Ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes of the Legend of Zelda series? The team at Behind The Bytes did. So they took it upon themselves to find out what makes the Legend of Zelda what it is today. This video takes us behind the scenes for a closer look at the scandalous lives of Link, Princess Zelda, Navi, and a slew of other cast members – including the man behind it all, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Give it a watch! Tell us your thoughts in the comments! If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, you won’t be disappointed.

  • mini link

    what zeldas not in it???!!! wth?

  • that dude

    pretty corny….

  • Tomdabomb

    Did they just call Navi a whore? xD

    Yeah, 'fcourse Zelda's not in it.
    I mean, i also would totally trust a woman addicted to 'port'
    I expected something serious, but still
    I lolled

  • Nice video. But they missed one fact… ZELDA IS GOING TO BE IN SKYWARD SWORD! It was stated by Eji Aonuma that there was going to be Zelda and even made a joke that the series is named after her so she would HAVE to make an appearance 0___0. Unless they're making a bad joke.

    • lol

      It would suck if she wasnt in it but it would make sense as she wasnt born yet. but Eji Aonuma di say that she was going to be in it

  • Crazymallets

    It's already been announced that Zelda is going to be in it. Also, the title is the symbol of the royal family. It's also been hinted that Ganondorf is going to be in it.

    • starwebs1

      Why are people rating down this comment?

  • starwebs1

    So basically they talk about how they hate every game in the series except for Twilight Princess. That makes sense. And Zelda is going to be in Skyward Sword.

    • No they hate all the games because they think Nintendo is sexist about Zelda.

  • Hm.

    I hate the fact that they make Zelda sleep with Luigi. I've always imagined Zelda as noble, and she IS. That just demotes her, hypnotized or not.

  • Lucas

    How dare you insult Zelda. I am outraged. This ruined may day.

  • Ricochetmatt

    Wow… Are you guys serious?

  • Punnutty

    No news on SS instead we get this this… I'm leaving.

    • Nope

      you were honestly expecting news on skyward sword?

    • cloverplayer

      Its not ZU's fault there's no SS news yet, its nintendo's, and technically it's not one of their "faults."

  • Manga Ninja

    This was sorta of funny but kind of got me angry when they called Link and Zelda in Wind Waker squashed shaped children.

  • The Zelda series owns. That is reason enough for me to never have asked.

  • I was disappointed.

    Couldn't keep watching after 2:56.

  • starwebs1

    The edit button went away on my other comment. Anyway, I actually wasted almost ten minutes of my life on something that continuously trashes my favorite video game series? Wow. However, the guy that's on the snapshot (the guy with the glasses) looks familiar… I wonder why?

  • QueenxLink

    Guess these people have absolutely nothing else to do.

  • Princess Silver

    When people put this much time and energy into videos that draw from the Zelda series, you'd expect them to do enough research to make them not sound like total dipshits. They never do. It makes me want to puke. Also, PLEASE stop hating on Wind Waker! DUMB PEOPLE ARE DUMB.

  • thanks for share!