He looks a little like Waluigi, doesn't he?

Do any of you remember Ingo?

The Minish Cap’s Ingo has been placed 19th in 1Up’s “The Top 20 Video Game Landlords.”  That’s second to last, unfortunately; and there are no other characters from the franchise.  But in a list of only 20, 19th is still pretty good!

If you don’t know who he is,

Ingo has been in two games (three if you count Ingo’s counterpart from Majora’s Mask): Ocarina of Time, and Minish Cap.  In Ocarina, he was a loyal farmhand, at least until Ganondorf came around.  Ingo quickly took his loyalty elsewhere, becoming one of Ganondorf’s humble servants, with a search for money being his ulterior motive.   He soon kicked Talon out of the ranch, and took it for his own.  When Link comes to the ranch, he takes Epona from Ingo, and thwarts his plans to get money in return for Link’s ride.

In Minish Cap, however, he’s almost completely different.  Ingo owns a piece of property in Hyrule Castle Town, and decides to rent it out.  He asks Link to refer any potential tenants to him, and pretty soon, Link finds some: Din, Nayru, and Farore. Unfortunately, only one oracle can stay on the property.  Whichever one you choose gives you a magical item that will boost your stats, depending on which oracle you chose.

So he ends up helping you in each game, even if indirectly.

Do you have another character from the Zelda series you think should be on the list?  Do you think Ingo should have been placed higher (or lower)?  Tell us in the comments below!

Source: 1Up.com