The Zelda Universe Minecraft server’s New Hyrule Project is still progressing, so I went in for another look. Since the last video, the Kokiri Forest has been improved, the Lost Woods and the Sacred Meadow have been added, and Hyrule Field has been partially completed.

  • Tetra

    The amount of work you guys have put into this hurts my mind! So awesome! And incredibly accurate. It looks like so much fun!

  • ThrowdownN64

    Eventhough i have minecraft ive never played it but this looks very intersting
    i think it would be good if cody could do a minecraft tutorial πŸ™‚

    • cheetagirl72

      i agree cuz i dont know even how to get it

  • Mikau94

    Wow, great job! I wish I could get into Minecraft but my computer won't run the files πŸ˜›

    Also, I from the USA and I like Babar and he Metric system makes more sense than what we use.

    • Snow_Leopard

      You should be able to, it's just Java. What OS are you running?

      • Mikau94

        I just got it working! I had the right files, I just needed a patch.

        Do you have to pay for minecraft now? It used to be free.

        • Snow_Leopard

          There is minecraft classic which is free but i recommend buying the proper version. Very much worth it.

  • MusicMonkey17

    Wow, what a warm feeling in my chest as I watched this, haha. It looks great and I can't wait to see the final product.

  • Niachrez

    The nazi room! That was totally the forest temple >.>

  • Roran

    We use centimeters in the US just as much as miles…o_O?

    • Ty76

      ya so dont say something you know nothen about

  • CorvosKK

    This server just keeps getting more and more impressive!

  • darkherodude

    im so going to buy the game ASAP

    • cheetagirl72

      wait you have to buy the game? crap i wanted it for free

  • Punnutty

    Hey cake is not for spamming it's for eating. I hate it when people waste cake.

    • LeviCampbell

      The cake is a lie.

  • LeviCampbell

    This is looking absolutely amazing guys! Can't wait to see the finished result! Keep up the good work!

  • cheetagirl72

    lol im new to this but your funny cody i like cake too

  • Exziron

    we use cm too…. And we also have Babar… I hate it when people act like were soooo different…

  • Flayr

    How do I join the server?

    • starius65

      im with my friend here.
      an we be on the server plzzzz?

  • Gaaaaaaaaanondorf