Sculptor/Modder Zachariah Perry Cruse has created a music box treasure chest for all you nerdy Zelda fans out there.  When you open it, it plays an mp3 of the Chest Opening Theme from Ocarina of Time, along with the Item Get theme, as if you have found an important item in a Hyrulian dungeon.

Are you an arts-and-crafts type of person?  Make something like this, link it to us, and we might feature it in a news post!

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  • Beer and Zelda

    That would be a great way to serve your wife divorce papers. Just throw them in the chest and tell her to open it very slowly.

    • Manga Ninja

      That is funny and messed up at the same time 🙂

  • omg… I want it. I want it I want it I want it. GIMME!

  • Sonic

    That is soo neat! I wouldn't mind buying a bunch and giving them to people.

  • Twisted_indigo

    Must have.

  • Lee

    How much?

  • Dear Santa….

  • Anomynous

    Ah Never gets old. When you get skyward sword you should open it fifty times Cause That Thing Never Gets Old!!

  • Phantom7

    I am now going to cut a hole in the chest and a table, hide under the table, stick my hand through the holes while giving the finger, have someone tell someone else to open it slowly, and when they open it they'll hear the Zelda chest opening theme while opening a chest that contains a hand giving them the finger.

  • Peter

    Dun dun dun dun!!! You got the boomerang!

    But seriously, that is awesome.

  • spirittracksmaster

    oh how cool. Must have! !! I will do anything !

  • That's so cute. You're amazing at the program although I am confused as to what song it is.

  • CorvosKK

    I want lights to cut on from the inside of the chest to make it glow like the games lol

    • mcdude910

      You, sir, are a damn genius!

  • zelda jesus

    da da da you got……….. nothing?????

  • death_by_Cucco

    they should sell these at the nintendo store in nyc

  • Punnutty

    If it was smaller and it had a ring inside that would be an awesome way to propose, unless the person you are proposing to hates Zelda.

  • Prada

    Why does everyone confuse the word nerd for geek? !!! And I’m pretty sure everyone here is a geek… Simply because we’re zelda fanatics… So bahhh! :