bottom-left corner of the touch screen. This will make for much less pausing and switching the ocarina in and out of one of the item slots, making gameplay more fluid.

The ocarina screen

The touch screen when playing ocarina

As older fans of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be aware, the notes for the ocarina songs could be found in one of the pause menus, in case players happened to forget how a song was played. In the 3DS version of the game, the bottom screen will feature a small tablet for every song learned so far in the game, and a coloured note as a placeholder for any songs that have not been learned yet. This means that there’s no need to stop playing the ocarina and pause the game to find out the notes for a song, which will make the game flow much more smoothly.

These updates to the game don’t really revolutionize The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but they definitely help make the game flow much more smoothly this time around. There’s less pausing to switch equipment (especially with a fourth slot added for items) which means the players are more likely to constantly be in the game and not a menu screen. The gyroscope allows players to feel more like a part of the game, and the 3D effect is pulled off beautifully.

What do you guys think about these additions? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Zelda Dungeon (2)
  • SonicXXX

    The Ocarina controls look a little weird, I was expecting ⓨ=◄ ⓧ=▲ ⓐ=► ⓑ=▼ and some other button for the N64 a button. Hopefully there's another option to map your own ocarina controls

    • Josiahinnc

      I was expecting the d-pad to be the c buttons

      • same here.

      • cloverplayer

        I was thinking that the touch screen might be like an actual ocarina, and the holes would be labeled up, down, left, and right, and you would have to blow on it kind of like the flute in spirit tracks. But the blowing did get annoying when you were somewhere with air conditioning and it sensed wrong.

    • Craig

      You do know that the only reason those were the original icons was purely due to the N64's controller. Those were literal buttons (like when you're explicitly told in games to "Press the B Button to… blah blah blah". It wasn't there to be part of the actual game, just telling you which buttons to press. If they did that now, it wouldn't fit with the 3DS system's control style and would really confuse a lot of people – so it wasn't originally there just to be the notes, just the button icons.

    • D.A.

      y, x, a and b wouldn't really work, since b is used universally in Zelda games to cancel an action. The d-pad seemed like the more logical option at first.

      But who cares, really. In time we'll get used to this game mechanic as well. Hell, if I got used to both the wind waker and the howling in TP, I can certainly get used to this.

    • Jarmihi

      Knowing Nintendo, and knowing the Japanese style of game development (enter the developer's world; as opposed to the American style which exemplifies freedom of control of usage and environment sense [compare: Zelda vs. GTA]), I'd say that button mapping will never happen in Zelda. This is similar to the right-hand-only gameplay for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

  • Lucas

    Yay this is my first time being first. Well I am so excited getting it first day it comes out. Whos with me?

    • eliot

      2nd sucker, 2nd ha!

    • D.A.

      I don't know if all these 'thumbs down' are called for XD. I do share your enthusiasm, man. I'm also getting this day one.

      • Jarmihi

        While I won't "thumb him down", I will say that comments should add to the discussion, not simply declare something obvious.

        • D.A.

          I guess you're right. Can't fault him for his enthusiasm though 😀

    • goronbot

      you aren't first you probably took too long reading the article
      and you didn't see it because you didn't refresh it

  • Peter

    They should add new content, post game, anything!!!

  • Charlie

    the ocarina for me, i was expecting hold a note and blow into the mic. but this remake… OMG i cant wait.

    • cresent soul

      that would bring back the same whinging that ST had with its flute. I don't think its smart to bring that back (but I didn't mind the flute personally)

  • whocares

    "small changes" meaning its a useless game, make a new game, jesus

    • MoronOfTime

      Right…Have you not heard of Skyward Sword?

      • NAR

        It'll be another 4 years before SS comes out they're just messing with us like they did with TP O_O

    • D.A.

      The thing about a remake is that you're not forced to play it, even as a die-hard Zelda fan. If you've had enough OoT, just play Skyward Sword instead. There are PLENTY of people out there who haven't played this game, or would like to revisit it after 13 years. Then there are the Zelda fans who, despite replaying OoT several times, actually appreciate the effort that went into this remake.

  • mcdude910

    I like all of this except for the songs being listed below at all times. One thing that I loved about playing OoT was trying to memorize the songs. I would take out my ocarina, trying to remember the Bolero of Fire, but it wouldn't come to me. Then, I had the option of thinking hard enough until I remembered, which felt great after I did, or spending time deciding if I should just look it up. I always did it on my own. No matter how long I spent trying to remember, I loved the option to "cheat" or to wait until it came to me! (Sometimes I would play the song on my piano to help myself remember it on the ocarina)

    • cresent soul

      I think that memorizing challenge becomes more of an annoyance then a challenge the more you use the ocarina and it is used quite a bit in OoT, so yeah. I like the challenge at first, but now I have a distaste for it. I think this change is smart. At least we still manually play it, so it's not all hand-holding in that regard.

  • I'm sad and glad that they didn't add new content. Sad because it would have been cool to see if they came up with anything new, but glad they didn't change it because it's a fantastic game regardless. ^^

    • D.A.

      I think people are underestimating the impact that the updated graphics will have, even on those who have beaten the original over 20 times (guilty as charged XD). I imagine that playing the new master quest (which is also harder and mirrored) will feel like an entirely new game.

    • cresent soul

      we don't know about some of the stuff in areas not shown. The desert may have more stuff or there could easily be secrets hidden somewhere. Like the special dungeon in the training ground, they could that for instance. I wouldn't expect change, but I wouldn't rule it out yet.

  • dark_link121

    hey did anyone notice there were no carrots

    • Alessandra

      The carrots are probably on the touch screen along with your hearts and magic meter. But if they aren't then yay no more needing to worry about the carrots refilling lol but I do believe that they'll be displayed on the touchscreen.

    • Craig

      There are carrots, they're displayed at the top of the bottom screen this time, out of the way of your view of the adventure. There is evidence online somewhere 🙂

    • lockx

      The carrots are on the touch screen. Have a look on some of the game play videos.

  • Hey Listen!!!

    I cant wait…

  • Cereal Bawks

    No new temples or sidequests?!!? FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-

    Well at least it's portable, and I haven't played Master Quest yet. Everything went better than expected.

  • So it is not that much a remake, but rather a re-port with enhanced graphics and fixes… oh well. They played it too safe by not adding new temples and sidequests and all that good stuff, for those who didn't want change. So it was half-hearted all along like I was fearing.

    • cresent soul

      If I remade the "best game in history", I wouldn't go changing anything either. Just fix some of the bad bits (like the water temple)

      Anyway, all the new and fresh and mind-blowing stuff is in SS. Don't be so picky and demanding!!

  • stafer

    This is pointless I think since they haven't even announced or revealed any more information in regards to OOT 3DS. I 'm sure there is a tone more thats been added to this remake hence the word ""Remake"

    • majorasmaskfan

      they should have built ura zelda into this game maybie ura zelda will be a dlc but i wouldnt hold you breath thats like saying star fox 63 3d(a ramake of a remake) will include star fox 2

  • Linksoer

    I have a feeling there is some new content that Nintendo hasn't announced, and we will be surprised to find out! (…I hope….)

  • They should add something. I mean, having it being 3d is great and all but I'm looking forward to more enhancements and bonuses. An additional storyline perhaps.

  • Chuggaaconroy Fan

    Whatever happened to being "packed with new features"?

    • Craig

      New graphics, new control scheme (inc. gyroscope), new features like Visions, Boss Battle + Boss Rush Mode. The game is in 60fps (30f per eye really, a bit like it beeing 400×240 per eye but really 800×240) so really fluid and smooth. Also, the new touch screen features. Some people don't appreciate anything and always have to complain and be down about something…

  • KingdomHearts

    This game was the first Zelda game in 3d, and this game is also the first game in actual viewable 3d.

    And This Game Was Also The First Zelda Game I Ever Played, And From That Day On I Was A Dedicated Zelda Fan !

    • Craig

      Yup, this game is a first in a lot of ways for so many people – my very first game when i was 8 and I was in love with the series straight away, still am… I I never used to be able to buy all the games when I was younger, so after Ocarina of Time – the game I played after was The WindWaker and not Majora's Mask or any of the after portable games. I then got to play Master Quest and Majora's Mask on my special GC disc and I loved it but thats the only game I find hard because of the time restraints and figuring out what to do – I prefer known the definite thing to do and then exploring in between and collecting.

  • It also has a significantly improved framerate. The original runs at 20 FPS and the 3DS remake runs at 30 FPS.

  • vick

    they did jack shit for this remake, whats the difference between the remake and the game not much appearly. sucks for you faggits

    • Soeroah

      You may have missed the point. I believe they wanted to modernise the game for people who haven't played it but remain faithful to the original for people who enjoyed the N64 version. Adding new quests, dungeons and temples in wouldn't be staying faithful to the original game.

      If you don't like it, don't come to a fansite and post about it. I'm sure you have FAR more important things to do that talk about how much a game you don't like sucks to people who enjoy the game on a website devoted almost entirely to Legend of Zelda fans.

  • Oracle_Link

    Now for Majora's Mask in 3D…

  • Caleb Aurion

    I didn't care for the Ocarina controlls I personally think it would have been better for the D-pad and the A button to play the ocarina notes, having to relearn all the songs is annoying.

  • Dreadnott 117

    I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the remake. The graphics being overhauled was nice and all, but I thought several changes they made were actually for the worse… Bongo Bongo’s death animations being a great example.