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Nintendo Japan confirmed earlier tonight that their new console is underway, and will be released in 2012, just a year off! This announcement comes from a press release from the official Nintendo Japan website.

“Nintendo Co. Ltd. has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed Wii, which the company has sold 86.01 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.

We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held ย June 7-9, 2011 in Los Angeles.”

No additional details about the console have been released at this point in time, but E3 isn’t too far off. It’s great to have confirmation from Nintendo that this console is underway, and even greater that we’ll be able to learn more information in June. Are you guys looking forward to this console already? Leave us a comment!

Source: IGN, Wii HD Rumors
  • It's gonna be a golden age for Nintendo with all this new tech, I'm quite excited!

    • Icy

      Amen to that!

  • bob


  • This is AWESOME. I wonder how other gaming companies are going to top that? "MORE MOTION RUBBISH THAT WAS COOL IN 2006 – YAAAAY"

  • SonicBlueSky

    So much for all those people saying it was just rumors and all bogus.

  • Siaarn

    I can't wait to see what it'll be like, I hope Nintendo blows us away again.

  • Punnutty

    YEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST YEAR EVER. Skyward Sword, 3DS, LA3D, OOT3D and project Cafe.

  • Chahill

    I actually can’t think of anything new Nintendo can do with a new wii. Better graphics maybe, and more use of the motion detectors instead of just pointing at the screen, but I can’t think of anything else…

  • I am very glad to see this news i think this new console will come with more graphics and so many great features i hope this new console will come with two versions one is with low graphics and another with high graphics due to these two versions some people cannot buy these gaming consoles company will understand them and launch a good gaming console for them with minimum price.

  • Google Says

    They better not wait to release SS untill 2012, I'll be fucking pissed if they do that.

    • Blizzeta

      Maybe they will do a TP and release SS for the new conslole too.

      • Blizzaga > Blizzeta

      • mcdude910

        I'm dreading if they do. I will be disappointed again if we find out that Project Cafe has the same engine as the Wii AND the Gamecube… It would be a big letdown.

  • Phantom7

    I doubt it will actually be anything like the Project Cafe rumors. The touch-screen controller seems really gimmicky and improbable.

    Besides, when asked about Project Cafe, Miyamoto commented: "You shouldn't believe everything you read".

    • Pani

      I think I read somewhere that the dev kits Nintendo gave to the 3rd parties to start working on titles featured a controller with a screen in it, but that could obviously change quite a bit before the release.

  • KingdomHearts

    Nintendo really made it , finally they once again showed Sony & Microsoft fanboys that Nintendo is still the best.
    With 3d without the need of glasses, and now a portable motion and touch controller??

    I dont know what to say, other than NINTENDO WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER 1 !

  • Wow, already? I wasn't expecting them to reveal a new console release for another year! This is truly exciting! I can't wait to hear more!

  • Keith

    3DS, Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 3D, Paper Mario 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Skyward Sword, now Project Cafe…Nintendo, just take my damn wallet. lol.

    • Chief

      Exactly. Nintendo, take my money gosh dang it!

  • avert_from_the_norm

    I really hope that you all are wrong, if they have a touch screen controller that sounds like the worst idea ever. i mean, either it's gonna get uber smudgy, or a good deal of games are going to suck because oh boy, gotta stop what i was doing to use the touch screen.

    On another note, I will KILL someone if they do what they did with twilight princess. It's supposed to be released THIS YEAR and be console exclusive. While i would still be able to play it, it would take some of the joy out. Not to mention waiting any longer than i already am would piss me off, i think that's the big thing. do a port if they want, but only after they've released to wii XD

  • Loaf

    Just another way to undersell SS! “Heres our new amazing console and here’s this shitty, last gen game that we dont even care about, yet made you wait 5 years for.” It really seems like they’re trying to take the attention away from SS. And I just got my wii in 2010!

  • Loaf

    Oh and why would SS be delayed for the new console if it didn’t utilize the new technology? I don’t think you people understand how hard it is to port a game. If SS in project cafe just used the wii technology, it wouldn’t show off the new features. (that’d be pointless) if SS used the new features it wouldn’t come out for a LONG time.

    The wii 2 will supposedly innovate. There’s more than just motion controllers! How about games that can be played with one’s mind? That technology exists.

  • Ashmic

    I swear to god if this means wii is now an old system, im done with nintendo

    Im not spending hundreds of dollars for a console that has kids games then a year later theres another console thats hundreds of dollars more

    • Cody

      "a year later"? The Wii has been on the market for five years now, and it will be six by the time the new console is released. Five years is usually the limit for a console before they release the new one.

    • Shelldone

      you are an effing idiot.

      you seriously made me laugh in rage.

      • Ashmic

        real nice, ur so charming

    • Every console has kids games. Further, if you didn't want it, you shouldn't have bought it.

      • vick

        95% of the wii games are kiddy games espeiclly zelda, it kiddy, dull, stupid, and madee by the japs and we all know they cant make a decent game.

        • Meralia

          What are you doing on this site anyway?

        • Mina

          But they made 95% of the games you play, including their consoles, didn't they?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Lately it's been a trend to have a Zelda game, then release a new console soon after hasn't it?

  • Valgaldr

    Can't wait!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I bet they have a new Zelda and Mario under development for the new console. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • dragonchi26

    I am SOO incredibly stoked. I don't even know what to say, other than


  • veeronic

    just pointing out there is now way in hell they would take the time to put ss on this thing instead, it would be a total rebuild for it to work, furthermore this thing was in the works long before they even announced ss so nothing to worry there, especially since they already had the wii plus demo of it.

  • ???

    I hate to say something bad about Nintendo but…this is a terrible strategy for them. Right after the 3DS they release another system. This is a really bad idea considering that people won't want to spend $400 dollars right after the $250 for the 3DS. It as always been Nintendo's strategy (or so it seemed) to release a system, wait about a minimum of 2 or 3 years, then release the next. This has made them the most successful gaming industry ever. Other reason why this is bad for them is that they will have to make tons of games for the 3DS and the Cafe at the same time and lots of people will be impatient (which makes me wonder if this whole "biggest game system lineup for the 3DS" are going to be the only games for it!) I just have to say one other thing Nintendo. You have never let anybody down I don't think you will, but if you're reading this (most likely not) then you should think before you release. Please don't copy anything from your rivals,you have never copied anything before (motion,3D,hand held,3D Popping out) and I don't think you will. GO NINTENDO BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WON'T SCREW IT UP YOU WILL MAKE THE BEST DANG HOME-CONSOLE EVER CREATED!

    • I should be staff!

      Ya I think I know why they're releasing it next to the 3DS (although ZU still won't listen to me) but it says on the news that they are going to connect the 3DS to Cafe maybe as a controller!!!!

      • unfortunately that would be a copy of the sega genesis/sega game gear connection.

        • ???

          What?! That didn't even make sense. And you didn't get the true meaning of the comment.

    • Da-Gamer

      This is so true! I get its been awhile since they made the Wii, but its still too soon after so many releases of games and the recent handhelds. I hope Nintendo doesnt make a stupid decision and ruin there 25 years of #1 consoles.

    • Sam

      Project Cafe is just a playable prototype. I'm sure after the feed back received from E3 will keep the engeneers, designers, etc busy for a few months.

  • Finally nintendo will get 3rd party games without crap graphics from the strip down. (need for speed hot pursuit i'm aiming my rage at you).

  • JekaZ

    I HOPE the gimmick on this one will be “MAXIMUM GRAPHICS FOR MINIMUM PRICE!”

  • rabid

    What to do with all this Wii crap nao??

    Here's hoping that all those expensive peripherals I bought for the Wii (glares at balance board) will be compatible. Nothing sucks more than having to spend hundreds on new controllers to 'upgrade' to a new system.

    Also hope there's much more in store than touch controllers. That's just a bad idea. Can't wait to learn more, but I won't be interested in buying until at least the first price drop.

  • x4dennis24

    i hope they add somekind of trophy/achievement system, zelda's trophy list would be fun to collect

  • zeldafan4040
    • I should be staff!

      Well unfortunately, I have already told everyone on this website this and even more news about the 3DS connecting with Cafe as a controller. ZU YOU NEED TO DO YOUR RESEARCH OR MAKE ME STAFF SO I CAN DO ALL OF THE WORK!

  • 123gas321

    Nintendo are good, they create the best consoles at release, but they turn out to be the worst at the end. Maybe this will be good.. and stay good? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • prada

      so true

  • I heard some of the parts are seriously powerful. this could be the most powerful system released when it comes out. also, anyone here the thing about a touch screen on the controller? this could revolutionize gaming.

  • Deric

    Really? just now? im excited for this new console but they coulda a couple more years. Theres alot more they can still do for the Wii, and with all the new stuff, money is a big issue. I love the idea but how bout 2 more years, Nintendo?

  • SilverSkulltula

    This is a sorta bad strategy but maybe they will make it so awesome for HD zelda or two player zelda or 3ds combatility like gameboy and game cube

  • Addlink

    With the release of Nintendo's new console on the horizon, yet SS still to come on it's predecessor, it makes me wonder if Nintendo will release a sort of graphical expansion pack bundled with SS for the Wii, similar to what they did with MM on the 64. The 64 was running on it's last legs when Majora's Mask was released so I do think that SS will be released for the Wii this year, and possibly with an expansion pack. I do hope though, that when the Wii 2 is released we will get a brand new HD Zelda title on launch day that will strike fear into the wallets of Sony and Microsoft and make millions of fans rejoice. And honestly, I'm pretty much done with the Wii (obviously anticipating Zelda)and so are Nintendo, a lot of you need to understand that Nintendo's main focus for the Wii was 'casual gaming' yet we still saw 2 Super Mario Galaxies, 2 Zelda's, Donkey Kong and hell even Goldeneye. Have faith, Nintendo will, like always, revolutionise the way we play games and I'm confident the Wii 2 will be a hardcore, graphical powerhouse..

  • Dannyboy

    I think it´s cool Nintendo is finally making a more powerfull system but in my opinion they should wait to release it around 2014, when the new Sony and Microsoft consoles are coming out. I say this because Nintendo consoles have always one or two features that are way ahead of the others, which end up being copied sooner or later. If they released it at that time, by the time their ideas were copied, they would already have new ideas and would always be ahead of the other companies (sorry for the long comment XD)

  • Cstavr

    There being smart, because Microsoft and Sony are releasing their next consoles in 2014.. Most likely. Nintendo will have some lead in sales..
    Just like the Nintendo 3DS and the new PlayStation Portable coming out.

  • cbarnett2386

    I'm hoping for a system that can effectively combat the Sony Playstion 3! I get sick of hearing how great that thing is… I do like it of course, but I'm a solid Nintendo fan!!

  • Harvey

    There must be a new Zelda game for this new console if there wasn't, they wouldn't be announcing this on Zelda universe. Anyway, Nintendo has always been the best and for sure they'll make a great console!

  • prada

    i wish Zelda was on the ps3…and looked like re5…sigh

  • nintendoplayer

    i hope this is good because the 3ds profits werent that great yearin fact it was bad so this system might cover up nintendos 3ds profits i hope it releases next